Star Trek: TNG@30 Great Links: Honest Trailer, How Picard Lost His Hair, New Posters, Lists And More

As today is the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and like TrekMovie many outlets are celebrating. We have collected some of the most interesting and fun links for TNG30.

Honest Trailers Does TNG30

The ScreenJunkies team bent to peer pressure and released one of their famed “Honest Trailers” just for the 30th anniversary of TNG.

Berman talks alternative TNG actors and losing the wig

In a rare interview, Star Trek: The Next Generation executive producer Rick Berman talked to the official Star Trek site on the occasion of the 30th anniversary. Much of what was covered related to some of the actors that were considered for the main roles such as Tim Russ for Geordi, Billy Campbell for Riker, Stephen Macht for Picard and others. Berman also recalled the fatefull moment when Paramount decided to go for bald Picard:

I remember when [Patrick Stewart] did his reading for John Pike, president of Paramount Television, he wore the toupee. When he finished, he left the room and Pike’s response was, “He’s your guy, but lose the wig.” I was delighted. I had gotten to know Patrick a little bit and the wig always seemed a little awkward to me, only because I knew he was bald. I was perfectly fine with losing the wig. If they had said, “Keep the wig on,” I think I would’ve been a little bit more uncomfortable.

Thankfully head of Paramount said the fateful words “lose the wig”

TNG on the lists lists

Earlier today TrekMovie posted our list of 30 greatest moments from TNG, but we are not the only people making lists today. Here are a few more to get your started.

Den of Geek: TNG’s most essential episodes

Syfy Wire has lists of 5 most quintessential moments for: Worf, Lwaxani Troi, Beverly Crusher  and Guinnan.

IGN: TNG’s most awesome moments

io9: 15 weirdest missions for TNG

This particular scene also ranks on many a “best TNG moments” list

TNG in 2 minutes

Syfy also took on the task of summarizing all seven seasons of TNG into just 2-minutes. You be the judge if they pulled it off.

Sing along to TNG theme with lyrics

The YouTube channel Mediocre has created a new special song to go along with the theme to TNG.

Two New Fine Art Posters to Celebrate TNG30 From Bye Bye, Robot

Bye Bye, Robot has just launched two new Star Trek prints, by returning artists Tracie Ching and Charity Wood. Both new posters are inspired by the celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 30th Anniversary and are on sale now for $25 each.

Tracie Ching’s newest print, “TNG 30” is an 18”x24” lithograph printed on 100lb paper. It portrays the characters central to the series atop a vast starfield and features the official TNG 30th Anniversary logo. Included in the portraits are; Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Lt. Commander La Forge, Lt. Commander Data, Lt. Worf, Counselor Troi, and Doctor Crusher.

The second poster in the release is Charity Wood’s newest print, “Make It So” is an extra wide 14”x36” that unites well with the other ships in her series. Printed on acid‐free heavy‐weight card stock, this piece portrays the U.S.S. Enterprise as it flies through uncharted territory on its signature mission of continued exploration. Her stylized use of paint splatters, bold color, and inverse linework add to the energetic feel of this iconic ship’s portrait.

TNG 30” 18″x24″ lithograph by Tracie Ching, $25.

Make It So” 36″-wide fine art print by Charity Wood, $25.

Even More TNG 30 links

Not had enough TNG 30th anniversary? Well there’s more…

Radio Times: Picard and TNG voted best Star Trek captain and series

Entertainment Tonight: Flashback Patrick Stewart on taking on the role of Picard

io9: Thank god for Star Trek: TNG

National Post: How TNG created a massive modern franchise all by itself

HuffPo: Nostalgia Theater podcast interview with Mark Altman on TNG

And finally, our friends at ThinkGeek created a 12 hour long video featuring their new Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger. So watch this and zen out.

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Seriously… We all knew the Picard Maneuver. But I never noticed the Riker Maneuver!

Swinging his legs over every seat like it’s a horse? Really? Did you ever notice what I like to call the Riker+ – sticking his crotch in Data’s face on the bridge?

How have you never noticed that? It’s a leg swing of legend? It’s… it’s freakin terrifying, but it’s his thing. That and the beard. And the trombone. And taking advantage of every local lady and nearby lubricant. But mostly the leg swing.

Never thought beards would even be Starfleet regulation until I saw Riker’s

I would’ve said the “Riker Maneuver” just consisted of him putting his leg up while standing (striking a “Captain Morgan pose”), as parodied in this CollegeHumor cartoon:

Of course this was simply Jonathan Frakes chosen method of fitting the frame better, being the tall guy that he is.

TNG is pure nostalgia for me. It was extremely tame, and hokey at times when you stop and think about some of the things that took place in the episodes but to this day I still love streaming episodes. Some of the early season 1 and 2 episodes are fun to rewatch and the science heavy latter seasons too. …How long has Nana Crusher been dead…. that Honest Trailers commentary on that episode is spot on.

Is it just me, or does Jean Luc avec toupee look a little too Gul Dukat for comfort?

To me, avec toupée he actually bears a resemblance to Jason Isaacs. I’m serious!

OMG. Now I can’t unsee this.

The TNG Honest Trailer wasn’t them bending to pressure as much as it was a labor of love of TNG by Screen Junkies’ Dan Murrell who spent a couple of months working on it. You can watch their commentary on the video here:

Thanks for your valuable input.

Love the honest trailer – Worf getting his ass kicked nearly made me wet myself.

I LOVE TNG, I was 16 when it started and already a TOS fan. For me, it gave us some of the best sci-fi on TV of my lifetime and it remains a pleasure to watch many episodes from season 4 onward (except the dumb Crusher bones a ghost ep).

My great hope is that Discovery gives us characters and performances to match Picard.

The Honest Trailer was brilliantly funny, what a labor of love it must’ve been to put that together. Lost it several times, but for some reason “that one lightning effect” really got me.