Patrick Stewart Honored By San Diego Film Festival – Photos And Mini-Interview

On Thursday, the 16th annual San Diego International Film Festival featured a salute to Sir Patrick Stewart. The Star Trek: The Next Generation star was honored with the Gregory Peck Award for Excellence in Cinema. TrekMovie was there on the red carpet and got some photos with the actor and even had a brief moment to chat.

Patrick Stewart at San Diego Film Festival 2017

Sir Patrick on returning to Picard and ‘The Orville’

Branon Braga recently told us he didn’t think Nemesis was a proper send off for the Next Generation crew and he would like to see you back on the big screen. Would you be interested in returning to the role of Picard?

Tell him to call my manager.

You have a long relationship with with Seth MacFarlane, any chance you might join him on The Orville?

Again, same thing, it is out of my hands. But, yes I have been working with Seth for nearly twelve years on American Dad.

Have you had a chance to see The Orville?


It is very much like TNG.

He is probably the world’s biggest fan of The Next Generation.

Patrick Stewart talks to TrekMovie at San Diego Film Festival 2017

Nanjiani talks Trek and ‘After Trek’

Also being honored at SDFF was actor and screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Big Sick) who was being given the Auteur Award. Kumail is also a well-known genre fan and a long-time regular on the Nerdist podcast and TV show along with Matt Mira, host of the new Star Trek: Discovery after-show After Trek. We had a quick moment to talk to Nanjiani about Trek and Matt’s new show.

Kumail Nanjiani at San Diego Film Festival 2017

Word is that you are a Star Trek fan.

I do love Star Trek, but I haven’t caught Discovery yet….I am a little nervous to watch since it is the first Star Trek thing in a while since the movies, which I loved. So, I hope it is good. I have heard it is really good. I like all the actors in it. I am going to wait a little bit until they have a few episodes and then watch it.

And then maybe you will show up on After Trek?

My friend Matt Mira hosts and they they wanted me on it, but I couldn’t do it. I would love to do the show once I am caught up. I am a big, big Star Trek geek.

What’s it like to be here on the red carpet with Patrick Stewart?

It’s very overwhelming. I hadn’t met him before but he tweeted that he really liked Silicon Valley and tagged me and I took a picture of it and sent it to my parents and everyone I know. It was so exciting.

Kumail Nanjiani talks to TrekMovie about Star Trek at SDFF 2017

More photos from SDFF 2017 Red Carpet


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Patrick Stewart straight up g

Those rumours of a cameo appearance for Mr. Stewart are obviously wrong then, as he sort of confirmed in this interview that he does not have a role in the show – as yet anyway.

Interesting that he said Brannon Braga should call his manager regarding a possible fifth TNG film. Is he sort of opening the door, to doing it?

Congratulations to Mr. Stewart!

I’d love to see him reprise his iconic role as captain Picard in a TV miniseries.