Shuttle Pod At The Disco Goes Native With Saru In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 8

If you want peace, prepare for this week’s Shuttle Pod podcast. Matt, Jared, and Kayla assemble a landing party to discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 8 – Debuted Sunday November 5th

Written by Kirsten Beyer
Directed by John S. Scott

At The Disco 7: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

Join us as the Shuttle Pod crew dive into episode 8 of Discovery. Author Kirsten Beyer’s first foray into writing for television was definitely a success. She was able to bring together a compelling story, where we learn more about Saru and get to follow some of the other narrative threads as they weave through the central plot.

There were a couple of nice Trek moments in this week’s installment. Our resident audiophile Matt immediately picked up on a familiar sound effect from “The Cage” (listen to the podcast to hear the effects compared). We also got a shout out to the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. As Matt points out, it’s about time he had his own ship!

The Klingon stuff this week felt a bit more exciting. Perhaps because scenes between Mary Chieffo’s L’Rell and Jayne Brook’s Admiral Cornwell were nothing short of fantastic television. Kayla says Cornwell might be her new favorite character, which makes her death(?) an interesting talking point.

As always, we are left with lots of questions in this episode that felt very much like part one of a classic two-parter. What’s the deal with the Pahvoans? Will there be repercussions for Saru, who revealed he was in his right mind during his breakdown on the plant? Is Admiral Cornwell dead, or… not? What is L’Rell really angling for? And, of course, what will happen between Discovery and the Klingons!? Listen to the podcast to hear our thoughts.

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About Paul Stamets and his mention about his DNA and reporting it to Star Fleet. Our Admiral friend already knew (she mentioned it in Lethe) about his genetic manipulation. Lorca told them but I guess he is acting like a shield for Stamets and Stamets was left in the dark.

I think we aren’t privy to a gap in time between when we last see the Admiral laying on the floor and Kol/L’Rell’s discussion at the end:
Kol (regarding the admiral’s escape): She got away from you.
L’Rell: Not for long.
The Admiral is alive IMHO.

The “needs of the many” line… I thought it was too cliché, but oh well. Another great podcast all!

When Kol said “she got away” I took that to mean when they were in the hallway. Hence, not for long.

I suspect the admiral is alive, but still in that room

If that were true, and she had been caught after escaping – wouldn’t L’Rell have her in cuffs or something? And why is Kol so surprised to see them walking together?

So me and my friends all had the same idea, perhaps we are all wrong, but Lrell advised that she was able to learn information shortly before she escaped (the hallway scene). Because Kol caught them in the hall they went at a fight together to make it look like they weren’t together in this. The admiral was knocked unconscious (or dead, who knows) so Lrell dragged her to the room with all the other dead. Lrell already lied and said they were in the hall together because the admiral go a hold of one of her knives and forced her to cooperate.

The Admiral never escaped twice. Kol was referring to the one scene in the hall where the two fought. And Lrell was talking about the info she got before she killed the admiral in the fight. Everyone I’ve talked to has gotten the same impression that the “escape” is past tense to the hallway scene and the “not for long” was lrell killing her in the hall.

But we shall see I suppose

Love the Shuttle Pod. It has always been my favorite podcast since the first episode debate over The Changeling vs ST:TMP. We are very spoiled with weekly episodes making the mid-season break all that much harder after next week. Nice job everyone and I hope Brian can join in again soon. He is clearly the walking TOS encyclopedia of the group which is where my fandom originates. Great job everyone and thanks for doing these podcasts!!

Yep, hope Brian is back soon as missed his views the last few weeks.

Saru suddenly the bionic man.

Cornwell is not dead, because if she is dead then her entire sojourn to the Klingons is meaningless.

At 32’25” in, the Pahvoans (sp?) teleport Tyler. ??? Do Discovery’s shields block that crap, because otherwise…

They teleport Tyler from one location on Pahvo to another location on Pahvo. As for the sp, this site wrote “Pahvoans” but the subtitles provided by CBS say “Pahvans”.