Paramount Auctioning Props And Costumes From ‘Star Trek (2009)’ And ‘Into Darkness’

An auction of original props, costumes and decoration pieces from the 2009 Star Trek movie and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness has been set for early December. Paramount Pictures is working with Prop Store who will be holding a live auction on Saturday, December 2nd with over 400 lots from J.J. Abrams first two Star Trek ‘Kelvin timeline’ movies.

Included in the auction will be original USS Enterprise uniform costumes for the main crew, including a Captain Kirk command uniform (estimated to sell for $5,000 – $10,000), Mr. Spock science uniform (Est. $8,000 – $12,000, includes  Starfleet Phaser, Holster Belt and Communicator) and Lieutenant Uhura’s operations uniform (Est. $4,000 – $6,000). Dr. McCoy’s sciences uniform (Est. $4,000 – $6,000 / £3,100 – £4,600), Scotty’s operation uniform (Est. $3,000 – $5,000) and Sulu’s command uniform (Est. $3,000 – $5,000). These uniforms were seen in both the 2009 Star Trek film and 2013’s Into Darkness before there was a redesign for 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

Details on the Kirk uniform costume from Paramount/PropStore auction

A number of  Star Trek Into Darkness costumes are going up for auction, including Khan’s Kronos costume (Est. $4,000 – $6,000), Captain Kirk’s wetsuit (Est. $3,000 – $5,000), Admiral Pike’s stunt conference uniform (Est. $1,500 – $2,500), Khan’s distressed trash barge fight costume (Est. $4,000 – $6,000), Admiral Marcus’ Vengeance uniform (Est. $2,000 – $3,000), and a Klingon Guard uniform with helmet (Est. $5,000 – $7,000). 

Star Trek Into Darkness costumes up for auction

Props up for auction include SFX Electronic Starfleet Phaser (Est. $5,000 – $10,000), Starfleet Tricorder and Holster (Est. $3,000 – $5,000) and Starfleet Communicator ($1,500 – $2,500).  You can even pick up Mr. Spock’s Light-Up Cold Fusion Device and Accessories (Est. $4,000 – $6,000) from Star Trek Into Darkness.

Detail on Spock Cold Fusion prop

‘Beyond’ not part of auction

According to a press release, the lots “are all authentic pieces used in the making of the current series of Star Trek films, and have been in storage with the studio since production [on Into Darkness] ended in 2012.” No items used for the most recent production (2016’s Star Trek Beyond) are being made available for auction.

Brandon Alinger, Prop Store COO, commented on the upcoming auction: “Prop Store is thrilled to be working with Paramount on the official auction for Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. The 2009 film was a brilliant reboot of the series and both it and Star Trek Into Darkness are highly regarded by fans, including all of us at Prop Store. We expect to see strong interest in all of the auction content, but especially items like the Enterprise costumes, Starfleet props, and Klingon-related lots—the majority of which have never been available to the public before. It’s a good time to be a Star Trek fan.”

Klingon costume up for auction

Preview and catalog

A selection of highlights from the Star Trek movie auction will be on display in an auction preview exhibition at Prop Store’s offices in Valencia, CA from Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December. The exhibition is open to the public and free-to-enter.

Auction lots can be viewed in a free-to-download PDF catalog which will be made available on Thursday, November 2nd.  A 248-page “lavish” printed catalog will also be made available for purchase for $45. You can pre-order it now.

Auction catalog

December 2nd Auction

The auction begins at 11:00am PST on Saturday 2nd December 2017.  The auction is a no-reserve sale meaning all final bidding prices are determined solely by bidding activity. In addition to live bidding, out-of-town fans can participate via telephone or online. Lots can be viewed and bidders can register to participate at:



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Wonder if this means no more Kelvin timeline films if the props are being auctioned off :)

Unclear. Though they rebuild the sets for every movie regardless and Beyond had new uniforms which it sounds like they’re keeping.

They changed everything for Beyond, so……no?

New uniforms were designed for Beyond and with the a new Enterprise come new set pieces. They’re cleaning out the warehouse.

The new “A” exists only as a CGI model…no sets shown…

Um… DUH… they made new costumes for “Beyond”… how is it NO ONE realized this before responding?!?!?

Dog pile!


@Sibock — they replaced all the costumes in TOS season 3, and yet McCoy wears an old uniform in “The Empath”. Extras can wear the old uniforms in deep background. Not to mention, they might flash back to an earlier period, which sounds quite likely given that Abrams announced Kirk’s father would make a reappearance. So, yeah, people thought about it, and this is potentially a telling development.

Studios are pretty thrifty – new design for Beyond or not, this is all stuff that the general look fills out background characters nicely. They are getting rid of it because they don’t plan on using it ever again.


Yep. If 4 does get greenlit through some miracle, apparently when Kirk’s father returns he’ll be using time travel technology from Paramount’s Terminator movies?

