8 New Photos From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Ep. 4 – “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”

A bunch of new images from this weekend’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery were just released. The fourth episode of the new show has the extra-long title of “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry.”

Here is the official synopsis for the episode:

With tensions and stakes high as Starfleet continues in their efforts to end the war with Klingons, Burnham begins to settle in to her new position aboard the USS Discovery.

8 new photos

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Rekha Sharma as Commander Landry; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca

Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca

Doug Jones as Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Paul Stamets

Doug Jones as Saru

Mary Chieffo as L’Rell

Closer looks

Here are some details you can pick up by doing some zooming in on these photos.

USS Discovery dedication plaque – confirming it is Crossfield Class

A PADD used by Saru

An interesting alien science officer on USS Discovery 

Red Alert indication looks like same one used in TOS movie era

Detailed scans of the tardigrade captured in episode 3

Detail on L’Rell’s neckpiece


Video preview

If you missed it, we posted this video preview of episode 4 earlier this week.

Episode 4 will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, October 8 at 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, October 9 at 8 am BST.

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Never thought I’d see a tardigrade pop up in a work of fiction like this. These writers know some science, and I appreciate that a lot.


I’m just so disappointed.

Appropriating movie red alert graphics? A series, ship, and technology that look so completely out of place in this timeline? Holographic communicators? Why the hell did this need to be set as a prequel. It’s visually stunning, and completely insulting.

If this was set 20 years post nemesis, with a different ancient Klingon or Klingon-adjacent species, it would have leapt over these concerns, and been smooth sailing.

Such a shame…


Why not make the choice to stop being insulted? Just relax.

Curious Cadet

@Trekson — these aren’t legitimate concerns. It’s such a shame updating a 50 year old concept for modern audiences ruins your enjoyment of the series …

Trek fan 67

Discovery is a newer ship than Enterprise. It can look move advanced and more like the TMP era ships. Perhaps the holograms were a new tech that had too many glitches and they didn’t persue it. Remember… Discovery is fresh off the assembly line and the Enterprise has already been out there for a few years. All plausible in my opinion.


All good points. Maybe holagraphic communication is the future equivalent of 3D, just a fad that gets rolled out and reinvented every few decades.


I know this is crazy talk but there may be a lot of fans out there for who Star Trek gives them a sense of hope in a world that sometimes feels like it has gone mad. Maybe that is what it is all about and no matter what the graphics, sets and ships look like they still find that hopefulness.

ciuca mihai

I stand with you :)


It appears that USS Discovery is built after constitution class vessels, so movie era red alert klaxons are not unbelievable. The Enterprise has yet to be retrofitted.


Oh shut up and worry about something more important, you sad man.

Michael Hall

Wow. You’re personally insulted by this? For real?

You might consider what the real shame actually is.


Sorry that bothers you. Enjoy!

Francis Mondana

The tech and look of the show has to account for 50 years of reality. Taking TOS stuff and making it “retro” would have looked and felt horrible. Even “Enterprise” was advanced beyond TOS.
I’ve been around for the life of the franchise. Everytime a new Trek premieres some fans lose their freaking minds over every change. It’s not worth it and usually those folks end up wrong.
I thought TMP was going to be the greatest movie and TNG was going to suck. That’s why I stopped judgement calls based on trailers and stills.
Trek shouldn’t be venerated or an obsession. New approaches should happen.
Trek has spent too much effort with the “Roddenberry Rules”. Every series and even the movies eventually became stale with hackneyed plot devices inserted to get around those rules.
So, lighten up. New is good.


