Star Trek Merch Update: QMx Khan, Discovery Standees And Shirts, TNG Coloring Book And More

This week has seen the revelation of a couple of new Star Trek products with a new Khan figure from QMx being a highlight. There are also a number of new products that are just hitting retailers including standees, shirts, calendars and a very TNG journal.

QMX Khan pre-order

The folks at QMx have unveiled their latest entry in their growing line of Star Trek 1:6 figures, and it is a superior figure. The Khan Noonien Singh (from TOS “Space Seed”) is around 12″ tall and has more than 30 points of articulation. It features a hand-painted sculpt of the likeness of Ricardo Montalban as Khan with a  “meticulously researched” jumpsuit that “matches the pattern, fabric and color of the original costume.” It comes with a number of accessories and interchangeable hands as well as a Star Trek delta symbol display base. The figure arrives in December and sells for $149.95. You can pre-order now at

Roddenberry LCARS Keycap Set pre-order

If you are up for some DIY work, you can get yourself a customized keyboard that looks like it came off the NCC-1701-D. This week Roddenberry started taking pre-orders on their Galaxy Class Keycap Set for Cherry MX-compatible mechanical keyboards. They are offering a number of different sets to match different keyboards.  The set costs $109.00 and can be pre-ordered now at

New At Star Trek Shop: Disco standees and Klingon shirts

The official Star Trek shop has just added new standees from Star Trek: Discovery. They currently have three choices: Capt. Lorca, Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Stamets. Each life-sized standee is made of cardboard and foam core and retail for $39.95. You can buy them now at the the Star Trek Shop.

The official Star Trek shop has also added three new Discovery tees, featuring designs from the Klingon costumes. Each one retails for $24.95 and are available now. Click the links to pick one up: T’Kuvma tee, Voq tee, and L’Rell tee.

New at Amazon: Star Trek coloring books and Discovery Calendars

Dark Horse has released their second Star Trek: The Next Generation adult coloring book. The “Continuing Missions” coloring book measures 10″ square with 96 pages and is available at Amazon now for $10.39.

Inverse has released the first ever Star Trek: Discovery wall calendar, for 2018. It measures about 12″ and is available now at Amazon for $12.20.

New at Entertainment Earth: PADD Journal

The latest Star Trek Journal from Coop is the  The Star Trek: The Next Generation PADD Faux Leather Journal. The hardcover journal features 232 lined pages and full cover graphics on front and back inside covers and measures approximately 8 1/2″ by 5 3/4.” It is available now at Entertainment Earth for $11.99.

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That Khan figure is one outstanding sculpt of Ricardo Montalban.

Those Klingon shirts have no honor.

What about the Anovos Discovery Phaser? It’s just been released and its beautiful