‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Cast Share Behind Scenes Photos From 25th Anniversary Photoshoot

January 2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Variety held a photoshoot today to prepare for what will apparently be some special coverage of the anniversary and some of the cast and and creatives who were on hand shared some preview photos.

On hand were Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Ira Steven Behr (EP), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko), Michael Dorn (Worf), Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax), Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax), Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt), Rick Berman (EP), Penny Johnson Jerald (Kasidy Yates), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), and Chase Masterson (Leeta). Main cast members Avery Brooks (Capt. Sisko), Colm Meaney (Chief O’Brien) and Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir) were apparently not at the shoot. Nor were recurring actors Andrew Robinson (Garak), Max Grodénchik (Rom) or  Rosalind Chao (Keiko O’Brien). 

Some of the assembled cast and creatives shared tweets from the photoshoot.

Terry, Jeffrey Ira, Michael, Penny and Rene.

Berman and Shimerman.

Combs and Alaimo.

Penny shares a selfie with Michael and Rick.

Terry and fiance Adam Nimoy.

Cirroc and Aron.

Behind the scenes from Nicole.

Michael and Nana.

UPDATE: Will have to wait for the real thing

Original version of this article included a preview of a Variety photo of the cast shared by Rene Auberjonois, but at the request of Variety he removed it. TrekMovie has also removed the photo at the request of Variety.



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I SOOO miss this show. Am happy that I worked on the Paramount Pictures lot while it was filming and even had the privilege of being in the Tribbles episode. Such a kind and fun cast!

That’s great. I was in Mike Okuda’s workshop when they were making the bridge control panels for Kirk’s Enterprise. He told me they were recreations for a museum exhibit. I only figured out he lied when I saw the promos for the Tribbles episode. He had to keep it top secret. I used to sit in the Defiant captain’s chair when the set was dark. It was covered in plastic and I barely moved so it wouldn’t make noise. I might have pilfered a dabo chip or two from the bar set. Shhh! I just can’t believe it was so long ago.

Bob, I am Orion-green with envy. That must have been so much fun!

After so many years of not seeing this cast very often, seeing the top photo is quite intriguing.

This was very cool and run a smile to my face

How wonderfully heartwarming! They look like they’re having a family reunion.


Such a great show. :)

Seeing these Trek Icon’s together again get’s me all emotional. I so miss these actors, and have nothing but praise for all the hard work, and dedication they put into their roles. I never met any of them, but I remember I couldn’t wait to get home from work and be with my 24th century family, out in deep space. That show made life worth living on those dark, rainy, sometimes lonely days.
I love DS9

12/20/14-1/15/16 I was going through an Extremely Difficult Time! I had Lost my Home and was in the Process of Losing Everything! I Binged watched Every Episode from “Emmisary” Through “What You Leave Behind” 4 To 5 Times! DS-9 Helped get me Through Those Dark Days!!

I hope there isn’t anything wrong with Avery Brooks, I never seem to see him in these social gatherings of the DS9 group. I know Colm Meaney and Alexander Siddig are busy filming new shows, but I wonder why Avery Brooks rarely attends these events.

He seems to be living in another dimension these days…

Maybe Mr. Brooks, in addition to teaching, prefers the company of family. Or perhaps his free time is limited.

He’s the Emissary! He’s a very busy man doing um er Emissary things!

He is helping behind the scenes with the new documentary. I think he’s staying out of the limelight for personal reasons. He did mention in one interview that he didn’t want a lot of attention on him.

Brooks seemed happy to go back to his stage career after DS9 ended. He doesn’t do press or conventions, saying he’s said everything he has to say about it.
Was he even in LV last year?
His input to the upcoming doc is limited to archival interview footage.

I know the first couple of seasons were a bit rough for Brooks, and he was much happier when they finally let him shave his head (don’t underestimate such specific physical demands like than can make on an artist).
But I never got the feeling he spent 7 years hating the experience.
Perhaps the interviews in the doc will reveal something.

Still, I wish he was in these photos. I’m glad for everyone who made it, esp Aron Eisenberg.

I think Sisko was the best captain so far.
Sisko was a Builder.
Starfleet when he had to be, Not-Starfleet when he had to be. No other captain was shown doing so much of the hard day-to-day work of commanding people, and Sisko did it so well.
He went toe-to-toe with duplicitous Kais, shifty Vortas, needy and deluded Guls, the Dominion, and his own people without missing a beat- and he punched Q in the nose, showing you simply do not mess with The Sisko.