I totally agree Mr Mondana!

chris siegel

Amen. I look at every new series, movie, book, whatever is another artists rendition of the universe. This happens in other media all the time. How many different takes of Batman or Spidey have we seen? As long as the core of the franchise is there, it will work. Personally I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, and I think this whole season is going to become a cautionary tale against ‘not’ doing it the Federation way that we all know and love. As for Tech and whatever…yeah things change, and no, watching 50 years of shows are not going to line up looking the same chronologically. Also, especially when it comes to TOS canon is a terrible thing to hold on to. It is a leash, not a crutch. There was no continuity with the series – be it stardates, insignia,history…to be slavish to that is foolish for a creative. Make sure the big things line up…the rest can be safely ignored or replaced. Serialized franchises have grown over the past half a century, and what people expect now when it comes to continuity was a complete unknown to Trek in the 60s.


Well said. Imagine Christian Bale in Adam Wests batsuit!

Tay Dervis

Get over it dude. If this is a major concern in your life then things must be going well for you.

Scott Goldfarb

You are so right it is not even an arguable point. A human making a Vulcan nerve pinch? Runabouts or shuttle with faster than light capabilities? The end for me was the monster in the dark. These writers are clueless!


“Runabouts…with faster than light capabilities?” Dude, have you even seen any episode of DS9?

Trellium G

Why couldn’t a human, raised by Vulcans, learn the Vulcan nerve pinch? Captain Georgiou recovered so quickly from it, maybe Michael hasn’t completely mastered it,

I have always wondered why the shuttles in TOS had nacelles. Even if they never showed them going to warp in the series, I always just assumed they were capable of low warp. Maybe warp 1. If Cochran’s tiny ship, the Phoenix, was able to achieve low warp, then it would be logical to assume that a shuttle in the 23rd century could.


Shuttlecraft had warp capability, see the original series episode The Menagerie.


And just when I thought that -I- don’t have a life…

David E

LOL – nicely done.


The nicest thing I can say to this sad display of misguided indignation is that part of the beauty of Discovery’s visual design (ship, uniforms, sets) is that it manages to feel both modern *and* retro simultaneously. Utterly beautiful.

Maybe if Discovery succeeds, CBS will support a series set after TNG. But, either way, there are more important things in life to be insulted by.


I’m in the bracket of ‘this major advancement of technology has caused a war. We must go back to basics’.


Personally, I just set it within the Kelvin timeline and all is well. They can tell me it’s in the prime universe all day long, but it’s nothing more than ‘Trek reimagined” that fits nowhere in the fictional timeline presented over the last 50 years. And I’m totally ok with that…while the first 2 episode suffered from major suckage, the last one was really good.

Having said that, and having just watched The Ultimate Computer….there really is no reason to believe the Enterprise will not look exactly as it should, if it’s ever seen. One, Discovery is an experiment. So it’s design is atypical and not indicative of the rest of Starfleet. And two, there is a deliberate effort, in The Ultimate Computer, to point out that the Enterprise’s computers were revolutionary and designed by Dr. Daystrom. Everything we see on the Discovery could be nothing more than a 100 year progression from the tech seen on Enterprise. Perhaps Daystrom’s breakthrough advances in computers haven’t come to be yet. Starfleet adopting this new revolutionary form of computing and refitting the ships could easily explain away the drastic differences in controls and various interfaces.

Michael Hall

I have a good chiropractor who might be able to untwist those knots in your spine, if you’re interested. 😊


I agree Trekson. there is no way this show is in the continuity as TOS. Everything is too advanced. What was there? Two Starfleets with different ships and uniforms?
People whore their selves to the word Star Trek and lose all common sense. I believe in continuity and the ways things should be. What a waste. CBS wont get my money lol

Michael Hall

That’s one way of looking at it, and I do understand it. In 1974 or thereabouts I purchased a set of Fran’s Joseph’s hand-drawn Enterprise blueprints at Equicon–not the mass-market edition Ballantine Books marketed to great success a few years later, but the original set of 500. I followed that up with Joseph’s Starfleet Twchnical Manual, and the teenager who purchased those items and endlessly pored over them (when he probably should have been more concerned with his schoolwork and getting laid) would no doubt be as offended with the visual liberties Discovery is taking with canon as you appear to be. But as my bathroom mirror mercilessly reminds me, I’m no longer fifteen, and my primary interest these days would be in seeing if Trek is capable of presenting complex characters and moral choices in the storytelling modes appropriate to 2017, while ultimately reinforcing Gene Roddenberry’s hopeful vision of humanity’s future. Three episodes in I’m fairly reassured on the first two points; we’ll see about the third. That’s another way of looking at it.

