Latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo Embraces The Unknown – With Lots Of New Footage

This morning CBS released another new promo for Star Trek: Discovery on Twitter, with the message “We embrace the unknown.” This one contains a good amount of new footage and dialogue.

NOTE: Video is region-locked. We will update when international version becomes available.

A closer look

Here is a breakdown of the new elements from this latest promo.

Capt. Lorca (Jason Isaacs) tells his crew “The Discovery can take us to places we never dreamed of reaching…no other crew would have a chance of pulling this off. Just us.”

A member of the Discovery bridge crew (with what may be a cybernetic device) looks on as Lorca speaks [UPDATE: Played by Emily Coutts who is credited as “Keyla Detmer” on IMDB]

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) says “I live by the principles of Starfleet. It is who I am and who I will always be.”

Burnham leads a landing party

Burnham uses tricorder

Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman) says “You’re not afraid of anything.” (presumably to Burnham)

Burnham again in a different location, possibly on Vulcan or a Vulcan outpost (note the high collar Vulcan style behind her)

Saru (Doug Jones) says “Vigilance equals survival.”

Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) looks into a display worriedly

Lorca at his standing desk in his office, says “We embrace the unkown.”

Stamets says “And the journey continues.”

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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Shroom Mobile ;-)

Hmmmm…an experimental ship? Sent out far beyond any other ship? Either it ends up destroyed or their missions classified? (They said there will be a reason we have never heard of Burnham or the Discovery…)

Perhaps after season one they wind up in another dimension or something for the duration of the show, which would account for us never hearing about them before – like the Voyager concept on steroids. Interesting.

“A lot can happen in 10 years.”

Well…even if they disappeared, if they were important to the Klingon war, we could have heard of them. I actually dont think its a big deal. The Star Trek universe is vast and we’ve only seen a bit of it. So to me, it never mattered that we never heard of Discovery (depending on what happens). Why would we?

Enterprise was a little tougher since it was actually called Enterprise and they decided to make Archer the most important man in the history of mankind or whatever.

Ha, “or whatever.” Exactly.

I think I have a pretty good idea what they’re going to do with DISC, given these few tidbits the past couple of days. Be interesting to see if I’m even half-right.

I thought the way they made Archer so important was lame. James Kirk was a legend. But Sisko, Janeway, Picard were all respected and talented leaders who did important things…but werent George Washington. Didnt need to be. They made Archer the embodiment of the best of all of them and it just didnt work.

Plus Bakula just wasnt convincing as a tough guy. Much better as the aww shucks type.

Anyway… Dan, what is your prediction???

The producers’ attempt to make Archer this important figure in Federation history (that we never heard of ) and their giving us another, earlier Enterprise that played such a pivotal role in the formation of the Federation (that, again, was never mentioned before) came across to me as a poor attempt at one-upmanship coupled with severe insecurity and just plain bad writing. The fact that he then vacillated between being fair and bigoted almost from episode to episode further reinforced that perception.

As to Discovery, I get the feeling they will end up going on some kind of Apocalypse Now type of mission to end the Klingon war – probably thru the elimination of one of the Klingon Houses – that will then be classified like Pike’s mission to Talos IV.

@tony – agreed on all counts. Very possible.

@TonyD — and they made cuddly Bakula that man. That was the worst part for me. Archer was simply not the kind of guy who does what they said he did. It didn’t work, and Bakula never stepped up to the plate. The best thing that series could have done would have started killing off the cast, and replacing them with more competent characters.

Sadly I agree Cadet. Love Bakula but not on the role they gave him. He was never convincing.

And your theory is?

Well technically – there was NEVER any prior canon mention of even this war with the Klingons. At least Axanar tried to make a Garth prequel – but the Axanar story itself was not canon based it was from a 1980s role playing book I think. The closest I can think of is Picard saying the Klingon first contact went badly leading to the Prime Directive and there were years of hostilities. But hostilities is not a war. The Romulans and Earth had a war. Klingons apparently not or we surely would have heard about it too.

Yes – this is another enterprise style prequel that has nothing to do with what came later.

@Wi Didnt TOS refer to “open hostilities”?

Of course there was the speculation that Gabe Lorca was a mis-direction and he is actually Garth.

All these gaps in Trek’s history had to be covered sooner or later and I think they did a good job with ENT, even though it didn’t get really good until late in its 3rd season. The early history of SF and the UFP was a story waiting to be told!

Star Trek VI made it clear there was a war.

There was even a war in ERRAND OF MERCY.

I don’t think we need to have heard of Discovery before… At Wolf 359 – Thirty nine ships were destroyed… Name them for me… exactly…


There is no comparison between the two situations.

