Isaacs Talks ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Script Changes + Sharma Talks Lorca Love And Possible Return

Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery

Today’s update has a couple actors from the show talking about changes made to scripts along with some reveals about their characters. We also have some bonus links with some analysis from the media along with show writers talking about their favorite classic Trek episodes.

Isaacs talks early script changes and why Lorca keeps his damaged eyes

Talking to Den of Geek about his role in the film The Death of Stalin, things turned to Star Trek: Discovery and specifically about how things changed early on. Isaacs revealed the chaotic nature of scripts for the episode that introduced his Captain Lorca (“Context Is for Kings”):

Well, they gave me three scripts [for episode 3]. They said, “They’re sending you three scripts. You’ve been offered the Captain in Star Trek, but it’s not about the Captain this time.” And I go, “Alright, let’s have a look.” And they go, “Just so you know, the character’s not in the first two.” I go, “Oh, okay.” And they go, “And the third one’s gonna change completely, so ignore anything in it.” I went, “So what the fuck exactly am I looking at?” And they went, “No, good point. Good point.”

The actor also talked about the revelation in episode 5 that Lorca killed his crew from his command before the USS Discovery, resulting in his eye injury:

That weighs very, very heavily on him. There’s a reason why he didn’t have an eye transplant, which he could have had. He wants those eyes. He wants those eyes that saw that, as a legacy

Lorca’s eyes are a reminder

Landry/Lorca cut, but will Landry return?

Speaking of script changes, Rekha Sharma talked to the official Star Trek site about her character Commander Landry, and she confirmed that the subtext of a relationship between Landry and Lorca was more explicit originally, noting:

I think it’s OK to say that it was actually in the script, and it ended up getting cut: We were sleeping together.

Even though her character was killed by Ripper in episode 4, it is Star Trek so could we see her again? Sharma was cagey, but seemed to imply there may be more to see:

Well, you know how much I like Star Trek, so of course I’m hopeful. You have to keep watching. It’s kind of more exciting to die in the genre, because there’s so many people on Twitter and Instagram coming up with all these wonderful, creative ideas because they know the show so deeply. They’re trying to figure out ways for Landry to come back.

Originally this scene between Landry and Lorca wasn’t so subtle


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Landry wasn’t a nice person, but I love the actress who played her. If they come up with a halfway plausible way to have her back, I’m in.

Me too. I liked her. I even liked the fact she was so one dimensional because it implied a lot of opportunity to expand her character.

Really. Why hire such a good actress, and one with a much SF cred as Sharma has, to just kill her off after an episode-and-a-half? No doubt the producers considered it “shocking,” and it was, but only in the sense that it was a shocking bad idea, creatively.

Well ylu never know. Maybe they “keep” the Mirror version. Or her death was faked…

I agree that Landry was a missed opportunity. Its even worse now that we know she had some more background that what appeared on screen. Granted, sleeping with Lorca may not seem like much, but I always thought they seemed like kindred spirits. Both tough as nails people who represented a more militaristic version of Starfleet. It’s too bad the producers chose to kill her off in a stupid way that seemed unbelievable for a character with the experience she would have had given her rank. Too say nothing of the fact that she was the first female security chief since Tasha Yar and they both died terrible on screen deaths. I hope to see her in the mirror universe episodes as well.

It was a sad attempt at being Game of thronse-y

That’s my thought too. Which just didn’t work at all due to the character and show being too new. No connection.

Yeah, Landry was a moron but Rekha Sharma is an angel.

I’m guessing a Mirror Universe Landry will appear at some point. But will she be a nicer person in that one??

Yeah thats what I figure. Maybe they cut the overt relationship aspects so that it was something meatier for the Mirror episodes.

Along with Mirrior Georgiou with an eyepatch or something else badass!

Landry was seemingly the captain’s confidante and ally. It was a mistake killing her off.