Worst Series Ever !!


Remember how everyone loved 2009’s “Star Trek?” Is anyone still talking about it the way they still talk about everything ST that came before? No? The same will be true of this joke of a show.

Michael Hall

Could be. Of course, Tracy Torme said he doubted that TNG would be remembered for long, and he worked on it. For my part, the only thing I cared to discuss about Trek 2009 was how awful I thought it was. But I’ve seen more intelligent discussion about Discovery over the past two weeks, pro and con, than I’ve seen relating to Trek over the past decade. That’s something.


Still love ST09, still think it’s the best Trek movie.


No way does it beat TWOK.


Lol, I love TWOK as well. Interestingly that’s 3rd on the RT aggregate:


WOK is way overrated, IMO.


I notice the Discovery dedication plaque indicates it was built in San Francisco shipyards. That would at least cut against theories that it is a covert “Section 31” vessel. I doubt they would build such a ship in San Francisco.



Not really. The science ship & the research were co-opted by Starfleet for the war effort, and then they gave Lorca carte blanche.

In one of interviews that Isaacs gave last week he described Lorca’s authority in these terms:

“He’s good at war and he knows how to kill, and he’s been around death, so they go, “Do something. Here’s some technology we think it might lead to something.” But basically the kid gloves are off. “You have license here. We’re forgetting the Geneva Convention. All the normal rules of civil engagement are gone for you.”

That sounds a lot like a Section 31 operation.

Captain Ransom

Section 31 was a covert, secret division. I highly doubt they would be so “visible”.


The ship and all its crew don’t need to be Section 31. Just Lorca and a select few officers and security guards. Remember those odd black insignia badges….

Trek fan 67

Wearing black badges would stand out. That is probably a type of MAC unit. I think Section 31 operatives would be undercover and more discreet.


Yeah, true.


Probably a special forces of some kind. Which is not to say sec 31 wouldn’t use them for security or other sssognments.

NX Class

Can’t be special forces. Starfleet isn’t a military organization.



@Trek fan 67,

Well, Section 31 has its own uniform, a black one.

Sloan & his operatives were wearing black uniforms on DS9, and on ENT we met Harris another Section 31 operative who was also wearing a black uniform.

Captain Ransom

Yet neither were aboard a Starfleet ship in a different uniform than the rest of the crew. Malcolm was covert, worn the same uniform. No special uniform or delta shield. Sloan and his operatives worn a black uniform but were not serving on a same shop as regular Starfleet. They wouldn’t be that “in your face” for a secret division.


My thoughts would be sec31 wouldn’t be flying around on their own ships. They use operatives within star fleet to Co opt their ships.

Michael Hall

“San Francisco Fleet Yards,” aka “Not a Cornfield In Iowa.” Yes!

DS9 is King

I Hope The USS Discovery Runs into the Starship Enterprise sometime in the Future.


Its possible. But then again since they ruled out we would see Spock first season and he was aboard the Enterprise at this time so it may be tricky. And it may feel like a cheat to see the Enterprise but for some reason her brother isn’t around.


I’d be thrilled to just see the Enterprise fighting in an engagement with Klingons in a fleet battle. Maybe one of those “There’s another starship coming in… IT’S THE ENTERPRISE!” moments. We don’t even have to see them talk. Just drop out of warp and open fire. Talk about fan service!

chris siegel

It happens in the prequel novel.


