Kenneth Mitchell Calls Kol An Alpha Klingon, and More Updates On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Today’s new trailer isn’t the only Discovery news. With the show only a few weeks away, there are more updates coming in, including comments from a couple of actors on their characters, an announcement about New York Comic Con and some more social media fun from Anthony Rapp.

Kol is an alpha Klingon

Star Trek: Discovery actor Ken Mitchell did an interview with the official Star Trek website and revealed a little more about his character, Kol.

Well, he’s… the leader. You first meet him in holograph form, and he’s kind of an alpha Klingon amongst the house leaders, amongst the 24 house leaders. He has these disagreements and conflicts with T’Kuvma and his house, and it kind of launches that relationship throughout the rest of the season. Kol is on a bit of a path to power, and he also wants to protect his people, not only amongst the Klingon houses, but also amongst the Federation. I just really kind of clinged on to that.

Kenneth Mitchell as Kol

Burnham has a Human/Vulcan identity crisis

Over the weekend the Star Trek: Discovery cast appeared at Fan Expo and while most of what was discussed was a repeat of panels from STLV, TCAs and SDCC, the report from Flickering Myth includes a bit more nuance from actress Sonequa Martin-Green about her character’s complicated back-story.

My parents were killed when I was very young and it happened at a Vulcan outpost. I was then committed to Sarek and Amanda so they became my surrogate parents and Spock my surrogate brother. It was quite the culture shock, that’s an understatement, in having to go from being human to assimilating to being Vulcan. There was a lot of pressure and there is an identity crisis.

Sonequa Martin-Green at Fan Expo Canada (Twitter/DailySonequa)

Rapp promises badassery and a breakout star

Anthony Rapp, who plays science officer Lt. Stamets, continues to be one of Discovery‘s biggest evangelizers on social media. In the last couple of days he has promised “Starfleet badassery” and predicted Mary Wise (Cadet Tilly) will be a breakout star on the show.

Discovery panel at NY Comic-Con

A couple of weeks ago we we reported that there will be a Star Trek: Discovery panel at Paley Fest in New York on Saturday, October 7, and today it was announced they would also have a panel at New York Comic Con that same day at 3:45. Details on exactly who will be on both panels have yet to be announced.

Discovery is headed to the Big Apple on October 7



Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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So. Damn. Excited.

Glad that Rapp is having fun promoting the show.

They all seem to have a great enthusiasm about it, and a good sense of comradery. I love seeing their interactions with each other as actors, and I hope that chemistry is apparent on-screen too.

“Damn’t Stamets!” has to become THE ultimate catch-phrase on the show.

I wonder if this show will acknowledge Sybok.

“I just really kind of clinged on to that.”

Good one.

Well, Kenneth Mitchell has proven he’s a groan man.

Sybok has no memory of this person. Maybe surrogate half sister was a secret pain.

Sybok may have already flown the roost by the time Burnham came to stay.

What happened to the reports that Discovery has been renewed for a second season already? It seemed like an attempt to build confidance in the face of overwhelming criticism from fans & critics like they did with Beyond, announcing Star Trek 4 has been announced when it wasn’t gunna happen?

Nothing but Glowing excitement? what has happened to the Star Trek fans opposed to this reboot? Have they gotten exhausted from their concerns falling on deaf ears? Have they been bullied & moderated off the site?

No, but they may:

a) Have finally acknowledged that this show is actually happening whether they like it or not;
b) Be willing to give it a chance;
c) Like some of what they’re seeing right now, knowing the show has room to improve. It took TNG, DS9 and Voyager a while to get their stride;
d) Be waiting for an actual official confirmation from CBS about a renawal before commenting.

hahahaha “overwhelming criticism” hahahah 6 people on a message board.

The Good Fight was renewed for a second season, I believe after the second episode.

The producers/writers (can’t remember) mentioned recently they have a plan mapped out for Season 2 & Season 3 of Discovery. But I dont believe there has been anything official announced. I would suspect they’d time it early in the season as part of touting the success of the series (should it be successful).

They DID extend the first season several extra episodes though which can only be seen as a positive. Discovery is very expensive so you never know. I think I predicted a renewal before the 4th episode.

Where’s this “overwhelming criticism”? Especially from critics as you claim?

they still turn up enforce on another Trek site sadly.

Actually, where I’m seeing a heck of a lot of negativity towards the CBSAA paywall and to a lesser extent the new look, is on mainstream entertainment site message boards, as well as Facebook. Not Trek-fan specific sites, with a lot more traffic than Trekmovie. Outside of this website, I do find the criticism pretty excessive.

I’m getting the feeling Mary Wiseman will be the break-out star as well. The worry I have is that the weakest link will come from the writing. The dialog feels like it’s written by teenagers.

I think we should wait until we’ve seen the season as a whole to comment on the writing. The dialogue in the trailers has clearly been chosen for its “sound bite” quality.

As long as it comes off more Nicholas Meyer TWOK with some exciting stories, music and optimism in the face of overwhelming challenges than I don’t care if it is written by an 18 year old. Anything but bland stories, technobabble in free energy fantasy land, wall paper episodes and horrid writing (warp infinity will turn you into a lizard.. ignore anything from anything related to someone who would write that – TNG/VOY, etc.)..

Yes, its difficult to imagine Meyer being involved and the dialogue being poor. They have assembled a writer’s room that *should* be good. But you never know. We shall see!

The young cadet character always has that potential as the eyes through which the viewer sees everything with hope and wonder. But Star Trek has often failed at pulling it off.

Wesley. Ugh. Was there one on DS9? I guess Bashir to a degree but not really. Nog eventually, which was pretty well done. Kim on Voyager…not well done in my opinion. Sato on Enterprise…meh had promise but they seemed to get away from all the “great on paper” ideas they had initially.

Im thrilled to learn people still say “cool” in the future. Has that been used before in Star Trek? I seem to think so but am drawing a blank…

Rain Robinson, maybe?

It looks like a serious, and punchy return for Star Trek on TV. Was watching an episode of DS9, and also VOY just other day. They are good for what they were in their day. But they are two shows that are by no means great. The bleeding soundmix for those episodes was bloody awful half the time. So monotomous and, just boring. No punch!