‘Star Trek Discovery’ Team Show Support For Anthony Rapp Following Kevin Spacey Allegation

On Sunday night Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp (Lt. Stamets) sparked headlines from news and entertainment outlets around the world with an interview he gave to Buzzfeed in which he alleged that Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey made a pass at him when the two worked together on Broadway in 1986. At the time, Rapp was 14 while Spacey was 26.

Rapp is claiming publicly for the first time that Spacey befriended Rapp, then invited him over to his apartment after a party. According to Rapp, it was here that Spacey picked him up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance.

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp told BuzzFeed. “I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.”

Rapp said he felt compelled to come forward with the accusations now due to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal that has rocked Hollywood and sparked a new conversation about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Rapp explains that he wanted to “shine another light on the decades of behavior that have been allowed to continue because many people, including myself, being silent.” He added, “I’m feeling really awake to the moment that we’re living in, and I’m hopeful that this can make a difference.”

A few hours after the Buzzfeed story was released Spacey sent out an apology to Rapp, calling his past actions “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior” and adding that he is now choosing to “live as a gay man.”

Rapp followed this up on Twitter explaining that he didn’t have anything more to say on the subject and that he just wanted to add his voice to the chorus of others who have told their stories.

Support for Rapp from Star Trek team

Since the revelations some of Rapp’s peers from Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek in general have come forward on Twitter to show their support.


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It was very brave of Rapp to come forward.


Boy….this is rough.

Obviously, huge support for Rapp for coming forward and speaking out. Its never easy. We’re seeing this lately as a result of the Weinstein debacle and people being inspired by the courage of other victims.

Spacey was quick to respond and apologize but his framing the incident as a “drunken” moment and then changing the narrative to his own coming out is not going over well.

We cant paint Spacey as a monster or predator at this stage. This is one incident and both contend he was drunk…which isnt an excuse but is seemingly a fact. Spacey isnt Weinstein. At least nothing has indicated that to be the case yet.

Whats really sad is the media taking this story as an emotional coming out for Spacey rather then a courageous moment for Rapp.

Very unfortunate. I’ve long admired Spacey as an actor, and don’t necessarily take his coming out as a deflection–he’s been asked about his orientation for decades now, and obviously knew that with this revelation he had to acknowledge it once and for all. He also struck me as taking full responsibility for what he did, in spite of state of drunkenness he was in. Still, he did what he did, and different people will sure interpret this statement according to their own biases, myself included. It’s just really sad.

Pedophiles are not gay men. He didn’t take responsibility. He is a coward. A predator. Yes, and your bias is showing.

So is yours. The difference is that neither of us know the man, yet you are the one rushing to judgment based on one incident. No one else has ever accused Spacey of such conduct, and true child predators aren’t generally one-shots. Nor was I, or Spacey, even beginning to imply that his gayness has anything to do with pedophilia. He was drunk, and depending on the level of intoxication people can do extreme things when they’re drunk. It was wrong, and his career and personal life will rightfully be forced to deal with the consequences. I’m glad that Rapp spoke out, as I am with the other victims. But you just want to pile on.

Exactly. And who is to say Rapp wasn’t intoxicated himself ?

Dude. Rapp was only 14 years old. Someone that age may not have good judgement, but it doesn’t mean it was okay for a 24-year old to try to have sex with him. Definitely poor judgement on Spacey’s part; and a kid under 16 – 18 y/o should not be expected to hold the same amount of responsibility.

I agree 100% that he did not have to come out because of this allegation. Especially with it being Spacey where his sexuality has been the worst kept secret in Hollywood. It really didnt matter (and it doesnt matter).

But Spacey indirectly made the connection between sexually assaulting an underage boy and coming out. And thats awful. I’ve seen many gay people online very angry at Spacey for that.

He should have made the apology. Full stop. He could circle back to the coming out later if he really wanted to.

As for the incident, Im not calling him a predator. Its no pedophilia…Rapp was 14. I have no idea what he looked like or if Spacey would reasonably have known his age. And barring other allegations or information, its not completely unreasonable to accept that it was one stupid, ill-informed act.

But Spacey is not the story here. Rapp is. Good for Rapp. I hope he gets peace and closure.

Rapp is look for an Emmy award. You know the award people love sad stories.

Ohferfecksake, Alec.

TUP, I beg to differ. Fourteen yoa is below the age of consent to sex in most states. And when Rapp was 14, he looked much younger. See Jason Isaac’s post of the cast pictures from the play Rapp was in at the time.

I agree that Spacey may simply have been trying to be a gay man… who got drunk and did a bad thing. I don’t know the facts beyond what’s presented. I’m sure it’s weighed on Rapp and I’m pleased for him that he’s spoken his piece. I don’t want to jump on this story with pitchfork in hand, just acknowledge that people should come forward if they truly believe they’ve been wronged. Hollywood is a pit. That’s the bottom line. So is DC. So are a lot of places.

There is nothing simple about what you’re peddling, buddy. So sit down and shut up.