Sisko seems like the best developed character of any of the captains. We got to know his family life, his professional life, and his inner self. Brooks assayed Sisko brilliantly.

Agreed. And he shares with Sir Pat the distinction of a beautiful speaking voice. Mmm-mmm-mm!

He seems to have withdrawn from Hollywood and mostly from public life in general. Hopefully he is happy and doing well in whatever he is doing.

He is Professor Brooks. Perhaps he likes his privacy. :)

I think he is busy nurturing [ahem] the next generation[s]. Spirituality and improvisation and music seem very important to him from what I saw in his conversation with Shatner in “The Captains.” I saw him as a Life Master in c/w Shatner.

Yeah I was a little concerned by his conspicuous absence too. He used to get so much criticism back in the day, but I always loved him and thought he brought so much to the part, particularly as the series went on.

I wonder if anybody has ever had the thought that Ira Steven Behr, he of three names, always, always, wears sunglasses, that hat, and the blue beard, and wondered if it was the slightest bit pretentious or affected. Probably not.

He’s explained the blue beard. He was given an office in the corporate wing of the studio and wanted to stand out, and also wanted to seem cool to his kids.

Piller always had a hat on too. Maybe it’s a hair loss thing, I dunno.

Piller was very Ron Howard like with the ballcaps, I imagine it is definitely a hair-loss thing. Then again, years after I heard he was using minoxdyl to regrow his hair, when first hearing of his death, my first thought was, did the hair growth stuff give him cancer? And (a few) people wonder why I don’t go to more parties …

Its an american thing!

Dave Filoni on Star Wars with that ridiculous, but strangly cool, cowboy hat…

God I miss both this show and cast so much. I don’t know if we will ever get a Trek show like DS9 ever again. I like Discovery so far but it still has a long way to get to this kind of show.

DS9 just hit all the right buttons for me. I’m still amazed at all the great stories that show did. I really wish we could get a 2 hour movie, even if just a TV one to see what happened with everyone. And I am definitely buying the documentary.

I agree about nothing topping DS9 for me at least. The characters always felt “real” to me. I enjoy the other Trek shows but I don’t connect to the characters in quite the same way. Speaking of the things DS9 did well….I think their serialized storylines flow so much better than Discovery’s does. Which surprises me because the producers of DS9 have admitted that they never expected it to get as serialized as it did. Where as the Discovery writers started out with that attention. Maybe it’s first season problems? On a side note thanks for this article DS9 doesn’t always get the love it deserves and it’s nice to see it get some for its anniversary.

I doubt Ira Steven Behr, he of three names, would have said he wears sunglasses, a blue beard, and that particular, hat all the time, for absolutely no reason or motivation whatsoever. But in my humble opinion, his answer does not eliminate the possibility that it might be the slightest bit pretentious or affected to do so. Just the slightest bit, of course.

Not really pretentious to do something that you feel like doing. I see people with colored hair all of the time, often with some sort of accessory somewhere on them (hat, scarf, etc). I’m guessing he did it once, on a lark, then realized he felt like “himself” when he was like that.

No motivation? Have you met him or his family?I gave not. Maybe he likes how he looks with the hat, glaases and beard. Or maybe he is bald and tbat is why he wears the hat. How doeshis personal style bother you??

Please CBS, can I have a HD remaster Blu-ray box? PLEASE! P-L-E-A-S-E!! I’ll give you my firstborn. Or my wife. Or both including my dog and my goldfish Livingston. ;-)

Agreed !!! With the technology today why hasn’t this show been remastered ?


As Niall states below: $$$. More specifically, the TNG HD remaster on Blu-ray didn’t sell near as well as they hoped. No doubt this was partially due to exorbitant pricing, but it sold what it sold. That, more than anything else, killed the possibility for remastering DS9.

If they need to rebuild so much of it, then do it in 4K and let it be the first Trek Set released in 4K.
DS9 is the best, in my humble opinion, of the trek shows. although it has some tough competition.

Yeah we need DS9 as HD remaster ASAP!

Best of The Trek series. But come on Mr Brooks…really ?

Reconnecting with this series after many MANY years. Just started season seven so it’s winding down. Still my favorite. This article was a real treat.

Wow this really is like seeing old friends again. Great photos!

