Review and Giveaway: Starfleet’s Sonic Toothbrush Is Worth Your Hard-Earned Credits

Last month we did some sleuthing and found out the most authentic way to make your home feel like a 23rd century starship, including where buy some of the actual products used as props in Star Trek: Discovery. This month, we’re giving away prizes to help you do just that!

First up is the toothbrush of the future: the FOREO ISSA Hybrid. Read on to see what we think of Starfleet’s choice in dental care, and try your hand at winning your very own!

FOREO ISSA, the toothbrush of the future

Episode 5 of Discovery featured a scene between Star Trek’s first openly gay couple in which the pair share the most innocuous couples moment: brushing their teeth together. The historic scene featured some very sleek Starfleet toothbrushes, which turned out to be a real product you can actually: the FOREO ISSA.

Culber and Stamets show off their futuristic toothbrushes

We reached out to FOREO who hooked us up with two of their black ISSA toothbrushes, one to review and one to give away.

Review: the FOREO ISSA Hybrid sonic toothbrush

I was super excited to receive my ISSA in the mail, as I’ve been thinking for some time about switching from a manual to an electric brush. My dentist is always telling me they’re better for my teeth, and who doesn’t want to try out a new gadget?

Upon opening the box, I was instantly pleased with the ISSA’s design. It’s body is covered in a very soft smooth silicone rubber, it’s a nice weight, and it’s a pleasure to hold. The ISSA has multiple speed settings, adjustable via plus (+) and minus (-) symbols stamped into the rubber. The central button, which is seamless with the brush’s body, is an on/off switch that remembers your speed settings from last time; a nice feature.

After using the ISSA I have to say that I’ve been pretty solidly blown away. I’ve never owned a sonic toothbrush before, but I can see now what all the fuss is about. The ISSA vibrates at supersonic speeds, literally shaking all that nasty stuff from in between your teeth, and the result is a pleasantly clean feeling mouth. What’s more, it’s a pleasure to brush with due to the soft silicone bristles and grip and low profile head that doesn’t feel like it’s poking you in the cheek.

The ISSA’s sleek design and seamless soft silicone body make it look and feel futuristic

The ISSA comes with a thin leather travel pouch and a charging cord. The one annoyance with the ISSA is in charging it. The ISSA’s charging cord is an extremely short USB cable, and it does not come with a wall adapter. I had to pilfer my smart phone adapter, and the short cord meant charging the toothbrush on the floor or letting it dangle from a mid-wall outlet. But, I can forgive FOREO for this, assuming the battery lasts as long as advertised: an impressive 365 uses.

The short charging cable and lack of wall adapter is a hassle, but the ISSA takes only an hour to charge and is good for 365 uses

Bottom Line: When it comes to sonic brushes, the ISSA gets all of my votes. It’s more attractive than any other sonic toothbrush on the market, it feels great to use, and it makes you feel like you’re on a starship. Win-win-win. At $150, the ISSA falls right in line with other high-end sonic toothbrushes and destroys the competition when it comes to style.


Giveaway: win a FOREO ISSA Hybrid from TrekMovie

Like the sound of the FOREO ISSA and want to win your very own? Well, you’re in luck. TrekMovie has teamed up with FOREO to give away one FOREO ISSA Hybrid, in Starfleet black of course.

To win: Tell us in the comments section below how the ISSA Hybrid can help make you feel like you’re living in the Star Trek universe. Be sure to use a working email address when you comment, so that we can get in touch with you if you win (this will not be made public). TrekMovie editors will pick ONE winner by Monday, November 6th and notify the winner by email.

Update: (7 November, 2017) We have chosen our winner! Thanks to all who entered.

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Buy the FOREO ISSA Hybrid for yourself

Can’t wait to see if you are a winner? You can purchase the FOREO ISSA Hybrid right now on Amazon for $149.00.

More Disco stuff

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for more giveaways coming up.

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Can’t sonic shower yet so Sonic toothbrush is the next best thing.


Re: …next best thing.

Especially with Ronco’s Port-a-showerhead attachment. Don’t leave home with out it!

I’ll happily brush my way into the 23rd century, where even the showers are sonic!

I’m going on the Star Trek cruise in January. I’d be the envy of everyone with my FOREO ISSA.

oh, will you be walking around the decks with it? :)

Sure, why not?

It’s weird.
Brushing your teeth is something that you normally will only do in your bathroom.

