Karl Urban Says Cast Is Keen To Return For ‘Star Trek 4’ – Wants It To Explore McCoy’s Family

Karl Urban – aka Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy in the Kelvin movies – made an appearance at The Continuing Voyage Convention in Chicago on Saturday, and TrekMovie was there. The actor talked about his hopes for another Star Trek movie, a rejected idea for McCoy in Star Trek Beyond, and how he missed out on being James Bond. He also had a visit from TNG’s Brent Spiner.

Urban and cast “keen” for Star Trek 4 – wants to see McCoy’s family

Of course, during the Q&A, a fan asked Urban about the next Star Trek movie. Urban didn’t offer any news on progress on the project, but he did discuss how he and his fellow actors are ready to go, saying:

We will be blessed if we could get to make another one, we really would. And we would all be very, very keen to do so because we have so much fun making these movies. I tell you, the challenge literally is to stop laughing before the cameras start rolling. We are a tight family.

Urban’s comments are similar to those reported by TrekMovie two months ago from his appearance at Star Trek Las Vegas, where he said everyone was waiting on Paramount to make a decision about the future of Star Trek on the big screen.

Karl Urban talks to fans at Continuing Voyage Tour Chicago 2017

Responding to the question on what he might like to see for his character for a possible fourth feature film, Urban said he would like to get more into McCoy’s family:

Perhaps it would be interesting to see something of McCoy’s family. His ex-wife and daughter and that dynamic.

Urban’s Kelvin timeline version of McCoy was established to be divorced in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The notion of McCoy having a daughter shows how much of a fan Urban is, as that was something only mentioned in the TOS writer’s bible and eventually on the animated Star Trek show from the 1970s.

Karl Urban complains about his ex-wife in Star Trek (2009) – would like to see his family addressed in next Star Trek feature

Urban wanted McCoy to deal with taking a life in ‘Beyond’

Urban also talked to fans about an idea he wanted involving McCoy having a moral dilemma about taking a life in Star Trek Beyond, but the notion was ultimately rejected.

There is something that I really wanted to do in Star Trek Beyond, that didn’t didn’t quite make it. The template is sort of set up as McCoy joined Starfleet as a doctor to save lives. And I was very interested – because until this point in the series we had never seen him have to defend those sets of principles and values that he was signed on to uphold. I thought it would be very interesting to see him wrestle with his conscience about him having to take a life as opposed to save a life, particularly when Spock and McCoy were stranded down on the planet. However, it didn’t quite transpire that way in the final cut. To me I thought that would be an interesting existential place to go in.

Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek Beyond

Urban talked to Bond producers about playing 007 before Daniel Craig

Karl also talked about another iconic role he may have taken on a decade ago. The actor was asked if a report on the Internet was true, that he was offered the job of playing James Bond before it was offered to Daniel Craig. Urban clarified that the report was not entirely accurate, noting he did have a meeting but wasn’t able to audition:

What happened was while they were casting [for the new Bond] I had been to a preliminary meeting with [Bond films producer] Barbara Broccoli, which went fantastically well. When it came around to doing the auditions and screen tests unfortunately I was filming a movie at the time and I couldn’t get out to do the screen test. That being said, I am glad because I think Daniel Craig is a superb Bond.

Urban was shooting the films Doom and Out of the Blue around the time Casino Royale (the first Bond film with Daniel Craig) was in development. Less than a year after Casino Royale was released, Urban signed on to play McCoy in Star Trek.

Urban in Doom and Craig in Casino Royale

Spiner crashes panel

One of those fun con moments happened during Urban’s panel when Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner took to the Q&A mic to ask “Mr. Irving” a question about his Into Darkness co-star, “Benedict Cucumber.” Somehow the interaction ended up covering the Beatles and then even got a bit racy on the “cucumber” theme.

Brent Spiner has some questions for “Mr. Irving”

You can watch the interaction below via this video (courtesy of Tyler Ninness)

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Last night TrekMovie reported on a Star Trek: Discovery spoiler revealed by Jonathan Frakes at this event. We should have more coverage of this convention coming up.

Karl Urban takes a selfie with a fan on stage at Continuing Voyage Tour Chicago 2017


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