‘After Trek’ Reveals Tardigrade Monster Importance to ‘Discovery,’ Lorca’s Gorn Skeleton And More

The second episode of After Trek, saw the Star Trek: Discovery live after-show settling down with improvements over the inaugural episode. Host Matt Mira toned down the volume and seems more comfortable in his role as well, but still kept it light.

To talk about the third episode of Discovery (“Context Is for Kings”), the in-studio guests were co-showrunner Aaron Harberts and actress Mary Wiseman (Cadet Sylvia Tilly). There were some interesting reveals on the show which we have highlighted and we also have a few clips that have been released.

Tardigrade monster is “vital”

As noted in our review and yesterday’s Jason Isaacs interview roundup, there is a lot of mystery related to the creature beamed over from the USS Glenn. Harberts revealed that it will be an important element and drew some interesting parallels with the giant tardigrade , saying:

We don’t introduce anything to just not pay it off. This creature is vital to our show. This creature is vital to Burnham’s journey. And the audience should look at this “monster” as sort of a metaphor for [Michael] Burnham. And in the next episode Burnham is going to be confronting what that means. Is she a monster or is she not?

Lorca’s new pet will play an important role

Yes, that is a Gorn in Lorca’s mystery menagerie

Discussion also turned to Lorca’s mysterious “study” which is also referred to as his “menagerie.” Lorca indeed has a Gorn skeleton and noted they are aware that this is years before the TOS episode “Arena,”  noting that it doesn’t necessarily mean he encountered the Gorn. It is all part of the mystery of Lorca, with Harberts noting “where did he get it?” Harberts also noted that Lorca’s tribble is “spayed and neutered.” Watch the segment below.

Watch behind the scenes on the USS Glenn

The episode featured a number of behind the scenes clips from the show, including a look at how the USS Glenn segment was shot, which you can see below.

The real Stamets talks spore drive and panspermia

The Skype-in guest for the week was real-life mycologist Paul Stamets. Harberts revealed that it was Bryan Fuller who had been inspired the scientist to create the character of Lt. Stamets on the show. The writers all watched his Ted Talk and he even called in to chat with the writer’s room early in the development of the series. You can watch the interview with the real Stamets below.

Other bits from After Trek episode 2

  • Ensign Tilly was named after co-showrunner Gretchen J. Berg’s 2 year-old niece.
  • Season 1 will not include visit Saru’s home planet.
  • Harberts described Landry (Rekha Sharma) as a “true believer” in Lorca, who “loves Lorca”

They also showed a clip from episode 4 “Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry,” featuring Burnham and Saru bantering in a turbolift about how she is triggering his “threat ganglia.” Hopefully the clip will be released officially later this week.




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