Quentin Tarantino Is Open To Directing A Star Trek Movie…And He Has Some Ideas

There is a lot going on related to Star Trek returning to TV on Sunday but this week has a tiny bit of news in the Star Trek film area. There is still no news on progress on a new feature moving forward at Paramount, but a notable Oscar-winning writer/director has indicated he would be interested. Yesterday TMZ posted an short ambush interview with Quentin Tarantino from LAX airport asking if he would direct a Star Trek movie and he replied “It would be worth having a meeting about.” He also confirmed his previous statements that he plans to direct two more films before retiring.

Why did TMZ choose to ask Tarantino about Star Trek? Well in the last couple of weeks an audio clip of Tarantino has been buzzing around the Internet where he talks about Star Trek. The clip (below) has picked up around 180,000 views on YouTube since it was published two weeks ago, but it was actually from a 2015 Nerdist podcast interview

When asked if he would be interested in directing a Star Wars film, Tarantino told the Nerdist crew he would prefer to do a Star Trek film. He said he was a big fan of the original Star Trek series and liked the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek film, but didn’t care for 2013’s Into Darkness follow-up. Tarantino also noted that many classic Star Trek episodes could be “easily expanded” into a feature film, and he specifically mentioned the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as one that could work on the big screen.

Tarantino sees feature film potential in classic Trek episodes, including “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

Talking about Tarantino doing a Star Trek film is fun, but is certainly premature and probably not very likely. Tarantino is not the kind of director who could be brought in to make a film based on an story or script developed by others, which is the most likely scenario for the next Trek feature. Plus, he is already set to write and direct a film about the Manson family which is due in 2019, so would he want to make a franchise film like Star Trek be his 10th and final film? And while Paramount hasn’t been in a rush to move forward on another Star Trek, would they want to wait until 2019 to start the next project?

Paramount not happy with Abrams, but expected to extend Bad Robot deal

It was recently announced that J.J. Abrams would return to the Star Wars franchise to co-write, produce and direct Episode IX, stepping in after director Colin Trevorrow and Disney/LucasFilm parted ways. For over ten years Abrams and his Bad Robot production company have had a production deal with Paramount Pictures. During that time Bad Robot and Abrams have delivered a number of films to Paramount including 3 Trek features, but the last one he directed for the studio was 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Since then he has only directed 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Disney

And according to a report this week from the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount’s new CEO Jim Gianopulos is not happy Abrams signed on for another Star Wars movie. Paramount is said to be seeking a one-time payment from Disney as compensation for poaching Abrams again. The Bad Robot/Paramount deal is set to expire in 2018; however, according to THR Paramount is still inclined to extend it as Abrams is still a valuable asset for the studio, just not as valuable as they had hoped back when the deal was first struck in 2006. Abrams and Bad Robot are still working on a number of Paramount projects, including the sixth Mission: Impossible film, due in the summer of 2018.  

Bad Robot would be expected to take the lead on any new Star Trek feature film, but with Abrams set to deliver Episode IX in two years (on top of all his other TV and film projects), he will likely not have a lot of time to be involved with the next Trek feature personally beyond getting it set up.

Paramount is not pleased J.J. Abrams is returing to Star Wars, but they will likely stick with him

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