Gay men don’t get drunk and pick up 14-year-old boys, carry them into a bedroom, and then proceed to TRY to get with them sexually. That’s what pedophiles do. We are not pedophiles.

You know what else is a pit? Your brain. Again, gay men are not pedophiles. That’s the bottom line. Say it one more time so it sinks in.


Bad look for Spacey and bad memories for Rapp. Bad all around. But, saying gay men are not pedophiles. Yes, some are. So are straight men. And women. All? Of course not, no one said that. No one was trying to offend you, just offering their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

That’s not the implication. They implied that a gay man and pedophile are synonymous. Hence the “Spacey may simply have been trying to be a gay man.”

Bad look? A bad look is your intellect not a grown man getting drunk then trying to get it on with a 14-year-old. That’s called predatory behavior. I don’t care what you say. I hope you don’t have children.

You’re correct if that was the implication. At best it was a poor choice of words. Had he said “he might have been a drunk horny guy at a party” would that have made more sense? I remember when I was in my 20’s. People dated and hit on girls in their teens. It happens. Not saying its right.

If we take Spacey at face value, he was black out drunk. Thats not an excuse for assault but fortunately Rapp was able to leave.

It has nothing to do with Spacey being gay.

I know where ed is coming from. As a gay dude, I’ve heard a lot of people who don’t understand it equate being gay to pedophilia or think it’s natural for older gay men to do things with underage gay boys. I think it’s just the way CmdrR phrased it. But you have to see what we see. If I said that a pedophile was maybe just trying to be a man, MANY straight men would be ready to take my head. Being a gay man would be flirting drunkenly with a gay man of age. That would be different than a 14 year old boy and if anyone is a movie fan, Rapp looked very much a boy when he was young. There’s a long-standing complaint from many young male actors about Bryan Singer. I couldn’t say if there’s truth to the allegations or not but end of story, if you’re an older man and the person you’re chasing after is under age, it’s pedophilia plain and simple – gay or straight. That, cannot and should not be equated with being gay.

@Ed – you need to settle down. Ill back you up if someone comes here and makes the connection between Spacey’s behavior and being gay. Which is what Spacey did. And its wrong.

I can look at this as if Rapp was a 14 year old girl and Spacey was 26 and drunk and totally stupid and inappropriate. And if it was the only instance…Im not going to call him a predator and write him off.

I actually think he took more responsibility than most. But his continuing on and “coming out” was pure PR spin. And it worked, unfortunately.

How could he appologize & take responsibility (as much as he did) without acknowledging he was gay?

What does being gay have to do with it? Especially in Spacey’s case where his sexuality has been an open secret for ages. He didnt need to include that part. it was an attempt to change the story.

TUP, Bingo. As you noted above, that’s why so many gay people are really PO’d with Spacey right now. What he has done with his dual-purpose message is try to bury the news of a drunken assault with the happy news that he’s come out of the closet at last.

And his announcement, due to the long-time regrettable attitudes advertised by the NAMBLA, conflates the idea of homosexuality with pedophilia.

TUP, Yabut … Let’s say, in your hetero scenario, that “Toni Rapp” was a 14-y/o girl who looked 8 or 9.

That is a lot more like pedophilia.

Technically Kevin Spacey is not a Pedophile but he is possibly a Hebephile.
Hebephilia is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children typically ages 11–14. Hebephilia differs from pedophilia, which is the strong, persistent sexual interest in prepubescent children. It also differs from ephebophilia, the strong, persistent sexual interest in later adolescents, typically ages 15–19

Since when is pedophilia “trying to be a gay man?”


Spacey is a monster. He is a predator. How many people does he need to attempt this with for him to be a monster in your eyes? If it was your kid would it still be okay? Just a “drunken” moment? Tell that to your son or daughter. I’m sure it’ll help ’em heal up.

You know what’s even sadder? You.


I think we all have some darker impulses. We all have desires and natural urges. It is up to us as individuals to reign in those impulses. Some people clearly cannot. Alcohol is obviously a big factor in people losing control of their faculties.

So this is what is worrying to me about Spacey’s “oh this is a handy moment to say I’m gay” statement, which totally [and, I make no doubt, conveniently] ignores the pedophiliac aspect to what he did:

If Spacey doesn’t remember doing this, is that: because it was such a common occurrence with him and the incident with Rapp was one of a stream of many? because he wants to minimize damage to himself? or because he genuinely doesn’t remember?

The first two seem most likely and most troubling.

I’m sad that such a talented man has such a dark, appallingly numb-to-victims side. I’m sad not only that he concealed his sexuality for so, so long, but that he apparently has pedophilia and homosexuality confused, and has further conflated these issues in the minds of those who don’t know or acknowledge the difference. He finally comes out, but underlines this harmful fallacy, thus smearing the gay community in the minds of those who don’t know better.

Read amazing logic and sense. Thank you, Marja!

Maybe he doesn’t remember it because he was very, very drunk. That happens, Marja. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, which was reprehensible. But I honestly don’t see Spacey trying to claim it was other than reprehensible, either.

