Watch: Preview Of Season One Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

If you haven’t already seen “Battle of the Binary Stars” then you haven’t seen the following preview of what is coming up this season on Star Trek: Discovery, which was attached to the episode. CBS have now released it on YouTube for all (in the US) to see.


Shot of USS Discovery

USS Discovery interior

Captain Gabriel Lorca

Lorca is tortured/questioned by L’Rell

Starfleet Admiral



Harry Mudd                    

Michael Burnham  

Lt. Ash Tyler

Commander Landry

Some creature on abandoned Shenzhou

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusive in the US on CBS All Access with new episodes released Sundays at 8:30 pm ET. In Canada Star Trek: Discovery airs on the Space Channel at the same time. Discovery is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada with new episodes made available Monday at 8 am BST.

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Love the ship (except for the holes in the saucer, may that in someway make sense as a planetary station deployment ring or something), love the TOS jackets. Hope we run into a Connie, and let that Connie go head to head with a D-7. Bridge next time make smaller with Captain’s chair in the middle and put a nice computer console behind the Captain’s chair so he or she can talk to everyone and read all the monitors instead of a turboshaft door.

@Cmd.Bremmon — the thought occurred to me that it appears as though those outer rings can be jettisoned, leaving the central bridge section intact. Depending on what the Discovery’s purpose really is, that opens up a lot of necessary possibilities — labs which experiment with dangerous materials, which could get out of hand and jeopardize the entire ship. Crews quarters that might need to be jettisoned if going into battle, used as an escape module, or offloading non-essential science research personnel whose safety doesn’t need to be put at risk in a battle situation. Etc.

If so, as an experimental ship, it makes a lot of sense as a solution to common problems. Think of all the battles where the ship takes direct hits to the saucer section which threaten the structural integrity of the entire ship, not to mention putting entire sections of the ship in jeopardy. Especially since containment fields can fail, fairly quickly, as we have seen in the second episode.

I like your way of thinking. Having a more modularizied ship makes sense safety wise but other than the TNG enterprise breaking apart into 2 sections we never seem to have that idea play out.

I like it too. Maybe you can replace the ring easier with new equipment or new sensor technology? That works good even if it is not fully detachable which I like. I was trying really hard to come up with something and came up with that maybe it could detach over a new planet and you could deploy it as a space station.

That could work. Also might be easier to replace damaged sections with new parts. Always handy no matter what’s going on with the Federation.

Maybe. But, all that wasted space and limited access! Still strikes me as absurd, unless there’s a damned good explanation for it.

That said, the thing still looks better on film than I had any reason to expect. At least, unlike that godawful J.J. ship, it’s not supposed to be the Enterprise.

It could be a Section 31 ship. That would be interesting if they were involved in whatever is going on. Of course, they didn’t wake Khan up to build this one. ;)

TOS jackets? To which are you referring?

The gold jacket Michael (Number One) is wearing, screams TOS to me. I could live with the TOS uniforms being jackets at this point in time, looks very Cage to me.

I love that the bridge dome is lit. When you look at it you can see bits that evolve to the ships we know from that era. Bend the pylons up slightly and change the nacelles to what I assume are more advanced and powerful that then are the standard and you have a ship that looks more familiar. The discovery isn’t so far off from what we know and I love that. The more I rewatch eps 1 and 2 the more I fall harder for this show.

Gosh, it looks like Wendy Crewson’s Admiral character will have a short fate battling the Klingon babe. In an interview I saw, Wendy said she’d be in only a couple of episodes giving orders. I guess Admirals are the new red shirts. As for the USS Discovery, she has huge impulse engines compared to the Enterprise.

‘Bout time an Admiral or two took one for the team. :-)

Admirals in Star Trek always seem to be incompetent to the point where it’s almost a trope. DS9 at least tried to change that with Ross. He may have had what some consider to be questionable morals but I think he was good at his job. After the performan of the Admiral in the premiere; I hope this admiral is better at making military decisions.

Admirals are just bureaucratic hacks. And always replaceable. Maybe they are the new redshirts of Trek?

Very TOS – every Federation bureaucrat was basically incompetent.

Peter Principal I guess…lol

That’s not Wendy Crewson – it’s Jayne Brook. I remember her from JOHN DOE, and she played Maureen Robinson in that unaired 2004 LOST IN SPACE pilot.

Seems the Discovery gets really heavily damaged, if not derstroyed… The saucer clearly gets ripped apart… And i already began to love the ship😯

My guess is that’s a dream or a time loop. But who knows. Maybe they destroy the discovery right away.

Yeah, first episode with Discovery = last episode with Discovery :)
I really hope they don’t destroy the ship. That Comicon-Trailer was awful, but since they redesigned it, i really appreciate the design and the combination of circular and angular forms. Fits well imo.
My theory: The ship gets heavily damaged or nearly destroyed and then > cliffhanger and waiting time until January.