Star Trek as always been on the cutting edge of technology. FOREO ISSA Hybrid is technology of the future for toothbrushes.Using the FOREO ISSA Hybrid I would feel like I was on board the U.S.S Discovery.

In 200 years, the Foreo Zap will instantly kill all the bad. Until then, this is as good as it gets.

Sounds awesome to blast away Klingons while keeping a pearly white smile! This brush sounds like it has the dilithium crystals to power through any stuck on plaque while transporting your experience into the future. Having one of these in my ready room would certainly beam my day into the 24th century! Thanks for the opportunity!

It’s actually quite logical to want a Sonic toothbrush – I want me teeth and gums to LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!

23rd century style clean teeth. I would brush my teeth cleaned with this device after watching Discovery. I just hope my reflection does not linger.

This would make be feel just like Lt. Staments. A long black thing pulsing in my mouth and of course I would be spitting out after it was finished.

Oooh, Matron!!!! It’s a disgrace, a disgrace I tell you.

This would make be feel like I was in the Star Trek Universe by upgrading my toothbrush technology from a manual brush to this state of the art device. Why oh why have I been manually brushing my teeth and risking tennis elbow all of these years when I can not safely brush my teeth in style?!?!

It would be a great upgrade to brush my beautiful teeth with Starfleet technology lol

I would like a toothbrush with a name that sounds like a partially electric-powered Terran Empire starship.

I just need it. I need everything I see on Star Trek, including Mudd’s Andorian Helmet!

TribbleQuibble: it vibrates at *ULTRAsonic* speeds, not supersonic. supersonic denotes linear airspeed above ~800MPH, ultrasonic, oscillation above human high-end threshold.
if your toothbrush vibrated at supersonic speeds, all the toothpaste would fall off, as would all of your skin as well(lol), and you’d have far bigger problems than plaque (hee).

This toothbrush is one of the signs that we’re moving forward because of all the technological inspiration Star Trek always brings. Also, part of the Star Trek fandom is collecting/owning props, so who wouldn’t want to own that awesome thing? Owning things like that brings a fictional universe to life!

@Gabriel P. — sadly Trek is behind the ball on this one. We already have this technology. In fact I’m on my 2nd Philips Sonicare in last 4 years. I paid $79 for it, twice now. It keeps failing after the warranty runs out, so I’m now done with it. The ISSA is a far worse implementation in my opinion. The idea of plugging something into it to recharge is a step back from the excellent inductive charging method Philips uses, especially for something used around running water.

Regardless of how anyone feels about this technology it’s old school now. Trek usually paved the way for technology not yet invented, as you point out. And I seriously hope in 300 years we’re using a better method to clean our teeth than something I can buy today on Amazon. For me, this is one of DISCOVERY’s failures.

The ISSA Hybrid can help make me feel like I am living in the Star Trek universe because it looks so futuristic.

*twirls moustache* With this sonic toothbrush combined with my sonic screwdriver no one will be able to stand in my way when i take over the multiverse! *maniacal laaaaaaaugh* Hook me up so i can get started? Do so and i shall have mercy on your world..

In the 23rd century, everyone can have perfectly shiny happy teeth!

You had me at “Starfleet black”!

I work for a company who once printed on a T-shirt that we are the bacon of the enterprise. I took that to mean that the technology I work on will someday inspire work on the actual Enterprise :) The toothbrush will just solidify the fact that I currently work on Enterprise technology.

That tooth brush would go perfectly with my Black Alert alarm in the morning while brushing my teeth in my Starfleet Robe while cursing the fact that replicators aren’t a thing yet. That tooth brush would have me start my day like a Discovery crew member in a Trekiffic way

The Orville has been renewed for a second season.

When I am away from starship and unable to beam the plaque off my teeth and stun the gingivitis with my phaser in my holodeck running the 20th century dentist office program I use the Issa to give me that 23rd century feeling of clean. Kirk out.

BTW, no canon complaints about Kirk, the 23rd century and holodecks. I have TAS and STD in my corner.

I couldn’t imagine a better feeling than watching Discovery, then getting ready for bed with a FOREO ISSA

Set teeth to STUNning! This toothbrush will make my smile melt away any Vulcan stoicism and emotional blocks.

It will be one of the many trek related items i allready own!