Exactly. And Rapp should be ashamed of himself. All these decades….he couldnt meet with Spacey and have a conversation about the incident.

I believe he tried to contact Spacey over the years and never heard a reply. Please read Rapp’s interview at the link above.

Since when is it incumbent upon a victim to have a conversation with a perpetrator? It’s not. But Rapp tried, so please don’t shame him.

@Marja – I took Spacey’s statement as implying he was so drunk he doesnt remember. Its possible that to him it was “nothing”. Im a believe in believing the victim but we also cant discount memories being inaccurate over time.

A 26 year old initiating a sexual encounter isnt pedophilia though. Its getting thrown around and its simply not true in this case.

But I absolutely agree that Spacey using this moment to come out was a PR spin to change the story. It worked. And that sucks.

If he really meant his apology (and we can also assume by his statement that even if he doesnt remember, he believes its entirely possible it was true which is telling), he would have reached out to Rapp’s agent to provide a personal apology and simply issued the apology with no bonus “hey Im gay” revelations. One has nothing to do with the other.

His choice of wording as “choosing to live as a gay man” has also angered the gay community and was a really poor choice of words.

TUP, I’m in complete agreement with you except for this: A 26 year old initiating a sexual encounter isnt pedophilia though.

It is if the younger party is under the age of consent. [Perhaps it was, as trekboi points out, hebephilia, but still, Rapp looked like he was under 10 yoa.] In many states it’s considered statutory rape if sexual congress occurs between someone over 21 and someone under 16.

I, as a gay man, don’t have any impulses towards young boys. Drunk or not drunk, I have 0 attraction towards kids. I like men.

Well that’s you- What about your friends? – how many guys do you know in there 50’s & 60’s dating 20 year olds?
This it not that different, sadly.

I often have strange, bizarre and highly unnatural passions, fantasies and desires but I control them as I don’t drink alcohol.

It’s called being a responsible adult

Im sorry if you’ve been a victim of assault. But this is different than Weinstein. And its not pedophilia. And we dont have all the facts.

Its that simple.

“And its not pedophilia.”

Certainly not. Only the interest in pre-pubecent children of both genders is scientifically refered to as pedophilia. This is a case of ephebophilia as Rapp was 14 at the time.

I’m not an expert on US statutory rape laws, but as far as I know this advance would have been illegal in your country as 18 is the age of consent if I’m not mistaken.

Most interesting, this weird behaviour would have actually been legal in Germany if Rapp’s parents were not to sue Spacey for taking advantage of Rapp’s potential immaturity. Age of consent is 14 over here, but in some cases it can be 16 if there is some sort of retarded development involved. Most Germans don’t even know about these legal details though…

Anyway, Spacey’s advance was inapproriate to say the least.

In the U.S., it varies by state – between 16 and 18. In Canada it was 14 until it changed to 16 about a decade ago.

Spacey’s behaviour would have been problematic (and potentially illegal, apart from the age of consent) if Rapp had been 16, or 18 — or 26, the same age as Spacey then.

Technically Kevin Spacey is not a Pedophile but he is possibly a Hebephile.
Hebephilia is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children typically ages 11–14. Hebephilia differs from pedophilia, which is the strong, persistent sexual interest in prepubescent children. It also differs from ephebophilia, the strong, persistent sexual interest in later adolescents, typically ages 15–19.

Well if we wanted to examine it in excruciating detail, the question of whether Spacey knew his age, what he looked like etc, comes into place. It could also be Spacey has no interest in 14 year olds…but was really drunk, Rapp looked older and he was the last person left at the party. I mean, who knows. If I recall, Rapp always looked young. And I ASSUME Spacey knew his age because I think Rapp said Spacey invited him.

But I’ve met plenty of teens that looked older (and 20-somethings that looked like teens).


Re: …question of whether Spacey knew his age…

The article says Rapp said they were working together on Broadway at the time. One would think the presence of Rapp’s NY mandated tutor controlling Rapp’s schedule which would have effected rehearsals would have given Spacey a clue.

Dis, they weren’t working in the same play, so Spacey may not have known about tutorial schedules and whatnot. Rapp was in a play at one theatre with Ed Harris, and Spacey was in a different play at another theatre. They met at a theatrical function held for actors in various plays, then Spacey invited this really young-looking kid to his house for a party.


Re: The Play’s the Thing

Color me, educated. And I thank you for that.

But I am mystified what adult in charge of Rapp thought letting him runoff unsupervised with an older stranger to said stranger’s abode was wise?

At that time in the USA, I believe (and people can correct me if I’m wrong) that the age of consent was 14, and if Rapp wanted to consent to having sex with Spacey he would have said yes. However, he didn’t and so what Spacey did is just plain ol’ rape, and nothing but rape (no pun intended.)

Nothing happened. How is it rape. I read the entire article. And at what point does a 14 year old say….I am not going into your bedroom. He made it into the bedroom….so he knew what he was getting into.