Probably multiple ships with that design. The letter on the ship in the third picture looks more like an “N” than anything else and I don’t see how it could spell out DISCOVERY

Then again maybe its USS Discovery on the first line and NCC 1031 in larger font on the second.

N… Discovery 😉

It’s the N in NCC.

I dont know, but it could be another ship of the same class.
I am not sure but i believe to perceive numbers on the outer ring which are not “1031”!
Have a look:

If you give a closer look to the saucer, one may perceive a registry number which i do think is not a “1031”.
What do you think: [IMG][/IMG]

Sorry ppl, thought my posts werent sent…..

Looks stunning, like a movie. The Discovery will go down as a design classic, the more I see of it, the more I like it.

Same here!

Agreed, these beauty shots of Disco are quite breathtaking, and the design is looking a lot better to my eyes. Knew it was only matter of time!

Agreed. That being said I’d love to see a Connie.

What’s that on Lorcas head in that last pic of him facing the female Klingon?

@Shilliam Watner,

A Klingon torture device.

I wonder if it’s connected to Lorca, Tyler, and Mudd being held by the Klignons together in prison? On the other hand, it could be some other time he was taken? I like this information dump. It has really got me curious about where the show is going.

Mind sifter?

That’s what I think. It reminds me of some of the mind probes we have seen in Star Trek before. Depending on the device it may be capable of recording vitals, images, and send out painful stimuli all in a quest to get the desired information. At least that’s what past episodes have done with things like that.

In TOS the Klingons had antagonizers

Wendy Crewson may be on Discovery but that actress doesn’t look like her. It looks more like actress Jayne Brook (but might not be her either)

Stunt double?

Now THAT’S how to do a trailer. Love it, and genuinely excited for the next episode!

Agreed. I’d call it spectacular, even if I hated the show itself. And Harry Mudd gets in a pretty good GoT-ish line about being sick of getting caught in Starfleet’s crossfire. Hope it’s as good as it looks.

I don’t know what he said is ‘GOTish’? He sounds like a lot of the Maquis sounded when the Federation just traded their land with the Cardassians. But I have to admit, I really hated the thought of Harry Mudd on this show but everything I’ve actually seen of him I am now intrigued.

As Ned Stark sat in a dungeon awaiting his fate, Varys tasked him with his strict adherence to a code of honor that ordinary people ended up paying the price for when the great houses went to war. Mudd’s complaint struck me as something similar. Given the source it’s probably self-serving bull$hit, but it is a legitimate point of view, and a pretty interesting spin on the character.

Interesting! In the third pic down from the top, the braces that attach the outer saucer ring are lit up red like the impulse engines. Could they be shield generators?

This really does look good, though I wish Harry Mudd didn’t have a different accent.

Kol is wearing a Starfleet insignia. Georgiou’s?

Good catch! Talk about salt in the wound for Burnham if that’s the case.

First off let me say thanks for breaking down the screen caps for the preview. I was hoping trekmovie would as soon as it was over. It was going too fast to get every single shot. It was also nice to see that we are starting to get some questions answered that we speculated about before the show started. For example, That gold shirt really is a Starfleet command gold uniform rather than a civilian shirt. I think we might even be able to say it’s a prison uniform. The scenes in the shuttle and in the mess hall with Burnham reminds me of the Tom Paris introduction scenes aboard Voyager without the fighting. Although I won’t know that for certain until next week? I think that’s when those scenes air. It’s also nice that we are starting to get pictures/ previews of other characters like Tyler and Landry.

The ship that gets hit and torn apart maybe looks like Discovery but has a different registry number. Something like NCC-1010, NCC-1040 but definitely not NCC-1031.

Maybe it’s the Admiral’s ship. If so, it looks like being on a ship with an Admiral in this show is not a good idea. :)

Are admirals the new red shirts?

Looks like NCC-1030 or 1038 to me

Looks like Saru get’s promoted. He’s wearing the gold uniform.
At the end of the clip (1.42 min.) you see an alien with strange eyes. Is that the same as the one Lorca is watching at 1.47min. What alien species do you think it is?

What is it about starships parked in front of the sun? It’s one of the most stunning shots you can get of a ship (the D in Generations never looked so good as in its opening shot)

I’m going to end up thinking of this as the “Prime-A” timeline to account for all these differences. Ultimately it’s up to each fan to decide how to fit this series into their own headcanon. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

I’ve been reading the new book that just came out yesterday and it gives an explanation to this that I like. If they show it in the show (which I pray they do) then people won’t have to make up an alternate canon, it will fit right in. It’s a little bit of a stretch but it does work. Since the writer was working very closely to a Discovery writer, there’s a strong chance that they’ll show it on-screen.