Who did Insurance find to be at fault, Jose Tyler? Or whoever they had driving the -1031? (presumably the collision was not an Act of God, since we haven’t seen Q or a Metron yet.)


I have rewatched episode 1 and 2> I was so anxious and waiting for months for the show to air that when I saw it the first time around I felt like it was good but not more than that. I was anticipating and maybe got dissapointed. Now after rewatching it and knowing what was going to happen, I really watched it with no expectations and enjoyed it very much. I have come to two conclusions:

1- Yes the look is updated but it aint no star wars. the characters, the dialogue, the drama and their sens of duty. The ideaologie is very much STAR TREK. Its more serious and real but it fits todays standards. Evben in star trek there was war. Some fans tend to forget that. The only reason we got shitty action scenes was budget. Klingon and romulan war have always existed in Canon. Why not tell that story ?

2- The Klingon Look. There is much debate. After rewatching the first and second episode my opinion is that they look awesome. Some people hate change but the fact is that the make-up artist did one hell of a job. They look and feel very Alien. Not just a guy with someking of crack or bump on his forehead. Imagine if Klingons from TOS looked like Disc Klingons, and in 2017 you would have had TOS looking Klingons. It would have been awful. Even TNG Klingons looked like a human with ridges on their foreheads. But not these Klingons… they are really alien and Bravo to the discovery production team for takin risks.

Star trek is about beeing open, discovering new worlds and to boldly go where no one has gone before. I for one am keeping an open mind and looking forward to the rest of the season. Relax and enjoy the show or watch the Orville.


How sad…

Nothing matters anymore. Quality storytelling, and Star Trek history have fallen victim to lazy trolling and vapid fan service.
I shouldn’t be surprised.

You offend me!

Those of us who care will not forgive, or forget. Star Trek has become a joke. Star Wars at least tries to be faithful to the fans.

You lot are the worst of the worst.

We know what Star Trek was, and what it was meant to be. You should be ashamed defending this Trek in name only. It is Trek, dumbed down for idiots.



Do you really have any idea how silly that all sounds?


I’m just one of the countless fans who cared about every version Star Trek. You can insult us, demean us, and belittle us all you want. This series doesn’t make any sense! No amount of hostility and bullying will make you right. This show is poorly executed. They could have made some changes to improve it, but did not because they don’t really care about Star Trek.

Michael Hall

I gather you actually enjoy being insulted and belittled.

Denny C

You took the bait. Don’t encourage him.

Michael Hall

You’re right. I fall for it every time. If I’m going to be baited it should at least be over something more important than a TV space opera. My apologies.


Not bullying you, just asking if you actually hear yourself. Imagine you’re a person outside of your body, facing yourself. Now imagine hearing the stuff you’re saying. Does it sound reasonable?


I hope he keeps going. It’s been a long time since I’ve read such an entertaining troll.

Andorian Soup

This is some pretty serious trolling you’re up to there sir. I wonder what actually brings someone to spread so much negativity and hate among fans, on a website designed for fans? Please, just leave those of us who still enjoy Star Trek to debate among ourselves without having to read your angry diatribe.


Not taking any sides here, but maybe the guy is just not articulate enough to specify all the things he finds wrong with it in a way that will convince? I’m sure tons of people thought I was trolling when I went on incessantly about trek09’s failings, and elsewhere about CASINO ROYALE’s monumental failings, but the thing of it was, I wasn’t just doing a one-line snipe&run or just saying you’re all nuts without providing a context.

I took the time (probably too much time, given some of the responses I got) to give specific and detailed criticisms, and in some instances, also offered up alternatives that would have reduced or removed one or more of my issues with those films.

By doing this, I didn’t make myself any more friends and probably won only a handful of converts (most of whom didn’t acknowledge validity of my points for a couple or three years at least — it seemed like people only started seeing the value in my CASINO opinions after being disappointed by SKYFALL, which I also hated, these two probably more than any ‘serious i.e, non-Moore 007 film) … but you couldn’t legitimately dismiss my views as being troll-like, because it wasn’t a one-note thing or just a ‘because I think so.’