On ‘Discovery’, First Officer Burnham was the one who started this massive war between the Federation and the Klingon. So yeah, people should definitely have heard of her before. And since the USS Discovery played a major role in the war and went to places that no other Federation ship has been to before, people would have knowledge of that as well.

At least the showrunners are not burying their heads in the sand and planning to give a reason for the discrepancy. It remains to be seen if the reason will make sense or not.

Unless, the ship goes to a place no one has been before…and never comes back. Perhaps season two going forward takes place in an alternate reality or another dimension. Another layer to that would be if Discovery does something which alters the prime timeline in such a way no one in the future would know of its journey(s).

That way, the producers/writers would be free to create new aliens, races, places and the adherence to canon could be basically ignored except for the occasional easter egg to keep us fans happy.

Thats possible. I sort of doubt it though. One think that hurt the JJ films, in my opinion, was the alternate universe. It made nothing matter. No stakes. If Kirk died, there were an infinite number of other Kirks and only ONE of them was the REAL one anyway.

So its best to stay in OUR universe. I could see the ship and its missions being classified.


“Another layer to that would be if Discovery does something which alters the prime timeline in such a way no one in the future would know of its journey(s).”

I’m leaning toward that scenario.

Gods, I hope not. Much too inside-baseball for the unwashed, and pretty lame even for those who would get it.

DSC producers–for the sake of your souls, please please please stay away from time travel. It has nothing to do with the themes you’ve said you’re looking to explore, and used as a reset it’s an utter cheat.

Im not sure how an altering of time would change things. Whatever happens in Discovery has already happened from the perspective of TOS +.

Its not an example of a TNG era person going back in time and changing things. Whatever happens isnt a change.

And they cant do anything that alters the future that we know (not in any large way anyway).

Not ‘altering’ the future per se, TUP, but rendering themselves invisible to future iterations, because they disappeared from the prime timeline we’re in. Just because the producers have said the series takes place in the prime timeline (when it starts) doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stay there. Just a theory.

@Danpaine — it doesn’t even have to be that complicated, all that has to happen is that it’s classified. If they hadn’t made the Menagerie to recoup the pilot costs, would we have ever known about Talos IV? No. Well, at least not until the 80s anyway. But for EVERYBODY else in Starfleet, that’s exactly what they knew about Talos IV — NOTHING. The simplest explanation is that Burnham’s role in starting the Klingon war, was classified, and nobody knew about it, not even Spock.

Makes sense to me.

We wouldn’t necessarily have heard of her before. Can anyone here describe the Tomed Incident or the Treaty of Algeron that froze open relations between the Romulans and the Federation for over 50 years in the 24th Century? What about first contact with the Cardassians? Nope. What or who started the multiple wars between them and the Federation prior to TNG? Couldn’t tell you unless there’s a non-canon novel. There’s a whole lot of stuff that we have pretty much no information on.

@Precision – exactly.


“We wouldn’t necessarily have heard of her before.”

The showrunners disagree with you since they’re planning on explaining that very issue.

You, and others, can continue list other events but the point remains that they’ve made her an important figure in the history of the Federation.

The surrogate daughter of ambassador Sarek and The adopted sister of Spock. She is someone that made a decision that “affects Starfleet, affects the Federation; it affects the entire universe.”. The one responsible for the outbreak of war with the Klingons.

The discrepancy is an issue and everyone including the showrunner are aware of it and the showrunner are clearly feeling the need to explain it.

@Ahmed – you’re being obtuse. People hear are discussing. And you’re arguing. The point being we dont NEED to have heard of her.

The showrunner stated we would know why we never heard of Discovery and Burnham. There is no context to that statement.

Those of us who are not joyless are merely discussing speculation and having fun. In the end, we shall see. We can either compliment or condemn the end result later.

I can think of no place in any Star Trek episode where it was essential to mention the Discovery or Burnham and have it be relevant to the episode plot- even klingon episodes.

Agreed as well, Precision. Maybe I’m getting too far afield. There’s more about this universe that we haven’t seen than what we have. Just heard of.

Precisely !


Why would we have heard of her? What example from TOS, TNG, Voy or DS9 were they speaking about the start of hostilities between Federation and Klingons?

I recall it mentioned in an episode of TOS I believe, that first contact was disastrous (or was that TNG, i cant remember).

The reason people say we need not have heard of her is because a specific reason to discuss her has never come up.

Take James Kirk. Legendary. Lots of historical events. But how often was he mentioned in the following series? And of those few mentions, how many were “forced” because it was Kirk?

There is no reason we SHOULD have heard of her.

The caveat to that, and one thing you’re missing is, the really important fact that we havent seen the damn show yet.

The only time that I remember Kirk being mentioned in TNG was the Naked Now, episode two of the series.