Maybe the Klingons put a guard targ on the Shenzhou. :)

I have theory that Capt Georgiou is still alive, may have been revived by the Klingons. Michelle Yeoh was in Toronto with the rest of the cast on the eve of shooting the final episode. Yes, they may be filming flashbacks but what if they’re not?

I’m with you. I just don’t think she’s dead.

I’m so excited! These Fungi spores look very interesting! What could they be? What can they do? What is the Discoverys purpose? Time Travel? Shifting dimensions?

Looks like they have further changed the warp effect for Discovery since the shot in the previous promos.

Was Georgiou actually going to have Burnham court martialed? Since she had Burnham back on duty working with her at the end, it’s like that was all behind them. If Georgiou didn’t have time to make any report of what happened, then was it Saru and the Shenzhou crew that reported Burnham? For whatever reason the judges seem to ignore that Burnham was back working with Georgiou in the end. The life sentence is ridiculous.

We’ll never know how it would have played out absent Georgiou’s death, which is as agonizingly true to life as Trek is ever likely to get. No court-martial possibly, but I think she made it clear that her trust in Burnham had been shattered forever, and their teaming-up for that mission was out of necessity, nothing more.

Watch BREAKER MORANT, which is based on a true story, and then get back to me about how ridiculous the tribunal’s decision was. Which is not to say that I agreed with it, but it certainly wasn’t unrealistic in light of what happened.

I’d like to think Starfleet is a little more enlightened than the British Army in the Boer War, but you never know.

Well, I’d like to think so too. But in “This Side of Paradise” it was made clear that striking a fellow officer is a court martial offense in Starfleet. At least Burnham was cashiered and imprisoned, not executed. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

What is ridiculous about the life sentence? This is a command officer that attacked & disabled a senior officer, tried to appropriate command of a Federation vessel with the intent to fire upon an alien species that had not instigated hostile movements. This alone will get you a life sentence today and in some countries the death penalty. Let alone that this command officer was responsible for murdering a Klingon that started a chain of events, by her own actions. The judges do not know the Klingon side of the story, they only know what happened through human eyes. And obviously, there is the scapegoat problem; someone has to pay for the situation that is the result of the encounter.

Good point. The judges have no way of knowing that T’Kuvma was hell-bent on starting a war to unite the Klingon houses, regardless of anything Burnham or the Shenzhou did. From their perspective, the whole incident looks to be her fault.

It cant look like her fault at all. Nothing Michael did had ANY impact on the situation with the Klingons. She never did fire on that ship. And she was in the brig by the time actual fire was exchanged.

The only thing she did was kill the Torchbearer and that was self defense and an accident. They certainly didnt show us that that act mattered in the big picture. The Klingons didnt attack as a result of that and we know it changed nothing from TKuvma’s perspective since was spoiling for war regardless.

Michael’s “mutiny” was assaulting the captain so she could fire first. She never got to.

Plus there was the attack on the relay station. The act that brought Starfleet out there in the first place. T’Kuvma makes a point of saying it was too close to Klignon space. So they probably destroyed it just to draw the fleet out there to set his whole plan in motion. Though I still wonder if Burnham’s plan with the Vulcan Hello would have worked. It worked for Vulcan and Klignon relations and nobody thought they where trying to start a war with one another. The Klignons seem liked they gained a newfound respect for the Vulcans when they used that method.

She didn’t fire first, but she ordered weapons to be brought on line and the Klingons detected it. They were clearly spoiling for a fight and may have fired first in any case, but even the producers have said the ultimate question of Burnham’s culpability will never be answered. Which is fine by me; that’s what makes it interesting.

But she stepped on an alien artefact she did not know, it was only later that it was revealed to be Klingon. This artefact holds immense import to the Klingons, next to holiness. Thus the Torchbearer Klingon is in the RIGHT to attack her and to get her of their holy artefact. She should not even have been on there. While the murder of the Klingon might have been defensive the attack itself was provoked.

Other than that, she attacked and injured her commanding officer and took over the ship. To start firing at the Klingons. Based on an anecdote from Sarek, who wisely says that their approach is not a ‘catch all’ for any Klingon encounter. The rest is unknown to the humans, they simply do not know what the Klingons think, plan or would do. Any judgment is made by these assessments.

As far as a court martial goes, this is treason. Treason is generally punished to the highest order.

I have to agree with Bert. When you look at offences that will get you court martialed and/or put in the brig, something as severe as what Burnham did would have EXTREME ramifications

I made this same point. The “trial” is more interesting to me. And I thought they threw around the word mutiny a bit too freely. She assaulted her Captain, yes. But she didnt take over the ship.