Okay, Alec, I really wish you had read the linked article.

How is it rape? It’s ATTEMPTED congress with a child under 16. Statutory rape, attempted.

Rapp was in the BR, watching TV, because he was bored at the party.

If it happened once it was a drunken mistake if it happened more than once it is predatory behavior, a pattern off abuse & sign of psychological problems we don’t know. no one else has publicly accused him of anything like this.
& just because your a #survivor doesn’t make you an expert or automatically right- I am a #survivor too & I disagree with you. Nor would I exploit it to win arguments. Until now lol

We have a real monster running the country. Spacey is anything but a monster. I believe him when he says he dont remember the incident. And if it did happen he apologizes.

Well, Alec, at least Spacey has one up on the Prezident: he apologized!

Personally, TUP, I think Spacey did a very bad thing: he should have separated his apology to Rapp from his personally coming out as gay. You will see in the comments below why this statement of Spacey’s is so bad.

Apologies are a dime a dozen these days, anyway. “The apologies of the week, ladies and gentlemen.”

@Marja – I agree. I said the same thing. The PR spin undermines the apology. But offering a fake apology doesnt make the act better or worse either.


Re: I think Spacey did a very bad thing

I think he did very bad things starting with choosing to get inebriated while being responsible for a minor whose care he would be responsible for, when he chose to invite him over.

Agreed !

Not to sure we’re reading the same media here, TUP, everything I’ve seen has Spacey getting raked over the coals for trying to deflect molesting a child by passing it off as a drunken, gay thing. If a drunken, straight guy did this with a 14 year old girl, he’d be up on charges, unless your name was Weinstein or Trump. I don’t think you’re saying this, but Spacey doesn’t get a pass on this…it looks like it cost him his job, it remains to be seen if charges can be brought.

@Phil – yes, there is media raking him over the coals. But early this morning many of those same stories had different headlines. Many headlines were altered when people realised how stupid they were.

As for charges…no I dont think. I dont think being gay has anything to do with it. Firstly, Rapp would need to complain. And honestly, he’d need more than his memory in this case. So I dont think it would matter if he was a girl and we’re seeing hat with Weinstein too.

I hate to say it, but I spent my 20’s in the club crowd (working) and saw plenty of teens with 20-somethings. 26 and 14 is obviously too creepy to wrap our minds around.

In my country, 14 was the age of consent for decades until just a few years ago.

Here in Canada it was 14 until the sometimes socialist NDP (New Democrat Party) decided to support making it 16 despite opposition from many gay youth who were afraid it would make sex for them harder to do just a few years ago Fears about pedophilia was most likely behind that change.

Lets be fair, the Conservatives led the charge to change the age and it made a lot of sense and included a near age clause. There was no risk of teens being thown in jail.

And certainly, not pedophilia (wrong term), but the idea a grown adult could have sex with a 14 year old was behind the change. Its now 16 which to some is still too young but a lot more palpable.

Some young people seek out older people. That is a fact. Rapp was a teenager. He knew right from wrong. He could have said no after spacey invited him over after the party. Hello…something fishy about the story.

@Allen Grimes – How many young people have seeked you out lately?

I don’t really get Ted Sullivan’s statement. Is it a reaction towards Spacey’s statement or is it about the entertainment news media making more of a story out of Spacey’s coming-out (to be honest: I thought Spacey’s sexual orientation was an open secret anyway) than Rapp’s coming-forward?

The latter I would understand, the former not so much. I don’t see Spacey trying to create a distraction there, since he didn’t deny the accusations and dedicated one paragraph to them and the other to his coming-out, which was however a logical consequence, since acknoledging the accusations pretty much forced him to do so.
Now whether this means Spacey is “brushing aside” the accusations – that’s another point entirely. To me his choice of words was rather concise and unequivocal but due to the nature of the subject matter, of course such a statement will always be contestable to a degree.

Of course none of this makes any of it right! Forcing oneself onto a 14-year-old is a despicable act, no matter if man or woman. And under no circumstances are such actions excusable.
That should go without saying though and what remains to be seen here, is Rapp’s reaction to Spacey’s statement. And any further comments on the subject matter from anyone but Rapp himself would be intrusive and speculative.

It’s definitely a dig at Spacey’s coming out.

You call it a logical step, but many have viewed it as distasteful in the wake of Rapp’s story. Spacey has always been extremely private and while his sexuality was more of an open secret, he never came out publicly. That he choose this very time for a public coming out reeks of creating a bit of a distraction – and it works, given that many news outlets almost exclusively reported on the coming out this morning (including headlines), making Rapp’s part in it more of a sidestory.

Please also note that, no, Spacey did not acknowledge anything. His words were a non-apology similar to what Weinstein delivered soon after the first reports about his behavior came out. He said he would be sorry if the behavior were true, but he was too drunk to remember. This is also a reason why lots of people are upset that he tagged a public coming out at the end of his statement. Because he made this whole story about himself instead of the victim.

