Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy To Wed

Source: Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for two members of the Star Trek family. Over the weekend Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Terry Farrell confirmed that she was engaged to be married to Adam Nimoy, son of Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy. The news first came via Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz and was confirmed by Terry via Twitter.

Over the weekend Adam and Terry expressed thanks on behalf of the couple to the well wishing they had received, including some from Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan.

The pair have been dating since last year. In fact, Terry joined Adam on his media tour for his film For the Love of Spock in 2016.

Earlier this month in Las Vegas the pair showed off their chemistry at Star Trek Las Vegas when Adam was the surprise moderator for Terry’s panel.

There is no word yet on when or where the pair plan on tying the knot, but there is a good chance some Star Trek royalty will be on hand to wish the couple well.


Of course some fans have noted that there may be a bit of awkwardness due to a scene in the DS9 episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” when the crew traveled back in time to the era of the original Star Trek and while there Jadzia expressed her attraction to Spock, played by Adam’s father.

…but apparently the couple has moved past this.

Regardless TrekMovie expresses our congratulations to the happy couple.

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What wonderful and Spock-tacular news!
Sending all my best wishes to the bright and beautiful couple!
May their union live long and prosper!

Very sorry to hear this. I *SO* hoped I had a chance. But Adam beat me out. [wink][wink][nudge][nudge]

Oh, well… I guess all I can say is, “Congrats!”

Big score for Adam!

Massel Tov!

Auto Correct

Mazel Tov!

I feel your pane.

I file yore pine two.

That lucky bastard!

And lucky Terry too.

I forgot to say, LLAP in much happiness, Adam and Terry. I mean Ms. Farrell.

How jolly! Mazel government, Terry and Adam!

ARRGH. Mazel TOV. (Anthony, please fix the commenting system to allow edits!)

Or Mazal Tov, as we say in Hebrew. :-) (ma-ZAL, not MA-zel.)

This, by far the best ‘Star Trek’ news to come along in many, many years. They both seem to be wonderful people, and I wish them a joyous wedding.
On another note, I would love to see Adam get into acting and reprise Spock’s role for some grande Star Trek event. He looks so much like his dad it’s… fascinating.

“This, by far the best ‘Star Trek’ news to come along in many, many years.”

Yes, this is great news. But the best Star Trek news in many, many years? Ridiculous.

Warm wishes for a long and prosperous union to Adam and Terry. A marriage of Trek royalty!

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Congratulations to them. It’s good to see some happy news.

Great news! Congratulations for the both of you!

As a Trekkie – and as a single guy – I can’t help but feel more than a bit jealous.

Anyone have Jolene’s number?


Her # is MAR-RIED

I think it’s fan-tastic.

What no Pon Farr jokes yet? I expected more from you guys, seriously…

OK, give me a Lirpa or an Ahn’woon, and bring on the koon-ut-kal-if-fee!!!!

More like…
… Pon Farr-ell.
I believe you can legally kill me for that.


Re: Pon Farr-ell.

Wait…are you hinting that you are really Adam Nimoy and the UK in addition to recognizing the Jedi religion has bestowed the same to the Vulcan religion and the Kal-if-fee Terry declared when you made that pun?

And for the record, I like Marxian puns such as yours even if your fiance is not so enlightened.

I had a TV star crush on Terry when DS9 was first on. Adam is a lucky man. Congrats to true Trek royalty! It would be cool if they could both be involved in a new Trek production like maybe Terry could show up as Emony Dax on Discovery at some point with Adam directing ;)

I think they misunderstood the order “Engage!”….

This is amazing. I love them both.

Wow this is great to hear. Adam McCoy must fall to the ground every day and thank whatever god he believes in he lucked out with that! Lucky lucky dude!

Dont’t exaggerate and keep your feet on the ground…

Ok, every other day lol.

And yes Adam Nimoy.

Re: Adam MCCOY?!

Now THAT makes me think JAGT just might be on to something! ;-)

“It feels like some weird comic book crossover that no one would’ve anticipated…” — JAGT


Who is Adam McCoy and why should he be thankful?

He should be thankful for auto-correct, which named him instead of Adam Nimoy as the lucky fiance.

LOL this! I wish TM had an edit button.

Congrats to the happy couple.

While it may border on cliche, LLAP seems so apropos.

Adam Nimoy is beginning to make a name for himself. It’s great to see. He’s really embracing his father’s legacy.

It must not have been easy growing up as the child of an icon.

This news made my day! Now that’s a sci-fi power couple! And if it’s not me that Terry will be marrying, glad it’s as awesome and talented a dude as Adam.

This is delightful news. Best wishes to Adam and Terry.

Man, he’s living my dream when I was 12 years old.

And again Bashir draws the shorter straw…um, well, there’ll always be Miles. ;-D


That’s nice. So much of fandom can be about sniping and arguing; it’s good to hear about people falling in love. Wishing the happy couple well.

Heh. But since Adam does strongly resemble his good-looking dad, I should think Jadzia’s crush on Spock is okay.

What a handsome couple! Wow! Treklove at its finest :-D

I don’t know why, but this puts a huge smile on my face. Congrats!!

Terry Farrell was a regular on “Becker” starring Ted Danson from 1998 to 2002 as Regina “Reggie” Kostas. In the episode “The TorMentor,” Leonard Nimoy guest starred as Professor Emmett Fowler, who had been an instructor of Dr. John Becker at Harvard. Prof. Fowler and Reggie had a friendly relationship.
Of course, Mr. Nimoy had directed Ted Danson in “3 Men and a Baby” in 1987.
Ted Danson is married to Mary Steenburgen since 7 October 1995.
Ms Steenburgen had been married to Malcolm McDowell from 29 September 1980 to 1 October 1990.
Malcolm McDowell, who played Soran in Star Trek: Generations (1994), is an uncle of Alexander Siddig, who portrayed Dr. Julian Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Six degrees of Star Trek!
Congratulations to the happy couple!

I had forgotten the Becker connection. Good catch, Judy!

So, essentially …Jadzia’s ex-boss’s wife’s ex-husband killed Kirk. Now THAT’S a TV show!

Congrats to the both of them!

Becker was not Reggie’s boss — they were platonic friends until they slept together. Becker was trying to choose between Reggie and Chris — then Reggie left town.

Adam and Terry congrats on the nuptuals, as I know not how old this post is? Adam I loved your father, he was a fine Spock and Photographer.