He was mentioned in the Scotty episode. And Spock alluded to him as well. But those would be very specific reasons.

Janeway mentioned Kirk once as I recall. And it was forced. But also connected to the Sulu episode.

So if no one talks about James kirk why would they need to talk about Michael Burnham?

@Gary 8.5,

In ‘Crossover’, the first mirror universe episode on DS9, captain Kirk was still remembered because his actions caused a ripple effect in that universe.

Given that Burnham’s decision affected Starfleet, the Federation and the entire universe, it makes no sense that no one remembers her in the future.

@Ahmed – you’re being very obtuse. So, Kirk was remembered in the mirror universe even though he was barely mentioned in the prime universe but thats your example for why Burnham should be known? That doesnt even make sense.

You haven’t seen Discovery so you’re insistence that she should be remembered for a single act holds no water. We simply dont know the details yet.

And as has been pointed out, which you refuse to consider, other historically important people were not constantly being talked about.

Like Burnham is Poochie from the Simpson’s? lol

What you are saying is completely rediculous. How do you know no one remembers her? Just because WE don’t know who she is doesnt mean people in universe do.

@Ahmed —- he wasn’t remembered enough to mention him more than one in all the other Mirror episodes…. AND when they did mention him it was entirely relevant to the plot.

Exactly right!

But that’s not how the military works nor how military intelligence works. There is a chain of events and a chain of command, not this or that person. Also, let’s assume that there was a catalyst that started a war, do you really think that ordinary captains would be privy to such intel? Remember these are mid-grade officers, there is a long chain of command above them. And years to spin an official story with all the accompanying data, just not the true story.

Yes, unless its VERY specific, would 100 years past this event think of Burnham as the start of the war or that mission as the start. We might feel she did something to kick it off, but will it be so specific and egregious that all future generations will know her name?

Probably not.

@Bert Beukema,

iirc it was mentioned that the other crew members on Discovery were aware of her role in starting the war. They also said that over the course of the series she will try to redeem herself and earns the trust of her crewmates.

Perhaps the details are need-to-know and the Discovery crew needs to know.

I guess we could watch the show and find out before we complain about it. lol

@Ahmed, that is all told from the perspective of the cast. It only relates to those actors in that chain of events. So certain crew members being aware of *something* is not strange. That is something very different that extrapolating that hundreds of years into the future and saying ‘everybody should know’. Let’s say you kill a person and tell your parents, you decide to keep it silent. Why in the hell would your murder be common knowledge a hundred years laten?

@Bert — exactly, everybody aboard the Enterprise in 2253 knew about the events of Talos IV. That doesn’t mean they went blabbing it about the universe, in fact there’s a reason they didn’t — PENALTY OF DEATH. There’s only one person here who can’t seem to handle the reality of this situation and making it an issue.

@Bert Beukema Right — when Voyager crew found out about the Dominion war and when it was referenced in Nemesis there was no mention of Sisko and his heavy involvment at all.

We don’t know that Burnham’s role in starting the war wasn’t kept secret–I would hope so, for her sake–or that the mission of the Discovery was kept classified. Kirk knew nothing of the specifics of what happened on Talos IV prior to the events of “The Menagerie,” and he was a starship Captain.

I’m more dubious about Burnham’s connection to Spock’s family being heretofore unknown than I am either of those things. (And even that can be explained away given Spock’s reticence about his family, but I still eyeroll.)

@Michael – I think they intend to explain that as well. The point was made that the reason we never heard of Discovery OR Burnham would be revealed. Perhaps she dies. Perhaps she is estranged from Spock (she’s close to Sarek and Spock is estranged from him).

I think they will, too. And if it’s an explanation that’s especially clever and convincing and unexpected, kudos to Fuller and whoever came up with it. In the meantime I’m more than happy to play along, so long as the series rocks otherwise.

At what point would we, the audience, have heard of Burnham, Discovery, etc.? Is the omission a glaring oversight in Trek lore/canon, or simply calling attention to a time period which no Trek characters/storytelling have had reason to discuss?

We didn’t hear about Sybok until Star Trek V. Spock never mentioned him.

I assume Burnham (simularly) was not an active part of Spock’s life.

We expect everything to be neatly explained or common knowledge.

What I REALLY want to know? Are we looking at ST:D as though having watched TOS (old style ’60s sets/costumese/etc.) through rose-colored glasses? It’s the only way I can accept the massive tech changes which didn’t appear in ANY of the TV shows…

Story canon, not visual canon. That’s really the only way you can approach this anymore, if you’re concerned about keeping all of the series in the same continuity.

That would have been very important to me, once upon a time. I’m glad that it isn’t any longer. Just give me a great show.

