‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Gets Record Ratings In Canada, Plus 2 New Images And Isaacs Reveals A Tidbit

We are two days away from the third episode of Star Trek: Discovery and we have a couple more images from that. We also now have the ratings from Canada for the first two episodes, and Jason Isaacs (nearly) spilling some beans.

Two new Discovery images

TrekMovie previously shared six images from this weekend’s episode and today CBS released another one, this time featuring Michael Burnham and Lt. Stamets in the engine room of the USS Discovery.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Paul Stamets from “Context is for Kings”

CBS also released the first image of Wilson Cruz from the show, giving us a good look at him in his medical uniform.

Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Video: Redesigning the Klingons

Get a look at a few different Klingons in this new behind-the-scenes video from CBS.

Record ratings in Canada

Earlier this week we reported on the US ratings for the debut episode of Star Trek: Discovery and today Bell Media released the Canadian ratings for the first two episodes. Episode 1 brought in 1.17 million Canadian viewers on Space with episode 2 gaining with 1.2 million and according Bell Discovery “delivered the most-watched series audience ever on Canadian specialty TV.” The first hour was also shown on CTV and so the total combined viewership was 2.2 million viewers, making it the third most-watched series debut in Canada for the year.  Discovery’s debut on Crave TV also set a record for that streaming service.

Episode 3 of Discovery airs Sunday, October 1st at 8pm on Space and will be available on Monday at 8pm on the CraveTV streaming service.

Isaacs reveals a little

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason Isaacs (Capt. Lorca) talks about life on the set, William Shatner and growing up watching TOS. When asked about his character of Lorca he started off saying he couldn’t say anything, then said something but then stopped himself. 

It’s clear when you meet him he’s a man with conflicting agendas. I seem to take an interest in Burnham, which is surprising. I’m interested in helping her regain her — f— I don’t know if I can say that…

Regain what? Well the end of episode two saw Burnham stripped of rank and sentenced to prison. So it’s a pretty good guess Lorca could be interested in helping her regain her commission as an officer in Starfleet and maybe even her position as first officer.

This previously released image from “Context is for Kings” shows Burnham in her prison jumpsuit

Discovery tweet of the day: More Daft Punk!

Discovery writer Bo Yeon Kim shared this image of the helmeted crew person seen in the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Many fans have noted the helmet look is reminiscent of the popular band Daft Punk, but the character actually has a name and a backstory as noted in our recent review of the novel Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours




Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusive in the US on CBS All Access with new episodes released Sundays at 8:30 pm ET. In Canada Star Trek: Discovery airs on the Space Channel at the same time. Discovery is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada with new episodes made available Monday at 8 am BST.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Wow, considering Canada has 1/10th the population of the US that is twice the viewership…curious about other countries.

This should come as a surprise to no one. The show is the easiest to get in Canada. It makes sense that their numbers would be good.

Whine whine whine

It’s no easier to watch on CTV in Canada than it is to watch on CBS in the US. So cry me a river. I know I know, streaming sucks right?

Says the Canadian who is reaping the benefit of CBS’s decision.

Will give you the benefit of the doubt being Canadian you probably don’t realize that only episode one was on CBS. All further episodes are steaming only here.

Hey in Canada we only got one episode on a public network (CTV). For episode two you had to pay $5/month for Space channel as a cable adder.

The people (or person) who thinks streaming as a technology is awful will never be convinced.

Still cheaper and easier than having to get CBSAA.

As a Canadian as well, this person’s view is not representative of the country as a whole.

@kirok have you watched the second episode yet? You whines for a year about streaming and how it was a lousy technology that didn’t work. You claimed Netflix didn’t work well and was only successful as a company because it’s rentsl service kept it afloat (totally untrue)

And you now whine about Canadian ratings when the debut airs on cbs in the US.

Have you watched it on All Access yet?

First, I went to sign up yesterday. Figuring my free week and one month would take me through to the Nov 5 first half finale. When I go to create my account it tells me that the commercial free version only has a TWO DAY free trial!! What the hell is up with that?? They have been promoting a free week EVERYWHERE! Nowhere, not even on this site, was it mentioned that the commercial free side only got you two days. It’s not so much the two free days compared to the 7 with the commercial filled option. It’s more than it wasn’t pointed out anywhere. It’s a drag that I was expecting to finally see episode 2 today. Looks like I’m waiting until October 4.

The more I find out about this CBSAA the more disappointing it gets.

