Watch: 5 Clips From Sunday’s 2-Part ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Premiere

If you haven’t seen Sunday’s two-part premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, or you were one of the millions who have only watched the first part that aired on CBS, there are some clips to check out.

Clips from “The Vulcan Hello”

Clips from “Battle at the Binary Stars”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusive in the US on CBS All Access with new episodes released Sundays at 8:30 pm ET. In Canada Star Trek: Discovery airs on the Space Channel at the same time. Discovery is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada with new episodes made available Monday mornings.

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I like it. I like it a lot. Perfect? No. But I like it, still.

Part 2 was brilliant, just like part 1. I hope we get to see more of the fleet in magazine articles and such. The design work on the show is spectacular, real movie quality. Star Trek is back!

Eaglemoss is going to make models of all of them I believe.

Excellent, I like those models. Hope they find a way to get the windows to line up with the paint marks though. This problem has spoiled some of their previous ships.

Sadly, they’re still getting the windows wrong on the latest editions. Quality control like that is one reason I’d never subscribe. I just buy the ones I like that are the least screwed up. I hope they do better with Discovery models.

Not just that, Eaglemoss is starting a separate subscription service exclusively for Discovery ships. I don’t want that but don’t mind getting a couple outside of subscribing.

Fa! Aren’t those the little models with a magazine? We had them in the UK, seemed to fizzle out. No, I want BIG models! Something I can look at and put on a shelf (much to the annoyance of the wife – LOL!)

It didn’t actually fizzle out,it’s still going strong! And the STD ones are a separate collection.

I haven’t seen them in the newsagents or in WHSmiths for a long time. I did collect a lot, but I had to stop – it was never ending, too many to display reasonably.

So everybody in both fleets can warp in and stop on a dime like something out of STAR WARS? That’s as opposed to breaking out of warp and decelerating to rendezvous, a la the trip to Khitomer in TUC?

Don’t know which I like less, that they didn’t even differentiate the style of warp effects between wholly separate cultures or that they have the same exact capabilities.


What was also implausible is the Klingon fleet responding in no time to the signal sent by T’Kuvma’s ship. One moment the signal was sent, 10 minutes the Klingon fleet from 24 different houses drop out of warp.

So it is kelvinverse speed-of-plot-cubed warp?


Pretty much. You have members of the Klingon High Council who were looking down on T’Kuvma & his house when they arrived to the system, all of them but one abruptly deciding to support him & follow his orders mere minutes from their arrival. It made no sense.

I must not have seen that part, but okay.


That was in the second episode.

Not all 24 houses were there.

@Trek fan 67,

Perhaps you didn’t pay attention but when the Klingon fleet dropped out of warp, Burnham clearly states that there are 24 Klingon ships, the same number as the Klingon Houses and that it can’t be a coincidence.

And maybe you can’t count… but we did not see all of the 24 houses (in hologram form) on the Klingon ship. We only saw 7 or 8 of them.

@Trek fan 67,

Are you arguing just for the sake of argument?

They gave you the info about the 24 Klingon ships. In fact they spelled it out for the audience in case someone like you didn’t catch it. There was no need to show 24 holograms after that.

Then, ahmed, how did you know all but one decided to follow him?
“all of them but one abruptly deciding to support him”

I understand but I think that’s just a plot device to move the story along.

Ships move at the Speed of Plot. Always have. Always will.

I got the impression that more than 10 mins had passed (for the characters), that it was (as well as a bright light) some kind of sub-space signal. It felt to me enough time -must- have passed, or they wouldn’t be there. The various leaders all moaned they’d been summoned and interrupted from whatever they were busy doing, T’Kuvma chastises them for it.

They don’t stop on a dime though. They clearly drifted forwards as they popped out of warp.

Maybe the gravity of a planet means that ships can’t pop out of warp right next to a massive body. Then again, there was that TNG episode the schizoid man, where the D just pops out of warp by the planet and then off it goes.

Stopping when they drop out of warp does not have anything to do with Star Wars. The ship doesn’t move at warp, the space around it does. The only reason they are normally travelling at a high velocity is because they fire up their impulse engines when they disengage warp drive (As with Kithomer, dropping out of warp *right next to* a planet doesn’t really make a lot of sense. If they miss the mark, there won’t be a sequel film. :D )

Dropping out of warp right next to a bunch of antimatter powered ships doesn’t make any more sense when it comes to collisions.