This appears to be the props and uniforms from the first two films, which ad a different style from Beyond.


Absolutely none of BEYOND’s style props and uniforms would have any business being used by Hemsworth’s (known to be on contract for 4) Kirk. Ergo, he pops up ala Terminator time travel tech.

This should be great for fans with some cash!
Any chance we could have some actual ST4 news paramount?

Paramount is trying to collect money for a new film by selling off old props and costumes ;-)

I’d look for an early 2018 announcement. The DISCO 2nd season announced, its an semi-obvious window of opportunity.

This is ST4 news – by starting to sell everything, Paramount isn’t planning any new episodes soon.


I agree, but it’s probably less an attempt to raise funds and more an attempt to stop hemorrhaging them in the wake of SUBURBICON’S tanking.

Although, I suppose if by some miracle the auction were to raise 100s of millions dollars it would be a good indication as to whether Bad Robot’s Trek film market is viable in terms of Paramount’s needs; so it’s possible it serves multiple purposes?

I liked the 2009 uniforms better than those in Beyond. The shoulder pads were awkward.

Agreed. Also, visible zipper.

Really? I thought the 09 uniforms looked untailored and fit like a grocery bag.

That was my feeling as well. And I really, REALLY liked the collar of the Beyond uniforms. The material looked better as well.

Going out of business sale! ;)

I did background work for the 2009 film. I wonder if they’ll sell any of the background cadet uniforms. I *think* mine was labeled M100 (yes, I wondered about who got the M113 uniform).

To bad they aren’t giving you a crack at it…

If there is to be a 4th installment of the Kelvin universe I suspect it will only include Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, with Sulu and Uhura doing small parts if any. It will be difficult to get Zoe for Uhura with her schedule booked for the next 6 years, and I believe Paramount will want to rectify the split universes with a mission that will bring them together- along with the revelation that George Kirk was abducted by a cloaked Klingon bird-of-prey in the last seconds before the Kelvin collided with the Nirada. If so, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy will go against orders, steal the Enterprise, and set out on a mission to save Kirk’s father, steal back the Genesis device from the Romulan’s, while Spock begins peace talks with the Klingon’s.
That’s how I see it played out, but I’m certain you could think of a dozen scenario’s of your own.

Ugh. I hope they come up with something better than the abduction. I’d rather see something more along the lines of Yesterday’s Enterprise, with Kirk realizing he has to send his father and the Kelvin to meet their JJ destiny and secure his timeline (it’s worth remembering that while the JJ movies are a tangent to us from the original show, as far as the movie’s characters are concerned, these movies are their reality), but I can’t see these movies being able to pull off something that powerful. They’ll probably just use the Beastie Boys to restore the timeline instead…

I probably worded that last comment really badly. Sorry.

Take #2: Ugh. I hope they come up with something better than the abduction. I’d rather see something more along the lines of Yesterday’s Enterprise, with Kirk and co traveling back in time, encountering the Kelvin, stopping the events of the ’09 movie from happening but then realizing he has to inevitably send his father and the Kelvin to meet their JJ destiny and secure his timeline (it’s worth remembering that while the JJ movies are a tangent to us from the original show, as far as the movie’s characters are concerned, these movies are their reality), but I can’t see these movies being able to pull off something that powerful. They’ll probably just use the Beastie Boys to restore the timeline instead…

Wait, you think she will film avatar for 6 years?^ From what Cameron said, at best the actors will be busy for one year (starting from now), probably not continuous time, and the sequels are filmed back to back. It is the post production that takes a lot of time but by then, the actors are free.

You could say the only ones required are Pine and Quinto since they are the only protagonists (and the ones that, it seems, they already secured with a contract) , but if I were them I wouldn’t test their ability to bring people in the seats alone. They are no A list sadly. Assuming they even make a fourth movie, you’d guess they don’t want it to flop, and if k/s wouldn’t be enough, it figures if Urban is. For them, his face isnt even useful for the posters and promotional stuff. They need Zoe more than Urban. Not only she’s a bigger star, but she’s the female lead and the third lead of JJ’s trek, not Mccoy (who is just another white dude adding nothing to a franchise that already has white dudes protagonists. The fanboys love him because he impersonates DeForest and, unlike the others, adds nothing new to the character – which is perfect for fans who want them to be stuck in the 60s and ignore it’s another reality anyway)

“I believe Paramount will want to rectify the split universes with a mission that will bring them together”

Why on earth would paramount want to do that and delete their own trek? It makes zero sense narrative wise and financially.