Lastly, of course, Spacey is also doing a big disservice to the whole queer community. He makes a connection between two very unrelated topics: Sexual assault (with minors involved, no less) and being gay. And it seems a little like he’s using the “I’m gay” statement as a shield against a more serious discussion of his behavior.

Add to all of that, that there have been lots of stories about predatory behavior by Spacey for years, not quite unlike Weinstein. So Rapp’s revelation does also come in the context of the whole Hollywood scandal and the rampant abuse of power that’s prevalent there (at the time of the incident with Rapp, Spacey wasn’t a powerful or well-known actor – but there might be reason to assume that this behavior continued and he abused his position in more recent years).

Spacey did not acknowledge anything. His words were a non-apology similar to what Weinstein delivered soon after the first reports about his behavior came out.

Yep, it’s yet another in the parade of what Harry Shearer calls “IF-pologies.”

Disgustingly manipulative. While I have enjoyed Kevin Spacey’s performances very much in the past, I won’t be seeing any more of them.

Wellll…we’d sure love them to admit it and apologize. But there isnt a lawyer in the land that would allow that. I thought Spacey’s statement up to the “by the way, Im gay” part was appropriate and fair.

Hmm. Yes, I guess there is a valid point to Sullivan’s post after all. I guess I was mainly surprised by the fact that Spacey made no attempt at denying the allegations.

and it works, given that many news outlets almost exclusively reported on the coming out this morning

And that’s where, at least to me, there’s really more of a problem on the part of the respective media outlets. Obviously, Spacey is the bigger name and thereby the name that sells the story. I mean the immorality behind that is rather obvious.

Add to all of that, that there have been lots of stories about predatory behavior by Spacey for years

Alright, I honestly did not know that…

There was talk about Weinstein for years as well. Business communities, like Hollywood, and Trump’s high-flying cronies in NYC, and Silicon Valley are rife with sexual harassment.

Usually, where there is smoke, there’s fire. True in Weinstein’s case, and we’ll see what happens in Spacey’s case. And Bryan Singer’s as well, although I believe something happened before he and his circle went to court. Settlements, probably.

Great the team has his back. Those are Star Trek values at their best.

All the kudos to Rapp for speaking out and a big shout-out to Isaacs and Sullivan for their immediate public support. I’m curious to see if other Discovery crew members and Trek alumni will show their support publicly.

I was a little saddened to see Manu Intiraymi’s reaction on twitter, though. He tweeted several comments about how Spacey is a good guy, Rapp is just whining, this whole thing is a witch hunt and just a PC issue and that Rapp sucks. That was frustrating and disheartening.

Intiraymi sounds like an enabler and a sycophant, who doesn’t want to be on Spacey’s bad side. ‘Cause, y’know, famous actor. Hollywood power. Bank.


Well done Rapp for coming forward. Glad his shipmates have his back on this.

What’s with the delicate language? Since when is physically picking someone up, throwing them on a bed then lying on top of them equivalent to “making a pass at?”

I support AR for his courage in speaking out, especially as it was so much in support of other victims of assault who’ve come forward. And KS, no amount of alcohol excuses what he did which is doubly reprehensible because his assault was against a minor. I hope his career suffers because of it. I certainly will never be able to watch him in anything again.

It isn’t-somebody would ask if they were interested in having sex first, and if they were interested, it would happen. But Rapp wasn’t interested in getting between the sheets with a guy smelling of so much booze like Spacey was (and Rapp probably wanted to do it with somebody his age anyway.)

So let me get this right… one of both were drunk, both were clearly “curious” and both ended up “famous” anyhow. In a nut shell; nothing happened. Something ALMOST happened. A lot of Somethings ALMOST happen every single day. But It didn’t happen to Anthony Rapp. Someone made a bad choice. Someone else made a bad choice. But then someone made the right choice and the something didn’t happen But now we gotta hear about an “almost” 30 years later????

And yes. I can talk. I was 16. He was 25. I was innocent and “curious”. He nearly “had” me. If not for an observant co-worker who saw the process of my becoming a victim. It may have saved my life because the dude died of AIDS a LONG time ago. But I’m not gonna out him publicly just to get 15 min of fame and congrats on twitter and Facebook, Sympathy from my peers or pretend I’m Helping the #metoo. Dragging others through the mud 20 Years later on social media is not going to make me better or heal the wounds for me. If it was just that one time and Kevin Spacy never tried anything again then what good did it really do the world publicly pointing a finger at him SO long after? No proof? No witnesses? I’m not saying he’s lying but there’s a statute of limitations for a reason. And since there WAS NO CRIME COMMITTED (according to Rapp) then what the heck is the big deal?

I think that Rapp was trying to support the others who recently came forward.

“Dragging others through the mud 20 years later”

I know that the allegation against Spacey may never make you, personally, feel better or heal your wounds, as you say. I am also supportive of your choice not to “out” a dead man.

But I know that allegations against the living are important, because they lead to investigation, and investigation leads to ending the perpetrator’s opportunities to find new victims.