In addition to that credibility issue, I just don’t find that same look on both sides very engaging, which when it comes to drama, probably counts for as much or more.

I enjoyed Discovery but I also think it’s unlikely that both sides use the same holographic communication tech. That being said, I appreciated that T’Kuvma addressed the remaining Fed fleet via viewscreens rather than holographically popping onto the bridge.

At least the Klingons have full cloaking abilities. Who knew?
Oh wait, Nick Meyer knew. He knows all about Klingons with cloaking abilities, doesn’t he?
…but he was shushed up and pushed out of the writing room and into “Consultant” mode.
Now it’s all starting to make sense…


We were told many times by Kurtzman that the second episode was written by Fuller and Meyer. Turns out that Meyer didn’t write it after all. Instead, it was written by the two showrunners.

Why would they? Wouldn’t a warp field look like a warp field if you’re using warp engines?

Wouldn’t a transporter beam field look the same? Well, history indicates that the look is always different, probably owning to different tech. For all we know, the shape of the warp field could probably cause the look to be different, depending on distance to camera and refractive qualities.

If one side had a tech that didn’t include an instantaneous transition to near dead stop, you could probably easily justify a redshift effect during deceleration, or use that kind of colorshift without justification, just to spice the look up for, say, Klingon warp incursions.

The idea that a show like this doesn’t take advantage of its budget to offer such differentiation seems downright cheap, to say nothing of it being unimaginative, especially given those shots of multiple ships arriving on both sides.

It’s a visual effect. And it’s physics, a warp field is going to look the same regardless of the political affiliation of the ship that created it. A warp field compresses space around the ship, there’s no need for acceleration into or deceleration out of warp. All this is done to create a nice, pretty aesthetic for a viewing audience attuned to watching large, slow sailing ships or aircraft carriers prepare for battle. For space ships in the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, in reality, there would only be computer control…but where’s the drama in that, other then arguing about artistic effect?

Is it possible Constitution class ships are not licensed to CBS for new series but are exclusively the property of the movie franchise at this time? Sorry if this was covered elsewhere.

@Khan — nope. Not how that works. CBS owns everything. If anything they might have licensed exclusive use to Paramount in their license to make Star Trek films, but that is also unlikely since Paramount had a preexisting deal with CBS, which Moonves forced them to act on, which gave us KU Trek. There were obviously some modifications to that deal after Paramount decided to make the movies with Bad Robot, which led to a non-compete moratorium on CBS making a Trek TV series, but the terms of that deal have long since expired, giving us DISCOVERY, and likely and restrictions on what IP they might have had exclusively under license as well.

How do you even know any of that? Come on.

Thank you. Finally some facts.

I didn’t see the whole thing and nobody who makes this will give a tribble what I think, but the whole thing seems so static. There’s hardly any movement among the characters — not which doesn’t involve ships or machines. This is supposed to be an adventure show. It’s so serious it makes TMP look like “The Orville.” And I love TMP. That’s as hard as I’m going to get on it. The actors, especially the two women, are very good. Have a nice day.

After a second watch, I’m much more comfortable with it. I picked up several things I missed the first time around. I think it has great potential and the scenes from upcoming episodes look, forgive the pun, stellar!

I love all those new Federation ships! I hope they bring out models of them all! We didn’t see much of the Europa, but she was a fine looking ship.

I have to say I quite enjoyed most of these two episodes, despite a few niggles. The look exchanged by Saru and Burnham when she is first introduced to the Shenzhou bridge (flashback at start of ep. 2) was priceless.

Georgiou was a stand-out character and an excellent performance. She was someone I REALLY wanted to get to know better, someone with a depth of experience, knowledge and inner strength potentially like Picard.

The emotional exchanges between Georgiou and Burnham were also excellent.

I have a small nitpick, but perhaps I didn’t really understand the story that much but didn’t Kol leave the Klingon leaders meeting. I distinctly remember he didn’t want to do anything with T’Kuvma’s mission. Shouldn’t there be minimum 23 klingon houses in the battle then?

USS Yeager.


I think I heard a reference to a ship called the T’Planahath (spelling?), which would be a callback to the matron of Vulcan philosophy named in TVH’s Spock testing scene.

Was it just me or was there a ‘Shran’ star ship mentioned? I think it was in the second episode they said it but I’m too lazy to look for it lol. Anyone else heard it?

I think I heard it too.