First Look At November Star Trek Comics From IDW

IDW has just released their November solicitations with synopses and covers for all their titles. November will see the the 14th entry in the ongoing Kelvin-universe series Star Trek: Boldly Go. This will be the second issue in the “I.D.I.C.” mini-series exploring the multiverse, this time with the return of Captain Jane Kirk. Also due in November will be the second issue of the new Star Trek: Discovery series co-written by Mike Johnson and Discovery staff writer Kirsten Beyer [see STLV preview of the series]. And this second Discovery issue will feature a variant cover by TrekMovie contributor Aaron Harvey!

New Star Trek Comics For November

Star Trek: Boldly Go #14  (32 pages • $3.99)
written by Mike Johnson with art by Megan Levens

“I.D.I.C.” Part 2 of 6! The epic STAR TREK event continues as Kirks, Spocks and crews from multiple parallel universes collide! Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations spells infinite danger to all!

Cover A by Tony Shasteen

Photo cover 

NOTE: Star Trek: Boldly Go #14 variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani not available at this time.

Star Trek: Discovery #2  (32 pages • $3.99)
written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer with art by Tony Shasteen

The STAR TREK event of 2017 continues with this exclusive tie-in comic to the blockbuster new television series! Secrets are revealed that will change the course of the galaxy forever!

Star Trek: Discovery #2 will come with four different covers (none of which are available to show at this time):

  • Cover A by Tony Shasteen
  • Cover B photo cover
  • Ships of the line cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire
  • Variant cover by Aaron Harvey

Catch up and see what’s next for Star Trek comics

Here are some links from our recent Star Trek comics coverage to get you all caught up:

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And there is one more comic due in August, the 11th issue of Star Trek: Boldly Go.

Previews of upcoming titles:

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First look at October Star Trek Comics

Star Trek Digital Comics Sale

IDW is holding a big Star Trek digital comic sale which started August 15th and runs until August 29th. All Star Trek digital comics will be half off everywhere digital comics are sold. For more information visit comiXology.

Keep up with all the Star Trek comics news, previews and reviews in TrekMovie’s Comics Category.

Find Star Trek comics, toys, statues, and collectibles at!

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Since this is a tie in, I hope we get some juicy secrets on the show,too!

-all Girl KSM? That’s a lemon that I would pray was written (and probably has been already honestly)…

~Pensive’s Wetness

I actually would’ve loved to see an episode like this for TNG or Enterprise or even Voyager. The gender switch can always be a fun take on the characters and in Trek with all of these different universes…why not?

It doesn’t even have to be a different universe. Janeway turned into a salamander after all. The entire crew has shrunk, they’ve gotten old, been turned into children, etc. just have an episode where the ship passes through a nebula which switches all of their chromosomes to XX and disabled the transporter so they can’t just beam themselves back to their old patterns, forcing them to all live as women while they carry out a critical mission preventing them from heading back to Earth to fix the issue. Maybe even have one of the crew decide to remain a woman!

Presuambly “Captain Jane T. Kirk”, “Dr Leonora McCoy” and just…”Mister Spock” (?!?!)

“T’Spoch” maybe?

Vulcans with lipstick isn’t…logical.

Well, male Spock DOES wear eye shadow. :-)

There’s a Boston-area audio theatre group I’ve worked with called the Post-Meridian Radio Players, that’s been doing gender-swapped Star Trek episodes since 2014. They did indeed call their captain Jane T. Kirk.

Videos for their performances are available on their website.

Thank you!

I love that JJ Star Trek crew TMP cover! Is that an actual issue, and where can I get it?

Yes, such a great cover – but is that still meant to be Ilia in the middle? I wasn’t aware that she’d met the Kelvin Kirk & Spock yet in the comics.

I’m assuming Ilia did come on board at some point to join the JJ Crew and the events of TMP played out as they did in the ‘prime’ universe. I’d love to read their version of it.

It is one of the variant covers of Manifest Destiny, Issue 1

I bought the Manifest Destiny series compilation partially due to this image on the rear cover. I assumed it was the Kelvin-verse take on TMP. Nope: they just have a gallery of the original series movie poster images, replacing the classic actors with their JJ counterparts. (I was disappointed.)

On cover A (Tony Shasteen) is that supposed to be Zarabeth?

Uhhh… nevermind. It would help if I read the article, I guess. [“Which way did they go, George? Which way did they go…?”]

FemKirk is a cutie but FemSpock owns my heart. In the other comic with this other version of them the interactions between the two Spock were the funniest (of course, Spock is the one who would instantly get along with a female version of himself)