Merch Update: Star Trek Loot Crate, Mirror Tribbles, Skant Replicas And More

It is time again to catch up on the latest Star Trek merchandise news, with the introduction of a Star Trek Loot Crate,  evil tribbles, skants, and much more.

Star Trek Loot Crate

Loot Crate – the company that sends out boxes of fun themed assortments of collectables – has announced they are partnering up with QMx for a series of Star Trek Loot Crates, starting in early December. The Star Trek crates each contain 4-6 items items including collectibles, apparel and more with a value of $65+. They will “celebrate the entire Star Trek universe” including Discovery. The Star Trek Loot Crates will be sent out every 2 months for a year.

Each crate has a new ‘mission’ theme with the first one being “Wolf 359” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation which will have a number of exclusive items including a new figure. Crates are customized to your size and division preference. You can order the first crate for $39.99 or a full year (6 crates) and get a pre-order bonus USS Enterprise metal replica.

QMx Mirror Tribbles

If you are not a Klingon, then tribbles are just adorable, cute and cuddly creatures that are hard to resist as pets, although you should keep them away from your food supply. But have you ever wondered what they are like in the Mirror Universe? Well the folks at QMx have answered that question with the introduction of the Mirror Universe Tribble. Due to arrive late August (which means any day now) these 3.5″ diameter collections of ‘fur and fangs’ sell for $9.95 at the QMx site  and at Entertainment Earth.

Anovos TNG Skant

Anovos has announced a new replica uniform for Star Trek: TNG fans, the Women’s Skant. This replica is made from Jumbo Spandex color-coded to the division of your choice along with contrasting black fabric. As with all Anovos items, it is detailed to match the original. The skants come in a variety of sizes from Small to 2XL and are  priced at $250. They will arrive in the spring of 2018 and can be pre-ordered at

Latest at ThinkGeek: USS Enterprise Coasters + Free Pin Deal

ThinkGeek have yet another cool new thing for Star Trek fans. This set of 6 glass drink coasters features a series cut-outs of the USS Enterprise on each creating 12-layer effect when you stack them together. The set runs $19.99 and is available now exclusively at ThinkGeek.

Also ThinkGeek is running a special promotion right now. If you order $50 or more of Star Trek merch at ThinkGeek you will get a free Mirror Universe Pin valued at $14.99.

Latest At Entertainment Earth: Star Trek Sunshade

Entertainment Earth has recently listed a fun new item to keep your car cool and show off your love of Trek. The Just Funky Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade features the original TOS crew and blocks harmful UV rays to keep your car from overloading its warp core. The sunshade arrives in October and you can pre-order it for $16.9 at Entertainment Earth.

Keep up with all the Trek merchandise news and reviews at

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OK, those coasters are Spock-ian levels of cool.
The perfect gift for the alcoholic Trekkie in your life.

I’d probably buy (at least some) crates if I could see what was in them. Do a lot of people buy things blind like this? Makes me nervous it’d just be a bunch of stuff I’d hate.

Mystery boxes are pretty popular these days. Lootcrate has a whole bunch of different lines now. Funko has subscription boxes that are partially blind since they might reveal one or two things.

My oldest kiddo gets the Gotham themed ones, they have all have had pretty cool stuff in them.. enough so that I signed up for the Trek ones last week.

What division did you choose?

Gonna beam me up one of those sunshades. Love it.

Anovos- is a small company that takes on too many projects at once.. I have been waiting for them to have TOS pants in my size for two years. There are constant delays and tons of excuses.
Their costumes are purty, just don’t plan on getting them by their projected release date.

Customers have waited over a year for the star trek beyond costume, it has been pushed back twice . Booo I say BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Mirror Tribbles? Okay, that’s just pretty darn funny!

Actually, it is stupid as hell. But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

They should have little goatees.

Why Finnegan?

“Anovos has announced a new replica uniform for Star Trek: TNG fans, the Women’s Skant.”

The skant is unisex…

We know. However, that’s the way Anovos has positioned it.

By positioning it as a women’s skant, Anovos is less progressive than TNG was 30 years ago.

All due respect, that’s not really saying much considering the skants didn’t make it past the first season.

You live in the Era of Trump.

Mirror tribbles, scraping the bottom of the barrel there eh?

What are tribbles like in the mirror universe?
Well, still the same as our universe: pests.

Here’s something to think about: tribble hair isn’t really hair. Those are sensory tendrils. More specifically, taste tendrils. Do you still want to pet it? :-P

It not a TNG “women’s” skant. These were also worn by men in the first season of the show. One of the more progressive moves by Roddenberry in showing his utopian vision of the future. Gender is largely a silly social construct.

Gender may be a social construct, but breasts are a biological fact. ;)
The bottom part may be the same (because well, skirt is a skirt) – but the upper part for women differs substantially from the upper part for men, because they need to accommodate different dimensions in different spots. And since this is an one-piece clothing item, it obviously has to have a “men’s” and “women’s” variant. And this is the “women’s” variant – which should be pretty much obvious from the photo above.

(It works both ways: you wouldn’t fit the women’s variant, unless you have a really really narrow shoulders and waist. And even if you did, it would be unsightly loose over the chest. Because, whenever the progress tries to fight the laws of nature, the progress always loses. ;))


Re: …breasts are a biological fact. ;)

I believe it was while I was watching the YOU BET YOUR LIFE game show that Groucho Marx noted that male body builders are not as breastless as you suggest.

“Because, whenever the progress tries to fight the laws of nature, the progress always loses. ;)”

Considering the barbaric things considered a ‘law of nature’ over the course of human history I am eternally grateful that you are wrong.