Some rape and harassment victims do experience empowerment in shedding the burden of inappropriate shame they’ve held for so many years. Annabella Sciorra, who was outright raped, and Daryl Hannah, who was physically intimidated and sexually harassed, had very scary experiences with Harvey Weinstein years ago. Should they stay silent? I don’t feel they should, because that man belongs somewhere where he can’t sexually harass, physically intimidate, or rape anyone, ever again.

Please don’t judge others, like Rapp, on the basis of your experience. I am glad that your co-workers were there for you. Rapp was alone and 14 years old.

Marja nailed it. You speak out because others will suffer down the line if he isn’t caught and stopped. Stop the perp from going on, because the sense of entitlement just keeps growing – which is how you get bad presidents, too.

Climbing on top of someone on a bed to initiate sexual activity is sexual assault. So yes, a crime was committed.

I agree with you to a degree. When we cut off a number here and there its not so bad. 26 and 14? Gross. 24 and 16? Meh it happens. But thats semantics. They werent 24 and 16. They were 26 and 14.

And yes, gay and straight, there are “curiosities”. That doesnt make it right.

To accuse Rapp of chasing 15 minutes of fame is ignorant. If you were victimized or nearly victimized why wouldnt you have more empathy for Rapp who clearly was troubled by this encounter? Actually, victim or not, we should all have empathy for Rapp in this situation.

Neflix says that this decision on the final season was made some time ago.

Mr Rapp has been brave about this incident haunting his past, and he has my admiration.

Many more people are bound to report abuses now because of the present examples set by Weinstein’s victims.

People feel a shame about being victimized, a shame that [IMO] is inappropriate, because harm was done to them. Some of Weinstein’s victims are concerned they’ll never work again because they will now have a reputation of standing up for their own rights, or “being difficult,” in Hollywood parlance. This parlance, of course, is in use by the people in power, not their victims.

Some feel that eyes will follow them and they’ll now be recognized primarily as victims, not recognized for their acting talent.

Glad ST: Discovery isn’t being filmed in the horror filled Weinsteinwood.

Very troubling story to say the least.

My first thought when I read Kevin Spacey’s tweet was that it sounds like he’s being advised by the “apology tour manager” from the most recent episode of The Orville. I am a big believer in “innocent until proven guilty” but Spacey didn’t help himself one bit. Probably at least 10 million downvotes right there.

@Lyle — well as there’s apparently no crime committed, and even so the statute of limitations run, that’s exactly where this will play out: the court of public opinion. What remains to be seen, is whether this is an isolated incident, or one of many that will surface …

@Cadet – I agree. In the context of one incident, Spacey can come back from it. His statement was a good/bad response and he’s getting deserved blow back. But people make mistakes. Its not Weinstein. At least as far as we know.

Know Seth MacFarlane made jokes about Spacey on Family Guy. Odd how Seth comes up as a guy making these jokes. I wonder what he thinks is so funny.

TUP, That Spacey was likely gay has been talked about for a long time, perhaps Seth was joking about that? Or perhaps he was joking about actors who stay in the closet?

I think Spacey would have been ok with the apology. Even as a “I dont remember, I drink a lot, I will examine my behavior” he’d probably be ok. The coming out was pure PR spin and thats why he’s getting the blow back.

Look at Affleck. He was accused, he immediately apologized with no caveats. And yes, some are still going after him but by and large, its sort of a dead issue. Affleck aint losing his job.

‘Innocent until proven guilty’ should be just that, with no downvotes. This is not to defend what Spacey did as far as that ‘apology’ was concerned, however.

It’s so brave of Anthony to speak up about something this sensitive. It has to very hard.

I feel good for Rapp but sad for 14 year old Rapp.

… and all the ages he was in between then and now. In the Buzzfeed article he recounts feeling pained, confused, upset, and outraged every time he saw Spacey getting awards. I don’t imagine he intentionally went to see Spacey’s movies, but when he saw Spacey in “Working Girl” in 1988 it hit him pretty hard.

Fatty Arbuckle is rolling over in his grave!

Anyone who waits twenty years to make the accusation never took it seriously in the first place.

I was lucky enough to escape a sexual assault as a young boy. I never told anyone about it until I was an adult. I wouldn’t out the person who perpetrated the offense, because too much time has gone past. I can live with that choice.

So waiting this long, Rapp doesn’t get any sympathy from me. He should have been a man and lived with his choice not to report Kevin when it happened.

“Anyone who waits twenty years to make the accusation never took it seriously in the first place.”
Sorry Navy but blanket excuses aren’t gonna cut it here on this site. Everyone is different and deals with abuse differently, and to say AR never took it seriously in the first place is a callous cop-out of the Nth degree. No one is knocking you for deciding to deal with it in the way you did, why should it be any different for AR. Our resident science specialist was showing how he gained the courage through the actions of others with similar stories in hopes he can encourage others to have the same strength. Since when is there a time limit? How long would have been long enough before not taking it seriously? 5 years, 10?, maybe 15 years? How long before it’s too late to be taken seriously????

