‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Merch Update: Eaglemoss Ship, Hallmark Ornament and QMx Pins

With Star Trek: Discovery finally arriving today, this week has seen some exciting new merch hit the streets, with others on the way. The new Eaglemoss model for the U.S.S. Discovery will be warping to online retailers soon, the Hallmark ornament of the U.S.S. Discovery has been announced and new wearable Discovery pins are now available for purchase.

Eaglemoss U.S.S. Discovery

Ben Robinson, who runs the Eaglemoss license for Star Trek, recently tweeted that the model for the U.S.S. Discovery would be available for purchase soon.

Robinson didn’t specify when the U.S.S. Discovery would be available for order. However, with the Discovery premiere literally around the solar system,  “soon” could be days. Robinson did confirm months ago that the U.S.S. Shenzhou was also on the way. He also tweeted that there are more new Federation and Klingon ships in the first two episodes of Discovery than the entirety of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which means we can expect far more Eaglemoss ships from Discovery over the coming months.

After Trek host Matt Mira also tweeted the picture below from the set of the show to TrekMovie.Com. It is presumably a better look at the Eaglemoss Discovery.

First look at the Hallmark Discovery Ornament

Hallmark is also revealing more with a new video featuring a look at their planned ornament for the U.S.S. Discovery. The show’s hosts, Christine and Kevin (who fans also know as a regular Star Trek author Kevin Dilmore), revealed the ship will debut as part of Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments line next year.

No word yet on an exact price or street date, but Christine and Kevin did say “next year”, which probably means you can find the Discovery ornament available in stores and online Christmas 2018. The video includes a lot of good angles on the Discovery, such as the one below.

Pin Your Excitement for Discovery

N0w you can join the Federation with new lapel pins thanks to Quantum Mechanix. These new Discovery pins are made out of a zinc alloy and can be attached to your shirt with a pin from behind. These are smaller than the previously released full-sized replicas (available at Entertainment Earth for $14.95), but they still have a sleek, gold-colored finish. Quantum is currently selling the gold-colored command pin for $4.95.

Fan Sets are also extending their line of Star Trek: Discovery pins. For $5.95, you can buy officially licensed collector’s pins of First Officer Michael Burnham, Sarek and the Klingon Voq. There are in addition to the previously released pins for T’Kuvma, Saru, Captain Georgiou and the U.S.S. Shenzhou. To purchase, just visit FanSets’ homepage. You can find other pins featuring your favorite Star Trek characters from each TV show and film.

Reminder: First Discovery novel due this week

The first Discovery novel tie-in arrives this week. Desperate Hours written by David Mack will be released Tuesday, September 26th. It will be released in large format paperback, e-book and audiobook. You can pre-order it at a discount at Amazon.


More Discovery merchandise

For more on what you can expect coming soon, see our August preview guide to of Star Trek: Discovery licensees and merchandise.


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Cant wait to get Desperate Hours.
It is the highlight of my week.

I should say, next to the premiere of Discovery, acquiring Desperate Hours is the highlight of my week!

Its strange that the model makes me lime the ship more than most images I’ve seen of the exterior

I never liked the Ralph McQuarrie renderings, but given the tweaking this is a ship I want to get to know better.

Why the nacelles so LONG :( makes me not like the proportions as much as other ships.

Yeah, that’s my only real nit with Discovery. The engines shouldn’t be as short as the TNG era, but they could stand to be shortened. Thankfully since all the FX are CGI now, changing the model shouldn’t be quite as arduous as changing or building an all new physical model. Here’s hoping that in Season 2 they shorten them.

I agree. Perhaps the Klingons will knock off the tips.

I actually like those. One of my favourite classes in Trek is the Excelsior and what I like the most about it are its elongated nacelles.

Same here Jed. Always liked that about Excelsior. Thin and longer than the Connie refit

Honestly I love the Excelsior’s nacelles too and consider it and the Sovereign class to be the best Starfleet designs. But I think that’s because proportionally it just looked really good. Discovery, however, looks a bit like a kitbash, not something I’d add to my ship display collection

The Discovery is really growing on me. I prefer it to the Galaxy Class (though I still think the least attractive Federation ship is the Oberth Class), and boy does it look fast. I love the side angle – sleek and aerodynamic, like a javelin.

I’m not one of those nitpicking about the timeframe of the series, but when you see the Discovery from different angles you get a mix of Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian cues. The Klingon ‘wings’ are obvious, but from the front she looks very Galor Class (it’s the angular engineering section). This would have been a great design for a post-Dominion War series, in which those powers had come together.

I think the font on Disco’s hull is TMP-era refit font, which I don’t like. Should be TOS era.

Jesus, that is one ugly ship.

Guess I get to stay a few dollars richer. That thing is hideous. THe shenzou maybe.

FINALLY the small Delta shield I got at Comic-Con is up for sale! lol!

Yeah,takes some getting used to that ship though. But great that there’s already merch on the way!

For the love of God STOP shortening the word “merchandise”! Just stop! STOP! It’s really not that hard to type out the entire word. Good grief.

LOL! Anything that can be shortened is good,lol!

Am I the only one that thinks Discovery looks like its sporting chopsticks?

Bowl of soy sauce, a delta, and chopsticks.