Michael Hall,

Re: Visual Canon

I’d say visual canon went out the door when George Lucas made it acceptable in the industry to go back and change it … permanently. And for Trek, when CBS went back and reimagined its old Trek for HD.

I mean, what’s visual canon for ToS E chronometers now that there’s two versions which have BOTH been aired?

And I’m with you on just tell me great tales, greater than the best of what were told before. If you are going to do STAR TREK and NOT prioritize the writing by handing it over to proven excellers, why bother?

Here’s an explanation: the subject of the USS Discovery simply never came up. Tell me, how often did 9/11 come up in conversation on an episode of Star Trek?


ENT – Storm Front Part 2, Daniels showing captain Archer historical images including former presidents Reagan, Clinton and the burning towers.

And how come it wasn’t mentioned in dialog? And how come it wasn’t mentioned in TOS, TNG, DS9, or VOY?

Frankly, fans who are looking for reasons why Discovery was never mentioned… or who are bothered by the insertion of a new ship in Federation history… are woefully misguided in their fandom.

@Etymological — seems to be just one person that is having so much trouble with this posting over and over. Burnham’s role was classified. End of explanation.

@Cadet – yup. A joyless soul who feeds on endless arguing for the sake of arguing. If we looked at things more open minded, we’d all likely argue less. This one is pretty simple.

So once. Which sort of proves the point.

USS Ahwahnee
USS Bellerophon
USS Bonestell
USS Buran
USS Chekov
USS Firebrand
USS Kyushu
USS Liberator
USS Melbourne
USS Princeton
USS Roosevelt
USS Saratoga
USS Tolstoy
USS Yamaguchi


Off the top of your head? ;)

….impressive! that’s only 14 though :) Yet, still I am amazed!

PLEASE call it a ‘landing party.’ I so miss that.

Enterprise did, it was very refreshing after years of “away teams”. A natural bridge between Enterprise and TOS should do that. But, as we’ve already seen…they aren’t so keen on building a bridge so much as they are on creating their own thing.

“Landing party” always sounded a bit too militaristic to me. Glad they changed it to “Away Team.” Let’s stick with that. I’m tired of getting hung up on nomenclature to tie shows together.

Next fans will want to refer to the Federation as The United Space Service, like that one episode of TOS. Or UESPA.

Thought that was Natalie Dormer there.

That would have excited me!

That would have excited anyone with a pulse.

That appears to be Emily Coutts who was rumored to be the “Conn Officer”.

The way the headpiece wraps around her eye, maybe it projects an image in front of the eye. Like a HUD thats off when not in use.

Embrace the Unknown, NOW! Non-compliance is NOT an option.

Seriously. Lorca’s headpiece seems to be a bit Borg, as well as a bit scary-invasive.

Looks like Burnham is on Vulcan in that one shot

Was that a quick peek at Discovery herself (at about the nine second mark) that didn’t warrant any comment?

Yes, that was the USS Discovery. It’s not a new scene, we’ve seen the same warp jump scene before. So far, it is the only shot of Discovery exterior that they’ve released.

I like the captain. he has character…not just cookie cutter generic good looks. And the others seem to be acting with a nice, natural style. Save Bernham….who sadly, happens to be the central focus that will carry the show. Lord almighty her delivery is rotten. I so hope the producers noticed this and instructed the writers to create some work-arounds involving other, more engaging characters.

Its flat. I sort of wonder if its on purpose though. The Vulcan thing…cause she is far more emotional and larger range of delivery in other things Ive seen her in.

….could be, but geez Amanda’s got to be in there helping somewhere.


Amanda will appear on the show around episode 9 or 10.

It is on purpose. The producers talked about the difficulty of casting an actor who can play a human raised by Vulcans. After seeing many auditions, Sonequa nailed it.

Why isn’t this show not on regular TV? I love Star Trek I don’t have streating services.

CBS is banking on the popularity of Star Trek to help boost subs to their streaming service. Everyone is going streaming. CBS has to as well.

Because it’s 2017 not 1995.

Are you sure? Using Star Trek as the flagship for a new “channel” essentially? That sounds an awfully lot like 1995 to me.

Are you really telling me that you think it’s 1995?

Look up “UPN.”

Re: Are you really telling me that you think it’s 1995?

Yeah, because as anyone knows, Paramount 1st came up with that idea in 1975 for Phase II.

You’re right! This idea does go awhile back.

You are seeing this way wrong and from an isolationist perspective. The series has been sold to Netflix which is where the real money is. This is 2017. The USA is not the focus anymore. In ten years the big money will be in China. You can be sure that Discovery will be a hit, just perhaps not in the USA because you don’t want to pay money for it.

Bert, are you talking to me? Because I didn’t say anything about not wanting to pay money for it. Just pointing out the parallels to UPN.