All looking cooler than ever. Love Dorn’s Cardigan – a warrior’s garment!

Agreed. He’s a beautiful man; a warrior-poet.

Looking at the cast, I’m more than convinced the next Trek movie should be a mixed cast (TNG/DS9/Voyager) project. It won’t need to cost much for cast salaries and can focus more on production value.

A made for TV movie, or mini-series would be outstanding. You could have the Enterprise E show up with Worf as Captain. (Picard would be teaching at the academy as the new commandant)
Sisko can be retired, living in his home on Bajor where he performs marriages, and other Emissary duties.
We can see the new DS9 with Ro Larin as station commander. You can even include Admiral Janeway, and other Voyager cast.
Such a mini-series would breathe life into the franchise and be a lot of fun.
I know it will never happen, but man would that be cool.

Starfleet sure gives all those federation terrorist blower uppers/Maquis folks big positions. Ro, station commander, Chakotay, Captain of Voyager etc.

I hope Avery is okay I know back in 2012 he was arrested for DUI so hope nothings wrong especially with how he acted in the Captains documentary

Avery has always been one foot in another astral plane. He’s more than earned his retirement, so I will miss him in the DS9 documentary but will simultaneously wish him well.

Oh, dear me! Perhaps that was before “The Captains” documentary? Because he seemed very spiritual with his head on straight in that interview.

They. look. GREAT! Come on CBS All Access, you’re throwing $100 million+ at Discovery–how about a few mil to remaster DS9 in high def? Waaaaay past time to see this show as it was meant to be seen.

It cost around $70,000 per episode to remaster TNG. That comes out to over $12,000,000. I’m guessing that doesn’t count the actual disc mastering and packaging and promotion. So, not exactly a drop in the bucket. That price has probably only gone up since then, not to mention that a 4k workflow would be much more expensive and DS9 had a lot more CGI work than TNG, which would mostly need to be re-created from scratch (I don’t believe they have the original files anymore).

That said, I still think they should do it. :-)

I’m not sure a 4K work flow would make much sense for DS9. Even ignoring the higher costs, the quality gain would probably be minimal. DS9 was shot on film, but it was intended for SD post production and broadcast so they probably didn’t use the highest quality filmstock to shoot on. They may also not have used lenses designed for 4K. So even if you scan the film negative at 4K you don’t get more detail. You only get more noise.
As for the CGI work: Some years ago there was a rumor that at least some of the original CGI files still exist. There were even some test renders at HD resolution to prove that the models may hold up. I think the rumor surfaced again in the context of the DS9 documentary.

Has it even been confirmed that Discovery is produced at 4K? Some months ago somebody guessed from a behind-the-scenes shot showing one of the cameras that they are shooting at a lower resolution than 4K.

Easily my favorite Trek series. I was watching all Trek yesterday afternoon and I smiled when I went from the finale of DS9 to Discovery’s latest episode. Disco feels like the child of my favorite Trek series and I can’t wait until the doc comes out. Such a great time to be alive!

The Greatest. Period.

A beautiful picture of a great show.

CBS & Paramount missed a great opportunity in the 50th anniversary, they should have done something like ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. Make a movie/ TV miniseries where they bring back some members from the different Trek shows in an epic story that celebrate the franchise.

was chase masterson cropped out of this photo?


That’s weird. Last night when the article was published Chase Masterson was still in the group photo, not sure why she was removed.

She was definitely there yesterday.


Re: was chase masterson cropped out of this photo?

Obviously. But it’s archived so its readily retrievable and I can attest that she’s there in the original.

Could have sworn that earlier today Chase Masterson was in this photo….

Any particular reason you guys chose to cut Chase Masterson out of the cast photo? I have some ideas, and they have a lot to do with sexism and misogyny.

Don’t worry. She’s in the alternate universe version of the photo.

Why is Leeta’s actress in the preview image and on the Twitter page, but cut out of the image and cutline on the article?

Rick Berman doesn’t look like he’s having much fun. LOVED seeing this though. Ridiculous how much it warmed my heart. I adored DS9, even though back then I often felt like I was the only one who did until latter seasons. It helped me through a difficult adolescence, and these guys were like friends and role models to me.

I’m always happy to see these people.

Best Star Trek spinoff ever.

Gimme whatever ya got that’s DS9!! Been a lifelong Trek fan and a DS9 fan(atic) … I’m deliriously happy here!

nice to see aron looking healthy.