And 2nd, this is the 2nd time you mentioned that I’ve written stuff here a year ago when I only started a few weeks ago.

3rd, it is a verifiable fact that the disc side has kept Netflix afloat. It’s just a google search away.

And finally, since when is mentioning that the show is more easily accessed in Canada whining about ratings? Isn’t the good numbers a good thing?

The questions are more rhetorical as you have a history of not listening here. So I’m done. Feel free to get your last word in. You always have to.

Er, it’s available on Space in Canada. That’s not streaming.

Ummm you still have to pay $5 a month to add SPACE to your cable package. Which I did. Your argument is invalid.

I paid the $8 for CraveTV. But I’m happy with that, loved ep 1&2, looking forward to #3. Bring it on!

I think I get it part of our rogers tv bundle, you shouldn’t pay for channels individually lol. TV ain’t cheap…

Space is a great channel, well worth 5$ a month imo. I’ve had space since 1999.

I have videotron in Montreal. I have to choose it a la carte.

These ratings were the debut which was apples to apples since it aired on cbs in the US.

Wait, what? Wasn’t Discovery watched by 10 million in the USA?

Oh, I see. Relative to potential audience.

Back in the 80s the CBC (public broadcaster) used to show TOS and TAS (I was born 1981). As a result a lot of TOS fans I think. Lots of good memories – I would wake up Saturday morning like 6AM to watch TAS right after O Canada was played. Sneaking up at midnight and watching the Doomsday Machine was my best Trek moment along with Father taking me to see the TOS movies. Trek IV even sold my sisters on it. None of them btw made it through TNG let alone Voyager, I think I was the only one that put up with it hoping it would eventually be like TOS “Wagon Train to the Stars”.

CBC 6 in Montreal. My childhood.

i remember this…

I first saw TOS as a very young kid on Saturday’s. At, I believe 1pm on CBC. My routine was wrestling at 11. Then get up. A science show called, I think, Wonderstruck was followed by TOS.

I was surprised when my mom told she used to watch tos when she was younger lol

Yay for Canada. No wonder Bell paid for the rights.

ITV, Edmonton at 5pm every day watching TOS syndication. I was so hooked, never looked back.

Haha I forgot about that – watching TOS on ITV when visiting Baba and Geda. Haha

Ah, those were good days!

So it’s going to be a complete failure so people say. Oooooooooooook.

And I hear it was the most watch show of all time on CBS All Access too!

dogface, LOL

Nice to see the word “record” being applied to Trek, unlike with Beyond last year. That really was a weak anniversary, wasn’t it? :( Still can’t wait for Ep 3 this weekend!

ST: Beyond got unfairly punished for the trainwreck which was ST:ID. The time travel story we need is someone goes back in time and writes a script where Starfleet losing Vulcan tries to use Kahn for good, Kahn ends up taking over elements of Starfleet and ordering them to violate the Prime Directive, join with the Klingons and prepare for a coup. Only Enterprise on the frontier investigating Prime Directive violations puts the pieces together in an ultimate battle Kahn vs. Kirk each with a Connie (and Kahn gets back up from a D-7 battlecruiser). Anniversary fixed.

Sorry, but that sounds awful.

Only way I could think make that Kahn plot sort of work where it isn’t “poor Kahn, evil Starfleet Admiral GWB stole your family!!”. At the very least we would get a movie where the Enterprise can put up a fight more than a minute long TOS style.

Don’t be sorry, the second they couldn’t get Benicio Del Toro for the part of Kahn, they should have scrapped the script and started over.

@Tay — they couldn’t, by that time they were three years after the first film, and had a release date to make.


I think they should’ve avoided Khan altogether.

But I don’t think you can blame failure solely on STID. It was just marketed really badly. Its like the people of Discovery did what they did and went the opposite way.

“Beyond” would have done much better with previews three months ahead [without the Beastie Boys], and some actual promotion in theatres more than two weeks ahead of opening.

[sigh] I so-o-o wish Paramount/BR had committed to bring out a Star Trek movie every 2.5 years. Instead of what happened.

[sobs into hands]

Have to agree. It sounds like convoluted fan service. Not much of a fan of Into Darkness either. Should have just left Khan alone. Some “fresh” story ideas would be nice.

Yeah, Beyond was a disappointment. It’s a shame that the 50th was such a damp squib.

I wonder if Burnham’s percieved hatred is what attracts Lorca to recruit her? I wonder if Section 31 is behind this? Perhaps they have plans for the Klingon Empire?