To all of you. You are viewing this from the wrong perspective. The audience for these shows is on Netflix, CBS knows that they won’t attract a lot of viewers because they are putting it on their streaming service. That’s USA only. And these days not at all where the money is. The money is in international distribution preferably through a single service such as Netflix; they may have sold it to some country specific broadcasters. But you need to realize: outside of the USA almost no country is spending money on US television products anymore; they all produce their own shows in their own local language and local cultural norms. The last ‘hit’ was CSI, after that not much.

Well that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, Bert. Prattle on.

Bert Beukema,

Re: …not in the USA because you don’t want to pay money for it.

Apparently, when it comes to financing new STAR TREK, neither do the Chinese…:

@Disinvited — I have a feeling in the near future, the Chinese are not going to want to pay for a lot of things US, and the US standard of living is going to drop considerably, when the cheap Chinese goods we’ve enjoyed cost as much as those made anywhere else …

The standard of living for many Americans is already piss poor. And that will become even worse in the coming ten to twenty years. The primary reason is that industry shifts from manual labor to robots and automation; to counter this you need to invest heavily in education to assure that your working population is highly educated. China has it’s own problems, but education is not really one of them. Their biggest problem is people, too many of them. But most of the young people, especially those not from rural areas are highly educated and will swarm over the planet because there are too many people and too little jobs at the moment. And they will all swarm back when China’s economy shifts more and more from manufacturing to services.

People tend to forget that in twenty years there will be over 1.8 billion Chinese. Who speak Mandarin or any of the roughly 20 Chinese local languages. Instead of Chinese looking to English it would be smarter for English speakers to learn Chinese.

I worked and lived in China for five years. The problem with foreign companies is that they want to do business but know jack shit about the Chinese, Chinese culture and the Chinese way of doing business. Let alone that they understand the role of the government and how to deal with corruption. Which is why so many deals that look great on paper fall through in the end. Many Chinese companies want to invest; they literally have boatloads of money that they want to offload. But it takes real understanding and lots of time to actually be successful in business. That Paramount would encounter problems with deals such as these is literally written on the walls, just means they did not do their homework correct. And likely that they did not pay off the right people in the government.

Because the big money is not to be made in the USA. It has been sold to Netflix and that is where the money is. Sadly for you, you live in the divided states of America.

“Ssdly”? Where do you think the show is being made and produced in? People whining about paying $6 for a service is not the end of the world, especially since last time I checked, Netflix itself isn’t free either. And what people should also remember is not everyone has Netflix either, which is the ENTIRE reason Netflix begged CBS to have the show, so they could get more viewers to the service worldwide.

You confuse two things. First where something is produced / shot and second where the market is. There is a production system in the divided states of America that is utilized to create a product, that is true. But it is not ‘made’ in the DSA at all, just parts of it. Remember, it isn’t even shot in the DSA but in Canada. And many special effects professionals outside of the DSA are working on it. You are running far behind the times, the shift outside of the DSA has long started. Secondly you mistake that this is a product for you, Americans. But it is not. It is a product primarily developed to be distributed outside your country, which is where the money is these days. That would be 95% of the planet’s population.

As for Netflix begging for this series, please. They made a good deal and CBS is right to partner with Netflix because they will make much more revenues this way than by selling it to individual broadcasters all over the world. And they still keep the rights for offline distribution.

Not everyone has Netflix but a whole load more people have Netflix than that would ever watch any US series on regular country specific channels. US series are just not very popular my friend, last hit was CSI. Countries produce their own series these days and US series are mostly filler material dumped into daily programming.

Interesting fact. In Canada, DSC will also air on french specialty channel “Z” starting on sept. 23.

Bonne nouvelle!

I would very surprised if they released it anywhere before it premieres on CBS All Access. So it’s probably going to be Sept. 24 or 25.

You’re right… Still unusual to get a TV series in both languages at the same time.

I guess it’s already being translated since Netflix is releasing it in so many different languages.

@ MattR: Is it? I was wondering myself whether Netflix will release versions of the show dubbed into several other languages right from the start or whether they will only offer subtitles at the beginning.

For international purposes there are two main translations. There are the subtitled episodes, that cater to many countries who do not use dubbing. Then the show will be dubbed in German, French and Spanish which will cover almost all languages. I believe a Chinese dub is also forthcoming, which would make sense given the huge market there.

I’ve been seeing promos on Z since last week. CinePop, also owned by Bell Media, has French-dubbed TNG. They’ve been running a marathon of the movies in preparation for Discovery. On Z’s website, they also have transcripts on what the Discovery cast said at Comiccon translated in French.

In one of the set reports that came out recently, a reporter noticed that on Discovery’s bridge there was a Starfleet tactical display that listed the Enterprise among active Federation starships.