There is nothing to rectify. The reboot is an alternate reality full of potential, and with more freedom than Discovery probably has.
You can’t bring the universes together, that’s not how quantum realities work. For the 9765542798656788 time: Tos, the reality where Spock prime came from, is still there and is still happening like before (you just know that at one point after tos and all the movies, original spock got to see another reality and that’s where he died. His past is the same though) there is nothing to restore. There could be tons of different realities like the reboot one that are parallel to tos but different. The concept isn’t new to trek, and it’s currently being used in the kelvin timeline comics too (I guess some of you can’t read those comics or your mind will explode with all these realities to “fix” because they aren’t like tos)

It boggles my mind that some guys here can accept Discovery retconning 50 years of tos canon, but still can’t accept the changes in the reboot, in spite of them literally saying that it’s another reality and no retcon. 8 years later and still this insistence that the reboot must be like tos, that they need to “restore” the timeline (seriously, is it really so hard to understand it’s different realities???), which is all the more ridiculous after Discovery now when not even tos is like tos anymore.

Fans ostensibly wanting this trek to be stuck in the past, and make tos its hindrance instead of a healthy connection and homage, basically ( which resulted in the creative team desperately trying to placate them) is one of the things that has ruined, and possibly killed, this reboot the most.

Oh, good. I bought a captain’s shirt from the new movies at a Halloween store years ago, but now I’m too fat for it. I guess I’ll have to buy one of the real props now.

A new movie is unlikely. With so much speculation as to how Discovery fits in, it’s nonsensical to have two separate and disconnected time lines running concurrently to one another. Plus, the movie franchise has been a financial flop by today’s standards. There’s no money in movies for them at this point.

Your average movie goer wouldn’t know or care they were different.

There better be another Kelvin-movie, or two. Mr. Abrams’ films finally got Star Trek right for the first time in a long time.

I’d also check your math on those grosses; particularly in the case of (in my opinion) the best of them (and along with WOK and TVH, the best of the ST movies) INTO DARKNESS. Additionally, money-wise, believe me, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that even interested movie-goers will never know (i.e.. its pretty naive to think that Paramount and the assortment of other corporations involved in, say, backing STAR TREK BEYOND would spend the money they do to make and promote their movie if they were’t pretty much assured a return on their investment; a great film like BLADE RUNNER 2049, critically applauded and a likely award winner but considered a financial “flop,” will turn up with a very nice return on the investment for each of the half a dozen corporations involved in its creation after all is said and done).

And the Abrams’ TREKs have been quite well-received critically and with audiences, and within the “industry” (the more hopelessly unimaginative readers and commenters here at TREKmovie notwithstanding; I’ve seen such mindless hate generated for a creative effort).

Magic blood, white British Khan, plotholes a plenty with Vengeance and Australian Carol Marcus, ripping off WoK, etc. Even Paramount’s piss poor marketing couldn’t do as much damage to this series as Into Darkness did. Completely killed the enthusiasm for Beyond and anything going forward.

Hardly. I could argue each of your “flaws” with eloquence but I don’t have time at present. I will take the time to correct one of your many mistaken thoughts: Carol Marcus in ID is British, not Australian (Jesus!) just as is the terrific actress who plays her (and hopefully will return), Ms. Alice Eve.

Beyond was clearly not the blockbuster that its two preceding films were, though in the broader sense it was a moneymaker, but that had nothing to do with ID; in fact, it’s clear Paramount caved to the fanboy hate (being their baseline market) and simply ignored the events of ID (to its detriment; BEYOND, while a good movie, had a basic creative flaw at its core (which I’d be more than happy to explain some time) and, personally, if I were writing and/or directing Kelvin film 3, I’d have made a standalone film to draw the wide mainstream, but also have the plot take off directly from ID which set up a third film pretty durn flawlessly. It was bad marketing that blunted BEYOND’s reach, plain and simple (which is mind boggling when it was released in time for ST’s 50th year); I had many different friends, non-ST fans (they liked it and knew it, but weren’t die-hards) who asked me all that summer when that next ST movie was going to be released; specifically, the follow-up to ID which, I’d say almost to a person, they’d loved.

About to sign off – – but had to comment on 2 other of your points: as someone of mixed races, I am sick of the largely stupid criticism called “whitewashing” – – Mr. Abrams simply chose the best actor he saw for the role (and who gave a hell of a good performance), as well he should have. An actor who, like the aforementioned Ms. Eve, was clearly on the rise and, in his case, already popular for his television work; and it’s a tired point to make, but despite his “skin color,” Ricardo Montalban was aboutan as east Indian Sikh as my aunt Mavis, and he spoke not like someone from northern Indian but with his own natural Spanish-tinged accent.

