EXCLUSIVE: Mary Wiseman On How Tilly Is Revealed As Best Theoretical Engineer On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

TrekMovie had the chance to speak with always enchanting Mary Wiseman, who portrays the always enchanting Cadet Sylvia Tilly on Star Trek: Discovery, on the red carpet at the New York PaleyFest. She told us how she sees herself in Cadet Tilly, how Tilly, as the “best theoretical engineer on the ship”, becomes an integral member of the crew, and how her character brings levity to Discovery.

Watch the full interview and highlights below.

Mary Wiseman sees herself in Tilly

Fans have really taken a liking to Cadet Tilly as someone they can see themselves in. She’s smart and caring and just a little bit awkward. Mary Wiseman agrees and told TrekMovie that she sees a lot of herself in the character.

“I see a lot of myself in Tilly. Everything! Her excitement is unstoppable even when she requires some level of decorum. It feels so easy coming out of me because that’s how I feel being on the show. I totally get it that audience members see themselves in her, too. She’s great. She’s extraordinary and she’s everybody.”

Cadet Tilly is a whip-smart, integral member of the crew

Tilly may seem aloof and ditzy, but she is actually “whip-smart”, according to Wiseman. It turns out, Tilly is actually the best theoretical engineer on the ship, and her skillset becomes an important addition to the Discovery crew, making her an important part of the ship and its mission.

“She’s the best theoretical engineer on the ship. Since it’s Discovery, you can assume she’s pretty high up there just Starfleet wide. Yeah, she’s wicked smart. She’s whip-smart… You’ll see in later episodes you really get to see how capable she is and how her mind works.

The best part about that is she is super super smart but doesn’t necessarily come in the container that you expect. She’s goofy and excited and silly, but she’s whip-smart. ”

Wiseman’s favorite scenes are a little bit silly

When asked about her favorite scenes to film, Wiseman admitted that she loves any time Tilly can bring a bit of levity to the Discovery crew.

“There are so many fun ones. But, any time we get to be a little bit silly is really fun. There’s a scene coming up in a couple episodes where Michael is sort of mentoring Tilly. And, Tilly is, you know, staying in pace with [Michael], but she can’t quite keep up and is very intimidated and overwhelmed by Michael’s precision and determination. We got to have a lot of laughs that day. You’ll see, it’s kind of fun.”

More from PaleyFest to come

TrekMovie has more interviews with Discovery cast from PaleyFest NY 2017. These will be posted over the next few days so stay tuned.

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