The reporter, who appears to be a Trekkie, noticed that the ship is listed as Enterprise–A!

why wouldn’t it list registry number? makes more sense

@Spiked Canon,

I think it’s a production error. There shouldn’t be an Enterprise–A during that era or even TOS.

That would be a big production error! Unless it was something they did without thinking because it wont be noticeable anyway.

It would be truly wild if somehow the 1701-A was there for a legitimate reason.

In a second set report, the reporter noticed that the showrunners and some of the production team “are admittedly light on institutional knowledge”. That’s why I think this was most likely a production error, unless there is some sort of time travel or changes in the timeline.

From what I’ve seen I think that Kirsten Beyer, Joe Menosky, and (whatever else you might think of his talents) Akiva Goldsman are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things Trek. Hopefully they’ll keep the others honest.

@Michael Hall,

“and (whatever else you might think of his talents) Akiva Goldsman are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things Trek.”

Beside going to the first Star Trek convention & cameos in the Kelvin movies, what makes him “pretty knowledgeable”?

That’s really disappointing. Given the ease at which they can check franchise info there is no excuse. But we’ve heard there are people who are canon junkies so probably something that wasn’t noticed and corrected.

Whether they did or did not doesn’t really matter. It only matters to those who are kneeling at the altar of Canon. Other viewers / people don’t give a rat’s ass about that. I don’t give a rat’s ass about it.

The registry number for that time would be NCC-1701 and not NCC-1701-A. There was no “A” until Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as it was a new ship named Enterprise after the original was destroyed in the previous film. Ahmed, is pointing out that the number is wrong…. not that there is a number. :)

well aware. that’s why I brought it up. i don’t think they would make that error

Unless the “A” is a designation of multiple ships. ie. A, B, C, D, E…an armada of ships. Wouldn’t referring to it as Enterprise-A be odd anyway? Its registry number would have been NCC-1701-A but it would simply be called Enterprise. Not Enterprise A.

Or its someone having fun with something that will never be seen. Weird if true.

The TNG engineering schematic showed the main power source of the Enterprise-D as a hamster wheel. Nomad also makes an appearance. You can’t go by those displays!

I have James Doohan’s voice going through my mind now…

“No bloody A….”

This regionlocked crap has to stop! It’s getting f*****g annoying! It’s like they DON’T want people to watch this show. lol

It is interesting. Is Netflix not releasing the same promos in countries they are serving?

They did in the beginning,but now…….nothing. Or they’re just VERY slow in keeping up. I watched it on yt anyways,no time to mess this up now! lol

CBS is releasing videos within their promotional area, the US. Relax. The unlocked videos show up moments later usually.

I DO agree they could plan it better. CBS, Bell and Netflix should be more coordinated. But I assume there is some reason that is beyond the pay grade of you and me for why this happens this way.

Oh I’m relaxing,it’s just bloody annoying,lol! The last few promos have not shown up moments later though,so I ……found them by other means,lol. Yeah,it could’ve been better coordinated,but it’s cool,there’s ALWAYS a way to watch this stuff,heheh.

I know. Like in 2017 people will be so retarded to think they have to watch this on CBS in the middle of Europe or Asia. If you’re that dumb and unmedia savvy, you’re probably not viewing trailers in the internet in the first place!

I KNOW,right?! Luckily there are ALWAYS ways to watch this stuff,like I said in above post,lol! Never give up,NEVER surrender!! Yeah,yeah,wrong show,deal with it,lol!

My guess is that the distribution deal gives Netflix the exclusive right to be the only source of Discovery internationally (except US and Canada). Basically, Netflix paid to have no competition in releasing Discovery internationally.

That is the logical conclusion,yes. But they started out real good and released the promos just moments after the regionlocked stuff,but now it seems they just stopped.for some reason. But no probs,still watching them elsewhere,lol!

Oh look, there’s a Borg on the bridge…

could this possibility be an early experiment with the transwarp drive?


If you’re referring to trolls who make their doodies and then scoot off, I agree.

RobotShlomo, that is the most erudite comment in the history of the Internet. You must be so proud of your eloquence and rhetorical deftness. You have managed to both enlighten and educate with your brilliant commentary. Please, write a book of your wise words so we all can bathe in your genius.

Now that made me laugh, pretty hard, too!
Well Done.

Michelle Yeoh’s interview with the official Star Trek website was one of the best interviews that I’ve read from the cast.

Yeoh gave responses without any of the prepacked talking points that I’ve seen from other producers and cast members. And in the process she managed to give new info about her character, her relationship with Burnham as well as the show.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check it out. She seems like a cool person.

