Netflix Reveals Most Popular Episodes, Shatner Trolls, Alexa Sings And More #StarTrekDay Fun

Though it is not landing with the weight that it did for the 50th last year, today’s 51st anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek is creating plenty of buzz.  Star Trek Day is a day to celebrate — both on the Internet and in our hearts.  We have gathered some of the more interesting and fun bits of Star Trek Day celebrations from Netflix Trek data, Shatner showing Star Wars fans who is boss, Amazon Alexa teaching Klingon, the Discovery cast answering Trek trivia, and more. Make sure you scroll to the bottom for a great new fan-made supercut celebrating the 51st.

Netflix drops a bomb – or more accurately an Omega particle 

Internet juggernaut Netflix’s secret weapon isn’t its original content or its massive subscriber base, it’s viewer behavior. They know everything everyone has ever watched, including how people watch the entire library of Star Trek TV episodes. Understandably, they hold this kind of incomparable competitive advantage as close as the Tal Shiar does its secrets — but not today. Netflix spilled the beans on which Star Trek episodes are the most popular.

From their press release, which boasts more eyeroll-inducing Star Trek cliches than you could swing an Ahn-woon at, Netflix reveals:

  • First episodes of a series will usually be the most watched.
  • Episodes that introduce iconic races or characters tend to be re-visited most.
  • The most popular themes are time travel, alien abductions and crossover episodes.
  • TNG and TOS have bigger audiences, but VOY and DS9 have more loyal repeat customers.
  • A nice “call to action” at the end to remind everyone that on Sept. 25, Netflix will exclusively(!) premiere Discovery in 188 countries.

So omitting the first two episodes from any show, they determined the following most popular episodes that get rewatched, where “rewatch” means a member returns to watch at least 6 minutes of an episode they had previously completed.

So, basically, suck it, Edith Keeler and Cyrano Jones! (Image: Netflix)

That would be Voyager with six episodes and TNG with four — the other three series are shut out colder than an Andorian Christmas. Note that EIGHT of the ten episodes feature the Borg — so the danger that the Borg will appear in Discovery for no logical reason have probably just gone up by 79% percent. 

Shatner throws some punches at a galaxy far, far away

Like many, William Shatner has taken to Twitter to show some love for Star Trek, with this simple, tasteful anniversary message.

But, Bill wasn’t done. Having apparently not heard the advice to not pick fights with people who are bigger than him, Shatner then posted the same “Happy Anniversary!” message on the Star Wars subreddit. And he still wasn’t done. After the Guinness Book posted a link about how Star Trek was the most successful TV franchise, Shatner reposted the link to @starwars.

And to top it if, he took a gratuitous shot at the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Well done sir. You are, and always shall be, our captain.

Alexa sings Trek and teaches Klingon

Amazon decided to have some fun on Star Trek Day with their Alexa home assistant giving fans a special Star Trek wake-up song. TrekMovie’s Christine Rideout (aka Starfleetmom) made a fun recording of her Amazon Echo singing the Star Trek theme and teaching some Klingon.

Very nice of Amazon to show such Star Trek love — the franchise deserves it: after a tiny cameo in Star Trek Beyond, founder Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world. Does he owe it to Star Trek? Very probably. 

Discovery cast (try to) answer Trek trivia

The cast of the latest Star Trek series showed their love for Star Trek with a couple of videos, first one with them wishing everyone had a great Star Trek Day.

And then things got serious as the cast took on some Star Trek Day trivia, with some mixed results.

 Hard to say who won that trivia, but probably not James Frain — Klingville? Seriously? And there was some impressive Trek awareness by Mary Wise and Anthony Rapp.

The world celebrates Star Trek Day

#StarTrekDay was a trending hashtag on Twitter today with many fans celebrating their love for the franchise which took them to strange new worlds. We have gathered some tweets from a few prominent people and institutions showing their love.

The ultimate Star Trek supercut

Danish Star Trek fan Johan Albrechtsen of sent in a link to his brand new supercut tribute to Star Trek, made to celebrate the 51st anniversary. This great new video spans the entire franchise on film and TV, including Star Trek: Discovery.

How do you celebrate Star Trek Day?

What were your favorite moments from Star Trek Day? Are you celebrating with a cellular peptide cake? Does it have mint frosting? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TrekMovie.



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