If somebody who hates or is violently disappointed by DSC wants to give a full account of what they see is wrong with it (and especially by how it could be improved, in ways other than ‘throw it away & start over’), that would add value to this page, for me at least.

I’m someone who decided he wasn’t going to spend money on the series before it even started, based on a variety of factors, most of which I’ve covered elsewhere; Then, based on the two/thirds of ep 1 I saw, I did not change my mind. But some commentary and revelations here about episode 3 have me seriously reconsidering my position … and I don’t do about-faces very often, lemme tell you.

To go all cornball for a moment, let me make the obvious and unsubtle conclusion that the CONCEPT of Trek “isn’t out there …. it’s in here, the human heart.” With that in mind, everybody’s unique perception is valid … it’s just the manner in which you present said perception that will matter to others.

Now I have to give myself some insulin to make up for all the sugar I just ingested while writing that post. (gonna try to cut back on negative posts and such, just to see if I can.)

Michael Hall

Really?! We’re “the worst of the worst”–I guess that puts us on par with Genghis Khan or Adolph Hitler–because we disagree with you over a fucking TV show? How IDIC of you.

Seriously, man, get help. Or, at the very least, try to do some growing-up.


Why are you people beating up on Trekson? Discovery is a beautifully illustrated PIECE OF GARBAGE. The silly, often juvenile humor on The Orville is easier to watch than Discovery.


Beeeeeeecause he can’t just let people enjoy something they enjoy?

Captain Ransom

Silly. Juvenile humor. Very true about Orville. That’s why I don’t like it. I feel like I wasted an hour of my life I’ll never get back.


Cool story, bro.


Hey, how did you get to use the ‘f’ word? Did the site reduce swearing restrictions because DSC can now use F-bombs? If so, this represents real progress (no sarcasm.)

The Lensman

No one cares. Star Trek dumped you years ago. Get some dignity and move on.


Sorry to ofend you! I can see it doesent take much. Your one of those Trek gods who knows what is Trek and how it should be. You wont give the show a chance? Fine! Dont watch it and stop coming here insulting people who do like the show. Im pretty sure alote of fans despised TNG back then and look what it became!

Yout right i am ashamed, ashamed of being a star trek fan reading some of these post. I love star trek since i was a kid. And at school i was the only one. Every other kid found start trek boring. I have every dvd and watched them many times. I know this show is different but it is well excuted, acting is solid and storytelling we shall see after the end of season one but there is potentiel here. Much more then TNG had in season 1

And I will enjoy, sorry you wont!


>You are the worst of the worst. You enjoy a show dumbed down for idiots. You offend me.

>No amount of hostility and bullying will make you right.

Pick one.


Does baby want his baba? Grab your blankie and take a nap. You’ll feel better.


It’s nice that the asylum allows you to use a computer.


It looks like L’Rell is on a Federation ship that has been destroyed (traces of ice in the Background?) maybe she is on the shenzou or on some other remote federation outpost?


That’s my thought, too. Plus I wonder when we’ll meet Mr. Mudd (trying to pillage a starship, perhaps?).


Fascinating read about tardigrades. There is even a connection to Alice in Wonderland in there:


I really want to know why the Spore Drive makes tardigrades gigantic and angry.

David E

Not understanding the clueless hate at all – only 3 episodes in and so far I’d give it a B+ Looking forward very much to seeing what they have in store.

Legate Damar

I’m glad the Klingons are back. I loved last weeks episode, but I was dissapointed by the lack of Klingons.


They dont need to be there all the time. Just the : Is he shushing you?” Made my day.


I’m really coming around to how intricate, detailed, and almost beautiful the Klingon designs are. I mean even if you don’t agree with the direction to change the look of them, the designs on their own are masterpieces.