– – point 2; I am sick to death of beating down and having to reveal the sheer dumbness of the argument that ID is a “rip-off” of WOK. People who think that seem to me as they didn’t really watch the movie and certainly didn’t extend much thought about it afterward. If ideas like post-modernism, the fates we make, and the unique intertwined relationship of spectacle and the “intimate” don’t mean much to you (and they do to me), I have to point out that the actual plots, the storylines of ID and WOK have almost nothing to do with each other. And when they do converge at the “radiation” chamber near the end, setting off the climax? Here the film is clearly and, I think, quite brilliantly, making use of our familiarity with WOK to express the idea (made possible by the “alternate/semi-parallel” reality in which it takes place) that in no matter what universe, Kirk and Spock would each similarly sacrifice their selves for the other (the friendship theme that runs throughout, finding clear-eyed resolution) as well as for their ships and their crews. (Kirk’s sacrifice also making for a really beautiful, if temporary, end note for his psychological arc through the movie that deals with what being a Captain, a leader of others, takes and really means, and how the assumption of responsibility for one’s actions is, in Kirk’s case, the final hurdle overcome on the way to manhood, adulthood.)

And so, you don’t like the movie because of “magic blood”? Oy….

And to assure you I’m not some uncritical boob, there is one moment in ID that I really don’t like and which would have proved so easy to fix,and would actually make the film work even a little more skillfully, it knocks me back every time I watch the movie.

Abrams did one thing right – he revisited the TOS era, the only one the general public cares about. And then he screwed up… Every. Single. Thing.

No different from DC having a very popular Flash show completely unrelated to the Justice League film featuring the Flash.

Also a terrible, terrible idea.

Paramount should do a deal bring back TOS on Netflix with some Discovery characters too. Or cross over movie, Netflix gets a cool Harry Mudd / Firefly series. Oh, Lorca kicked out of Starfleet, loses his command leaves fleet goes into business beyond the frontier with Mudd.

@Cmd.Bremmon — I doubt Paramount is allowed to do anything with Netflix, without first being exhibited in theaters. I also doubt CBS is interested in bridging DISC with Paramount’s KU films at all. Now CBS could totally do a Mudd spinoff series, but you can be sure it’d air on CBSAA. Come to think of it, if Paramount would agree to give CBSAA exclusive streaming release of the movie, CBS might actually agree to a crossover. But that would likely never happen. I could easily see an episode where the Discovery jumps into the KU, and has to work with Enterprise to save the day.

It’s too bad about Star Trek Into Darkness.. to make up for the loss Paramount should have to do a deal, the cost of making Kahn a sympathetic guy just looking to get his family back. ST 2009 set up some great potential TOS movies. Paramount should do a TOS TV show with CBS and then setup some TOS movies using their existing cast be it in the prime universe or the KU. Make Kahn the bad guy he should be, and all will be forgiven (and you’ll make some $$$)

There’s a tip off Trek isn’t coming back to the big screen for a while.

Star Trek came back?

click the link!

I can see having no need for the Starfleet uniforms since they redesigned them for Beyond, but getting rid of Starfleet props? And Klingon stuff too? I figured they would have a followup with those guys, eventually.

Not saying it absolutely means there’s no fourth movie, but it is…curious.

@MustWe — Paramount would never get rid of old costumes and props until the next movie in development was greenlit and they knew there was no chance of those items ever being needed. Old uniforms could easily be used for deep background in scenes as well. This is pretty much a nail in the coffin that is the current incarnation from Bad Robot. It means a complete reboot by a future producer which will never need the Bad Robot designed stuff again (because royalties would be due if ever used again in any other produciton).

I &^%$ing completely hate that (the inability to continue -anything nice- because someone gets their own slice of the IP pie, down the road)

~Pensive’s Wetness

@Curious Cadet — Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking. JJ Abrams was complaining a few years about how expensive it is to make movies, so it would make sense to hang on to props and costumes to be reused in some way. And if they’re not hanging on to them, then…hmm…

It’s nice they seem (?) not to be auctioning off Anton Yelchin’s uniform.

I hope they gave it to his parents.

Wait… you’re telling me those Bad Robot productions were Star Trek movies??? I missed that completely! I knew the costumes looked vaguely familiar, but nothing else did. I could have sworn they were Michael Bay directed chapters of Starship Troopers.

Sorry – this isn’t supposed to be a reply to this comment. This website has the absolute worst commenting system. No edits, no deletes, no up/down votes.

Paramount have always treated Trek like this they still do not know how to tie the franchise together. Lucasfilm despite ruining Star Wars once Disney owned it keep literally everything & anything. Paramount do the exact opposite for a few 100 thousand dollars (which is pocket change to them!).

Strange one at face value. Paramount had that big auction in 2006 after Enterprise was cancelled and films put on hold.

Pity that I cannot afford to buy any of it.

Looks like ST:K will be no more…

I actually really like the Klingon uniforms and that overcoat

maybe they are still trying to break even on the film lol

Justin Lin is now directing the next Fast & Furious film so that means he is not available for another Trek movie & JJ is making EP9 so they will need another director if it ever moves ahead!