The actress kinda doesn’t know her science though, at least the way she talks about novae. Either that or she just loves seeing stars explode.

She was very good in an underwritten part in SUNSHINE, which is what I believe probably made them think of her.

I think it’s her incredibly long and legendary acting history, especially in genre. Michelle Yeoh is an icon. Hell, The Heroic Trio.

Just not excited by this. I’ve been disappointed with everything Trek since “Deep Space Nine” which was the laziest piece of television garbage ever created.

Hmmm DS9 can be called a lot of things. But lazy? Lol

Yes, I’m sure you put far more thought and creative energy into that assessment than Behr, Moore, et al ever did, given their laziness, with DS9.

Yeah. But let me guess, you’ve got ‘Orville’ programmed in your little TV-guide? Which IS essentially the laziest piece of a creative ripoff made this side of science fiction.

and yet, here you are….

LOL DS9 ‘lazy’? Wow, Trek ‘fans’. I get its your opinion but I always ask why do they keep bothering trying to please most of you people? You won’t be. Do yourself a favor and just move on from Trek.


Look, I don’t share Vincent Blackthorne’s assessment of DS9 but as long as you are determined to find any excuse to undermine and minimize the founding fans historical contribution to STAR TREK being here for your “most of you people” baseless bigoted ageist asides. I’m going to remind you:

“And after ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ came out and didn’t produce Star War-sized profits, Paramount Pictures management really didn’t want to make another movie. But the CEO’s wife was a Star Trek fan. And after she saw the first Star Trek movie, she turned to her husband and said ‘They have to make another one.’ So that’s what the CEO told Paramount Pictures management. ‘You have to make another one.’“ — William Shatner, Introduction, 35th anniversary screenings of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut

Bludhorn’s Paramount had to be dragged kicking and screaming to make STAR TREK to service those relentless fans because of the precise characteristic with which you now have so little patience.

I’m an old-timer who is not a big DS9 fan, but to call it “lazy” pretty much invalidates anything else you might say. Whatever else DS9 was, it was without a doubt the most ambitious Trek ever.

I’m excited to see this. It’s been 12 long years since Trek has been on TV.

I believe in Canada it will also be on CraveTV, yes?

Apparently, it will be on Space first, then later also stream on CraveTV.

It’s possible there’s something unusual about the Discovery’s technology that eventually results in no historical records of the ship or Burnham. Maybe it’s like the Krenim ship in VOY’s “Year of Hell” episodes; they erase T’Kuvma’s House and the other hairless Klingons from the timeline in Season 1, but at the very end of DSC (however many seasons that will be) they’re somehow wiped out themselves too. Perhaps there’s a bit of a “Yesterday’s Enterprise” vibe to it all. A tragic ending, the course of history is changed on a huge scale, but nobody knows about their sacrifice.

But the more likely explanation at this stage is that Burnham’s role in starting the Klingon war ends up classified — like others here have said, that’s what would realistically happen, especially in cases of politically-sensitive military missions that have gone disastrously wrong. The Discovery and its missions may be classified too, particularly if there’s a black ops/Starfleet Intelligence/Section 31 angle behind the scenes.

Why don’t Spock’s family ever mention Burnham? Unless she really does end up removed from the timeline, the reason could be that her actions in DSC cause a major rift with Sarek and she’s ultimately “that relative we will never speak of again”.

Spock nor Sarek ever spoke of another brother or son until STV. Many brothers and sisters suddenly turned up in Trek having never been mentioned before.

Bert Beukema,

Not to mention in DAY OF THE DOVE, Chekov even made one up to justify his irrational feelings of hatred and bigotry towards the Klingons.

@Bert — get ready for the empty counter-argument that just because they made a ‘stupid mistake in the past doesn’t mean they should repeat it with a new series’ argument.

@Jai — one word: “CLASSIFIED”. That’s all it takes to erase her name from history. Just like the events of Talos IV are unknown to virtually anybody else in starfleet, nor can the be revealed under penalty of death! It’s just that simple.


You do realize that Paramount built the whole film franchise around the concept that Kirk exiled Khan, a notorious historical figure who even though they were all educated on his history no one recognized when they initially unfroze him in the series, and didn’t bother to inform Starfleet which is why Reliant didn’t have a clue that caution should be taken when entering the Ceti Alpha System after all those years. Not to mention TWOK establishes Chekov was on the E during SPACE SEED and knew the events that transpired which he recites to Khan, AND STILL Chekov didn’t recall them when they entered the system so as to inform his Captain Terrell of a possible threat?

@Disinvited — all excellent points. Add to that Kirk knew he had a son, but never ever mentioned him during TOS. Moreover, nobody ever checked on Khan in all those years? Kirk nor Spock never once thought about him?