Her actions also meant nothing. they were completely moot to the story. Which in itself is interesting. She got thrown in the slammer for life for executing a plan that she never got to see through.

Now…had they had the balls to have her actually fire on the Klingons and THAT was T’Kuvma’s pretense for war, then YES, it actually makes sense. But what happened is, T’Kuvma was orgestrating a war so no matter what she did, it wouldn’t have mattered. But she didnt actually do anything anyway.

Even when Philippa says to Michael in her ready room before they do the torpedo move, she says “How could you do this” (or something). To me, that reads like, how could you get us into this. But Michael didnt do anything. Nothing. So it can only mean “how could you have assaulted me” which is sort of an odd thing to be thinking about at that moment.

I can see her getting busted for assaulting a superior. But mutiny? stretch. Dereliction of duty? meh.

What? She did perform a mutiny. She disabled her captain with the intent to take over the ship. Effectively she took command, even though all around her colleagues were dubious about this. She threatened them with punishment if they did not follow her orders. She loaded weapons and had them mark the target, she ordered them to fire. It did not happen ONLY because the captain belayed the order. Now I don’t know what world you’re living in, but this is called treason and mutiny. And yes, assaulting a commanding officer.

She was put in jail because of her actions, not because of the effect they had. The whole idea is that she disregarded the chain of command on the notion that her proposed action was the only capable action to take. Which in itself is, as Sarek said, untrue. The ‘how could you do this’ refers to the ultimate betrayal between not just the captain and the first officer, but also the utter betrayal of their friendship, their relationship and her trust. If you don’t know how it feels to completely trust someone just to be stabbed in the back, I recommend you try it sometime.

Bert Beukema,

Re: If you don’t know how it feels to completely trust someone just to be stabbed in the back, I recommend you try it sometime.

Well, now I’ve lived to see everything: One so-called fan of STAR TREK and the antics in its morality plays, recommending a fellow fan try personally and mutinously stabbing a trusted friend in the back in utter betrayal of their friendship to better enjoy and understand the moral of the story!

That Klingon lady sounds just like Moogi


Honestly its just good to have Star Trek as a show back! The verdict is still out if this will be the next TNG or DS9 for me but so far I’m into it. I just want a weekly series again and now that we got it I’m going in as open minded as possible. While I was disappointed in a few things in the opener I have a feeling once we get aboard DIscovery the show is going to really surprise us. I can’t wait for episode 3.

This third episode does seem more appealing as a season opener. Is that a Klingon targ at 1:19???

The VFX frame grabs look SO diffuse. Look at how soft the lettering is on the exterior of the hull for what I guess is a shuttle bay, it’s like there’s a cloudy day in orbit or something.

Why, especially now that everybody knows from NASA and ISS what space looks like, are they so insistent on mushying everything up, be it flares or some other kind of visual contamination.

that shuttle bay interior looks like it came from STARSHIP TROOPERS or something. Then again, the Ken Adam ENTERPRISE design that McQuarrie ‘packaged’ (i.e., messed up) for PLANET OF THE TITANS in the 70s was practically an aircraft carrier in terms of the engineering hull, so I guess that tracks … at least it looks like it fits in the ship, as opposed to the ridiculous 09 Ent with its hangar being like a DR WHO phone box.

They didn’t do that actress playing the admiral any favors, I wouldn’t have recognized her if I hadn’t read her name, from back in GATTACA and CHICAGO HOPE and BOSTON LEGAL.

Concerning the VFX i’m with you. Also wondered why a lot of things look so fuzzy and blurred. Maybe it’s due to confine post-production costs? On the other way: If you give a look to “The Expanse”, it’s quite the opposite. And i don’t think their episodes cost more than DSC…

Huh? It’s a frame grab from an in motion, compressed video, probably running at 720p. There’s motion blur, compression artifacts, and dithering all happening at once. The episodes I watched Sunday on CBSAA had crisp and sharp VFX.

I love a lot of the matte work and VR stuff on The Expanse, but haven’t been as fond of the purely space-based stuff which has usually struck me as pretty CG-looking and generic. To each his own, I guess.

I’m really surprised to read this, Kevin. It’s motion blur, obviously. Without it, stills would look sharper but the motion renderings would look awful. Whatever you think of this show overall, the VFX work so far is terrific

Someone mentioned the interiors having an EMPIRE STRIKES BACK/ROTJ kind of vibe, and I have to say I can see that, particularly in the shuttle bay. But what the hell, it works for the style of this show. I’ll take it over the grungy/plastic Kelvinverse any day.

For those of us not privileged to live within the USA.

I have actually fallen in love with this ship, but is anyone else annoyed that the Name and Reg are painted on with white paint instead of Black? harder to read IMO