Latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo Promises “We Come In Peace” + Premiere Contest Announced

Another day and another official social media promo from CBS for Star Trek: Discovery has been posted on Twitter. This latest one features a mashup of uniforms and prop images along with Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham. The interesting new thing for this promo is the voice-over. Check it out.

NOTE: video is region-locked to USA. Region free version now available on Instagram.


We come from a tradition of tolerance, freedom and justice; from a legacy of fearless exploration, of allies who respect each other’s differences, honor and civilizations. We come on a mission to understand our world and ourselves better. We come in peace.

Netflix promo

And for those overseas, Netflix continues to run its own video promos. This morning they ran one titled “Adversaries.”

For those in the USA and Canada the Netflix promos are region-locked but the screenshots below from a TrekMovie reader in Chile shows you the key points of the new promo.

Hollywood premiere charity contest

In other Discovery news, Rainn Wilson (Harry Mudd) has announced a contest supporting his charity Lide Haiti. With a donation of $10 you have a chance to win a trip for two to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on September 19th, five days before it airs. The winner also will be able to attend a cast party at the event. More information and rules for the contest at

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.



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Star Trek speaking directly to current events once again. Color me excited!

I LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to see what happens when a civilization with a tradition of tolerance, freedom and justice; from a legacy of fearless exploration, of allies who respect each other’s differences, honor and civilizations meets one that comes from a different tradition – one of conquest! Fun stuff!!! Does not seem possible for someone to make this boring (fingers crossed)

I actually like it. “we come in peace” is totally Starfleet (except for those crazy rogue captains here and there). But I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard the expression used actually in Star Trek which is odd when considering it’s sci-fi roots.

Kirk: We came in peace.
Yarnek: And you may leave in peace.

–“The Savage Curtain.”

Ah! Thank you for that!

“If we discount all human history before 2150, We come from a tradition of tolerance, freedom and justice.”

She clearly is referring to Starfleet and the Federation, not the totality of human history. Relax.

I think he was just being ironic. More to the point, he’s right. :-)

So you think the defeat of Nazi Germany, and of Soviet communism, meant nothing for tolerance, freedom, or justice? Way to blame both sides, Mr. Trump.

There seems to be hope yet this isn’t turned into a blood-splattering gorefest after all. But then, I do have my serious doubts. If you take into consideration, even NuBSG, Lost, Gotham and Stranger Things are rated TV-14, that TV-MA rating must have some implications that I do not welcome at all…

TVMA doesn’t really mean that it’s going to be a gorefest. An episode of DS9 could be TVMA if you saw more people getting killed by phaser fire during a fight. The rating system is so particular that a set number of people getting killed or blown up or if you could actually see bodies floating in space after a big ship battle – all of that would increase the a rating closer and closer to TVMA. It’s all about what’s suitable for children, not necessarily gore. Someone could get stabbed with a ceremonial knife, you could see a doctor performing an autopsy where you see the actual insides of an alien species. When someone is shot with a phaser and they’re bleeding from the wound instead of not bleeding, it all adds to the rating. Just something to keep in mind.

Maybe it just means bow-chicka-wow-wow.

I really have to agree that I find the TV-MA rating to be a turn off. With few exceptions the TV episodes of Star Trek in the past have been somewhat family friendly – at least in the sense that you could let your school-age children watch it. I remember being pre-teen when TNG was on and the show was clean and enjoyable, while still engaging. DS9 was a little darker but still would have barely hit the TV-14 rating if on today.

TV-MA makes it pretty clear that newer Star Trek isn’t something I can introduce to my kids. I personally hope they reconsider.

Are you really go a have some bureaucrat in some dingy old government office determine what’s acceptable for YOUR kids to watch? Maybe you should watch the show and determine for yourself if YOUR kids should or should not be allowed to watch it.

Thats a silly comment. The rating it’s quite clearly an indication of the type of content the show contains, this does not preclude what a parent chooses to do but it is a damn good benchmark for them to use.

Listening to that, I can get where those “SJW PC” haters are coming from…it does sound a bit pretentious. Doesn’t mean I disagree with it. Just that it doesn’t stir me like I want an ad to. Still, very Starfleet =b

You really don’t want to go where those idiots are coming from.

Then shut up and don’t watch. Jeez, I’m tired of your whining about it.

The haters just keep coming back to every article and whining about it. Michael is right… you don’t want to go where thise idiots are coming from!

Funny, there is a phaser in the promo.

It’s not a real phaser. It’s a 23rd century novelty cigarette lighter.

Of course there will be phasers. TNG Seasons 1 and 2 were largely non-violent, adhering to an almost extreme extent to Roddenberry’s vision of non-violence and peaceful coexistence. And other than a couple of exceptions, they were interminably dull. We can strive to be better, but that doesn’t mean we need to be weak.

Even those first 2 seasons of TNG featured phasers. However, you find it a little ironic that a promo that says “We come in peace” shows off a phaser.

Keep those promos coming.
I am enjoying everything so far.

“We come” – BAM! – “in peace!” – BAM!
Way to get your point across…


In the STAR TREK director, Robert Wise’s, opus, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, that’s fairly close to what transpires after Klaatu utters those words, i.e. someone shoots the gift he was going to bestow out of his hands.

We come in peace. We have phasers!!

We come in peace,
Shoot to kill,
Shoot to kill,
Shoot to kill,
We come in peace,
Shoot to kill,
Shoot to kill,
Shoot to kill,
Star Trekkin’, across the universe…

Something that always resonated with me, I think it was Starman, where aliens found a NASA probe with the message of peace and a “come visit us” type of message and as soon as the aliens came to visit, we tried to shoot them down.

@ Niall Johnson


THANK YOU was just gonna quote this lmao

What a terrible forced reading of those lines. She just can’t seem to pepper her reading with enough pauses, inflection,etc, to come off as natural and heartfelt. It’s like a bad, rushed reading from a teleprompter. I have never seen her act, and this, being just a promo, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. But if her personal logs are this forced, and her acting is this one-dimensional, and she is the star…we’re all in trouble.

…been watching her on The Walking Dead for years, and honestly found her acting to be mediocre. Now, her character on that show was, to me, rather unlikeable – pretty negative and humorless (that tends to happen in the zombie apocalypse), so I’m interested to see what she brings to Discovery.

I liked her on The Walking Dead. Especially in more emotional scenes. But I admit her readings here are a bit underwhelming. But we dont know how she is being directed. Odds are she read the lines many times and someone chose what they liked so we shall have to see.

They might being a bit too cautious about finding the character’s voices too. Look at TNG and how long it took for that cast to really start excelling. Even Stewart was a bit wooden in the early going.

You need the 1960s William Shatner to sell a line like that: we …. come in …. PEACE!


I’ve only seen her in ‘The Walking Dead’ and didn’t find her character interesting or engaging in any way. She was my least favorite actor on the show along with Austin Nichols & Emily Kinney.

Now that might be due to the materials & direction that she was given on the show, it remains to be seen if she will be able to give a more engaging & better performance on ‘Discovery’.

I am being dead serious when I say… I have never been more excited to see glamour teases of PROPS!!! YES!!!

Some cheesy music in that promo, esp. those very weak stings (almost sound like a genre parody!) at the end

I hope the discovery and exploration is mostly space and science and not *JUST* the human condition and social issues. I don’t want SJW in space.