Oh good, victim blaming. That’s not repugnant or reprehensible in the slightest.

Seriously, who the hell are you to judge how someone reacts to sexual assault. Just because you reacted one way doesn’t make it the only way.

Instead of Rapp “being a man,” why don’t you be a decent human being and keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say of any value on behalf of the victim? Because saying “Just get over it” is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read on this site. You should be ashamed, especially considering you too were a victim once.


Some people don’t tell because
– they’re afraid of the person, or afraid of consequences to themselves.
– they simply don’t know that they can tell and be believed.
– they have no faith in the people around them to trust what they are saying.

Again, Rapp tried to contact Spacey’s “people” over the years. Read the interview, linked above.

Maybe Kevin Spacey doesn’t know why he assaulted Anthony Rapp, and assumes it was because he is gay, and felt some need to negate one with the other, which only proves Kevin Spacey is a nut job who needs some psychiatric help. I know many gay people and not one of them is a pedophile. Does Spacey think he will gain sympathy from the LBGTQ community for his alleged crime? I think not. If anything he alienated himself from them.
Maybe it wasn’t his sexuality he was hiding, but his penchant for unsolicited sex from young, vulnerable men.

TO ANTHONY RAPP: High five for facing the unknown, and choosing what’s right over who is right. BTW you and Lorca are my favorite characters, keep up the great work.

Reprehensible, Spacey’s actions. Do you know whose fault it is? ANTHONY RAPP’S PARENTS. Where were they? Who allows their child to go to a party where drunken, unknown people are going to be? Utter failures. They should have protected their son.

Wow, now it’s his parents fault. You don’t even know the circumstances well enough to state such a shallow remark. For all you know, Anthony Rapp’s parents died when he was young, and weren’t there. The point is, stop pointing the finger everywhere else but where it belongs. Or at least make it an informed opinion. Geez

Oh of course, I bow to your superior intellect. Have mercy, my Lord. Jerk off.

Anyone who doesn’t engage in some kind of victim blaming DOES have superior intellect. So at least you got one thing right.

I did NOT blame the victim, dolt. Read my post again. Read it carefully. There are no circumstances where parents shouldn’t be concerned with a child’s whereabouts, associates. It is THEIR responsibility to see to their child’s protection. Am I wrong? I am not.

Oh I can read. So it’s entirely the parents’ fault then? Cause that’s not a better argument, dolt. Especially when you have no idea what the parents did or did not do or the circumstances behind him even going. Somewhere along the line, you apparently forgot that Rapp was already a professional actor at 14, so being invited to engagements was not out of the question AS HE SAID HIMSELF in the actual interview.

So I’m going to ask you again: what’s your argument?

His mother died of cancer at age 55 in 1997

You raise an interesting point but in a misguided way. Spacey’s actions are his fault alone. However, Hollywood parents DO have to be cognizant of the environment their kids work in.

Katherine Heigl told a story recently of working with Steven Seagal on Under Seige 2. She had just turned 16 and he told her he had girlfriends her age. When she asked if that was illegal, he replied that the girls didnt seem to mind. She “joked” that she yelled “mom!”

They may have thought Spacey was an OK guy. I’m not excusing it. But I wouldn’t place the blame at their door. Let’s share some with Spacey.

meh Isn’t even sexual assault.

Yeah, just attempted sexual assault. That makes it so much better, right?

I always thought Spacey was a little *too* good at playing Frank Underwood…

And, before anyone thinks it, I’m not referring to Underwood’s homosexuality (or, perhaps, “homoflexabilty”); I’m referring to his manipulative, sexually domineering (with both men and women), entitled, generally evil demeanour.

I never knew that Spacey was such a schmuck. I’m glad that Rapp let us all know the truth.

How do you know it’s the truth?

After gaining a million down votes, Spicey was fired and House of Cards canceled. Majority Rules.

The show will continue, so I understand, and may end with the death of the character Spacey plays as the British original did.

Yeah its not like Netflix is pulling the show. They announced it would end after next season. So…not really a big deal. And they claim that was the plan all along.

Wow, maybe Lex Luthor will finally be behind bars.

This incident might affect how people treat Superman Returns, with both Man of Steel and BVS: Dawn Of Justice coming out smelling like a rose. And that would be sad, as I like all three films.

The International Television Academy was planning on honoring with their Annual Emmy Founders award.
They have rescinded the Award.

The International Television Academy was planning on Honoring Kevin Spacey with their Annual Emmy Founders award, which they have rescinded.

Personally, I thinks it’s all a rating ploy and nothing more.

Wow, dude. Just, wow. Read the frikkin interview with Rapp.

Well, I think people are exaggerating a little bit. Keep your feed on the ground. Some reactions remind me of a pillory, not of a state of law.