It could be a Section 31 assignment. That would explain all the secrecy at least.

@Spock Jenkins — I really hate Section 31, and I truly hope it has a minimal inclusion in this series. I’m much more interested in a Daystrom kind of BLACK HOLE sort of story than organized secret police. Talk about dimming Roddenberrys vision of the future …

Me, too. I have no issue with thorny moral questions and complications, but the very existence of Section 31 implies hat the UFP is rotten to the core. Yuck.

With you guys. Hated the idea of Section 31 from its first mention.

I did, however, like the two guys trying to correct timeline disparities in, what was it, DS9? Wasn’t there a little Scully/Mulder joke in there?

Yay, I’m glad to see the debut did so well here in Canada. I’ve subscribed to CraveTV to watch the show (and After Trek) as I don’t have cable TV myself.

I don’t have Crave but friends do and I hear it’s a good service.

It is, I really like the service.

So, does that glassed-in enclosure in engineering serve the same function as the room Spock died in in TWOK?

I don’t see that pedestal-thing which houses the dilithium crystals, maybe it’s some sort of decontamination pass-through

You could be right. It looks like it has corridors that branch off of it including one that has the beginning of the ship’s schematics. If so I like the more realistic addition. Given the nature of what warp drive is suppose to be and its immense power; it would make sense to have it sectioned off for emergency reasons. I know they could jettison the warp core in the past but this may be an extra precaution.

Those white uniforms look like a parody uniforms. Horrible.

I think the white uniform looks great.

White uniforms look excellent. But hey, trolls gotta troll.

I agree the white medical uniforms look fantastic to me, right out of the TOS movies complete with the medical logo.

Yep! I also saw it as them taking the traditional doctor’s medical coat and turning it into a uniform. Your answer fits canon better though. As in they took a break with the white uniforms and then brought them back.

They look terrific – they could be TMP era almost. I wonder what the whole crew would look like in white?

Apparently, ziplock is looking in a mirror.

Disagree completely, it looks great.

I think it is the best-looking of the new uniforms.

Please, let it be an “engineering” engineering, not “tanks ‘n pipes” engineering

There’s a picture of the full engineering room in one of the recent threads. No brewery, thank God.

Yeah it looks almost exactly like the warp coils (i.e. the inside of a nacelle) in TNG, but lit red instead of blue. The TNG nacelles only had a little control room though, whereas in the pictures we’ve seen it looks like the set in question is fairly large. Hence I assume it’s indeed meant to be engineering and the “tunnel” thing is probably meant to be reminiscent of the TOS engineering design.

Engineering looks like this: https://www.screencast.com/t/iPBA9GSkQs
I noticed a few similarities between it and TOS Engineering.

A lot of similarity in terms of general layout; more like TOS engineering than any of its successors, and infinitely preferable to that damned brewery.

Brewgeneering was one of the few things I really, really hated about the reboot movies.

With that central round core, and glowing room to the left, it’s closest to TOS movies engineering (where Spock died).

I wish people would stop comparing that VR helmeted character to ‘Daft Punk’, which is neither ‘daft’ nor ‘punk’ – The Pet Shop Boys did the weird helmet thing decades earlier, and much better.

But Daft Punk’s second album was called Discovery

also Daft Punk is what everyone knows. Pet Shop Boys? Que?

I PVRd it on Space — and missed the last 15 minutes (It was shown as a two hour block followed by the Big Bang Theory, but the first episode had an unannounced/unscheduled 15-minute preshow before, so it started late).

Pre show was because it was delayed on cbs. It wasn’t going to air somewhere else before it’s world premier on cbs

Interesting — so is Canada the only territory where DISC is airing over a traditional broadcast delivery system, like Cable?

So in the US it’s CBSAA,
Space in Canada, and
Netflix everywhere else?

What about territories where Netflix does not operate? Is CBS making cable/broadcast or other streaming deals in those territories?

Where does ORVILLE air in Canada?

Orville sits thursdays on Fox in Canada.

Airs*. Discovery airs at 7pm central on sundays on Space.

Such b.s I already pay 190.00 dollars for my t.v package and live way out in the country where I’m kinda limited on service and CBS wants me to pay 5 bucks more to watch star trek, I don’t think so. I would probably be a devoted viewer of the show but enough is enough.

Four new Trek episodes every months, or two cups of coffee? Hmm. . .

I see a tribble on the desk when Lorca is talking to prisoner Burnham!