But these point are all easily dismissed who refuse to accept the way FICTION and related canon work in story telling. We discussed at length during STID that records were not very well kept, and evidently there was never a photograph of Khan available prior to Spock finding one, despite the “admiration” they all felt for him. And of course they all knew so many Khans that they would naturally not remember the one they all learned about in their easily recalled history lessons. But also recall that it was NOT included in the history books that Khan was never captured either. But never mind all those inconsistencies. As for Chekov and David Kirk — well that’s just bad writing, and DISC has no business repeating such stupidity!

Curous Cadet,

Excellent. You left nothing for me but a nitpick, not history “lessons” but history “tapes”. You know, those tape things that allowed Khan to instantly be able to take over the ship and enabled NOMAD to do some funky things as well [Although, I’ll never know why they didn’t just feed him a tape with his original uncorrupted AI?]

Curious Cadet,

BTW do we both agree that Paramount’s canning of Marc Evans makes it extremely unlikely that any future Bad Robot STAR TREKs will be in the offing?

Archer apparently formed the UFP, saved the universe, and became God of Starfleet etc etc. If so, why wasn’t he mentioned in TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY?
The same reason why Sybok & Burnham weren’t mentioned – they’re retconned into the past.
Starfleet’s big, it’s history by the 24th century is a long one. The most plausible explanation is that we never saw on screen Spock discussing with Kirk about Burnham, or Picard having a discourse on starfleet history (Burnham’s impact). We never witnessed every single day and moment on board the Enterprise.
Who knows, if Braga was a producer on DSC we might even get a turd like “these are the voyages” masked as a “valentine” to the fans, with Riker and Troi running the holodeck (say…the day after the Pegasus episode ends) to see how Burnham saved the galaxy etc etc lol.
But even a guy like Goldsman is unlikely to drop down to Braga’s standards. Instead they seem to be hinting that the events of DSC will end up being classified – intriguing, guess we’ll see if they can execute

I’d say you don’t go talking all day about the founding fathers of the USA. Nor do I talk all day about William of Orange. In fact, I never do. Nobody does. It’s ancient history, only just 150 years in the past. There is no retconning the past, the past simply doesn’t matter much to people. And of course: you are watching a television series that is made up as they go. Snippets of history may enter dialogue. I’d laugh out loud if someone started a long monologue about some person from history in Star Trek. Like one of the likely thousands of historical figures that are not even created yet.

Bert Beukema,

Re: I’d say you don’t go talking all day about the founding fathers of the USA.

I’d say that statement fingers you as definitely not residing here in the USA. If you only knew how many times Jefferson, Hamilton, etc. have been talked about all day because of that darn musical…

OFFS Green Earth Forests?
We had the one scene on the Red Planet in Into Darkness & that’s it.

There have been SEVERAL SNWs depicted in the various Discovery trailers, including one with a ringed planet dominating the sky.

Borg Queen????

Hmmm, seems like CBS is keeping potential reviews at bay –

Oops, that link is not working. Just go to instead, and scroll down a few articles.

Let’s just hope it’s because CBS doesn’t want any perceptions – one way or another – to sway the audience.

@Lurker, that gives me pause as well.

@Cervantes — they don’t want any spoilers … lots of well kept secrets they likely don’t want to get out. To be fair, FOX did the same thing with THE ORVILLE. The reviews for ORVILLE were held in moratorium until 5 days before it broadcast. That said, the ORVILLE is terrible, a fact FOX surely knew, yet allowed the reviews anyway. In MacFarlane’s case, maybe it was a way to drum up fan support. In Trek’s case, any negative will magnified ten-fold. Then again, any surprises might be leaked, either of which might result in fewer initial signups for CBSAA. So they keep it a mystery, good or bad, and ensure no perceived negative reviews jeopardize that aspect of it.

@Cervantes more — as this appears to be unsubstantiated, it could also be an attempt by someone with nefarious purposes to try and breed a false narrative (“fake news” if you will), by concluding this means the show is bad, on the heels of the horrific ORVILLE reviews, knowing that CBS is likely to follow a similar path as THE ORVILLE and not allow reviews up until the days before its premiere. If that’s the case, it might also force CBS’ hand to notify the press about when such reviews will actually be allowed.

@Curious Cadet,

Grasping at straws?

I had no idea that Entertainment Weekly and Alan Sepinwall were trafficking in “fake news”!

@Curious Cadet,

“To be fair, FOX did the same thing with THE ORVILLE. ”

This is a complete fabrication, Fox did no such thing.

Fox sent screeners of the first 3 episodes to the critics, and reviews start coming out five days before the premiere.

CBS on the other hand is showing two episodes to critics at screenings in NY & LA, enforcing review embargo & allowing it on after the premiere.