This is utter bull. 30 years and he now coming out. Someone must be desperate for attention. 2) 14 years old at the time….where are your parents at… to allow you to attend an adult party ? 3)Anthony Rapp finds a little success with Discovery and it goes to his head. I am not buying this for a minute. It is an allegation and now you out to destroy a person’s career ? I guess in this Trump era….you are guility before being found innocent. Now some may find what I wrote insensitive. But a lot of these celebrities do things to get to the top and once there….all of a sudden…oh…I been abused….I been molested. 30 years ? Really….? Should have kept that to yourself Mr. Rapp…because ya should have came out long ago. They are many victims of improper conduct that come out….some younger than 14 year old Rapp. Not buying it. Just another attention seeker.

No, Sir, I don’t find that insensitive at all. On the contrary, I find what you said/wrote very, very reasonable.

You summed it up very well.
If only everyone saw through these ridiculous allegation as you did, there would be no problems.
But instead, there are now some imaginary boogeyman-molesters from the past… with no shred of evidence of their existence (just like ghosts). whoooo very, very scary….


He spoke with friends of his over the years about this incident. My guess is, that as a young actor he was intimidated by the idea of charging a Tony- and Oscar-winning actor with molestation. MOST VICTIMS ARE INTIMIDATED BY PEOPLE WITH POWER AND FAME, that is why the powerful feel free to indulge in their appetites to others’ cost.

Look at the Weinstein case. Look at the accusations against Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Look at the cases in Silicon Valley. Powerful people do what they want, and only sometimes are they called to account for it.

Production on Kevin Spacey’s show House of Cards has been suspended indefinitely.
Producers want to assess how cast and crew feel about moving forward in the wake of these allegations and address any concerns that they may have.

Oh my god, the actor playing the main character i the show is actually a monster!!!! !AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHH!!!!!!!!!!

You’re sounding rather troll-y.

No, I don’t think cancelling the season is gonna cut it. They’ll have to burn him at the stake as well.

The thing that upsets me most about Rapps Allegation is that he had to wait for the Weinstein scandal? Oh please. He is nothing but a coward. It just appears that he like so many are jumping on the bandwagon.

Speaking only for myself, If it were me, I would be afraid of accusing a two time Oscar winner of something like this.

But what is going on right now is taking place in a very different climate.

Every single person that comes forward only encourages more people to do so.
I think that factor played a huge role in why AR came forward now.

I’m afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg…

That would appear to be the case.

Even worse (than a coward). He may be a slanderer.

Quinto (Kelvin Trek) directly mentioned Anthony Rapp (DSC). Is that our first official reference from the Kelvin/movie side towards the new TV Trek?

No, it’s just a gay solidarity.


‘House Of Cards’: Production On Netflix Series Suspended Indefinitely Following Kevin Spacey Allegations

I mean, who cares? Rapp feels kinda important now, like his story’s gonna resonate or something…”wow…look at me, I’m that actor of this new STD show (no pun intended),having this gay role in it, and now I’m going to share some private gay-related-stuff with the whole world”. Wow, amazing, Rapp… really, really amazing. Wow, we’re all speechless, you know… what a great guy…gay, whatever… please, a uuuge applause, folks! Come on, let’s make this story, that was practically pulled of of the ass, great… again.

I will not object to this thought with the very last of my strength.

I am depressed and dismayed by the comments I’m reading here.

For those of you who think this is nothing but a publicity stunt: #1, Spacey didn’t deny it. If he thought there wasn’t anything to Anthony’s accusation, he and his publicists would have launched a nuclear blitzkrieg of denials. #2, do you think the other actors coming forward are doing this for publicity, too? These stories are about some of the most difficult and humiliating incidents in the lives of these victims. Why would they make up something so ugly, painful, and embarrassing, and then share it with millions of total strangers?

And #3, I guess I just expected more of Star Trek fans. You haters must only watch for the pew-pew-pew, I’m guessing. Sad.

I feel the same way.
Meanwhile, Allegations are piling up against Spacey.

Thank you for saying it, Scott.

You know everyone hates this show right?

You literally destroyed Star Trek

Where is the proof that anything ever happened? I do not see anything egg knowledge Ing or proving that this situation happen even with Kevin‘s statement. Rap is no different than anyone else with having to prove statements. He should be removed from Star Trek just like Kevin was removed from house of cards.

Nobody removed Spacey from House of Cards.
Production was suspended indefinitely.

Gary 8.5,

I started out with the reporting believing that as you did. But after hearing all the supposed anonymized HOUSE OF CARD young male employees testify as to Spacey’s open secret tactics against them on set, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t a factor in the production’s suspension decision prior to the Rapp story breaking.

I don’t understand why he chose to come out with this allegation NOW rather than a few days after the assault, a month, a year, a few years, before HOC started, or even after HOC finished. Rather than dropping the bomb on all of us, right in the middle of the damn series. It seems like he did this purposfully just to ensure it would screw up a perfectly good series just as it was about it end. Not saying he’s wrong for standing up for himself and i’m not giving spacey a get out of jail card either, i’m just saying that here are a lot of other factors at play here that should have been taken into consideration before all this was dropped on us.