This will go so great with my DISCO t-shirt! Now I just need a bowl full of fortune cookies, a tardigrade bigger than me, and some mushrooms to complete my Star Trek: Discovery collection.

This versatile piece of state of the art technology is just what I need to get rid of any pesty “cling-on” invaders raiding my teeth.

I can see it all now…

Eyes: Captain, close ranger mirrors are picking up multiple cling-on signatures on molars 13, 8 and 12….more inbound.

Brain: First officer Stomach, how could this have happened?

Stomach: Analyzing vessels dietary records….captain, it would appear this would be the result of abnormal consumption of Pizza, finished off with a tall glass of Coke.

Teeth: What can we do?

Brain: There’s only one thing to do…activate the FOREO ISSA, set power to stunning!

Fingers: Foreo armed and loaded sir.

Brain: Punch it.

*sputters and dies*

Eyes: Did you disengage the external inertial dampener

Fingers: …oh

Brain: Punch it.

*Teeth Cleaned*

Why do I want a sonic toothbrush? I’m and engineer, not a dentist. I don’t know. But it looks sooooo cooool

I love a toothbrush that can boldly go where no other toothbrush has gone before!

Well, I believe that having a sonic toothbrush is the first step towards having my reflection stay in the mirror after I leave the room.

As a 67 year old Trekkie I can’t wait to join the sonic revolution in true Star Trek fashion LLAP

Looks nifty!
I also have never owned any brushes save ordinary manual brushes, so this would undoubtedly not only clean better, but motivate me to clean more regularly!

Dental hygiene is just as important in the 23rd century. Pearly whites? Make it so!

Seriously? Product placement? And a sponsored article?
Coming up next: This Klingon warrior found out a way to make millions without leaving home. You’ll never guess that their secret is…

No wonder Stamets and Doctor Culber have so shiny Teeth. With this it’ll be just like I’m going off to bed after a long day full with Spores. This Toothbrush will bring me somewhere where no tooth has gone before. :D

The FOREO ISSA Hybrid: It shows plaque the airlock!
Plus, I can totally hear Sir Patrick doing voice work for the commercial. “Computer? FOREO ISSA Hybrid, black!”

Oh My God, I’ve been wanting to get a toothbrush like they’ve shown and finally, finally we got to see people actually brush their teeth on Star Trek. Was anyone else beginning to think teeth just magically cleaned themselves in the future? I’ve been wanting to switch to an electric toothbrush for ages, but the designs were all so…meh? But with this sleek design, I can just imagine I’m sonic-brushing my teeth with Tilly while we wait for the magic teeth invention…

The future of dentistry is a rinse for cleaning and stem cell therapy to fix any problems.
I suppose this thing might be useful popcorn hulls sruck in your gums. And at $150 it’s quite reasonably priced for an electric toothbrush.

A sonic toothbrush??? Shouldn’t that be on Doctor Who??

My dentist is always on me about using a softer brush and I can’t imagine one softer than starfleet issue!

Having This amazing toothbrush would make me feel like I’m already in space, all I need then is to find a ship to work on. I’d love to win this. (Also cause my own toothbrush has died last night)

As a 32 yr old guy with braces, the ISSA toothbrush would truly take me to where no man has gone before. By beaming to pesky hard to reach spots, and doing more than setting phasers to stun against tarter and plaque. It would basically fire a photon torpedo and destroy gingivitis. Plus, since my chances of being a cast member on anything Star trek related are pretty much zilch and none of us will ever meet the late, great Leanord, this contest is really the way I will ever have in regards to being a part of the trek amongst the stars

Live Long and Prosper.

I’m always looking for ways to simulate being a Starfleet officer, this would be an awesome way to keep myself healthy!

At last, I could sell back my old Ferengi Tooth sharpener to Kol, it will probably ease him up a little and so, finally end the Federation-Klingon war!

I’m having a Star Trek themed wedding in April. This would be great to help start off my married life!

The idea of a sonic toothbrush is f***ing cool, so given the other tech on the Disco herself has likewise been so described…

We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your technological distinctiveness to our own. Your toothbrush will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

The moment I saw the scene, I thought it was the coolest gadget! I started hunted on the internet to find it! Thanks for finding this awesome futuristic gadget. Every Star Trek fan should have one!

I’m devoted to continue following the Star Trek example of good dental hygiene. Set phasers to STUNNING.

I’d probably brush my teeth 10 times a day.