Check Out 8 New Photos And Video Preview Of This Weekend’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season Finale

CBS has just released eight new images from this weekend’s episode of Star Trek Discovery. The ninth episode is titled “Into the Forest I Go” and marks the mid-season finale for the series, until it returns on January 7th. This episode has been described as a “reckoning” and that things “kick into high gear” by the cast and crew.


Bypassing Starfleet’s orders, Lorca uses the USS Discovery crew’s ultimate asset, the ship itself, in an effort to end the war with the Klingons once and for all.

New photos









Video preview

CBS has also released the video promo for “Into the Forest I Go” on Twitter. (same promo shown on All Access after last weekend’s episode on CBS All Access).

Episode 9 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, November 12th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, November 13th at 8 am BST.

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Lot’s of grim looking people there…who dies?

They all do. It’s the series finale.

Now watch how many people say thathey see some hint of the Mirror Universe in the photos.

Meaning YOU


It’s the mid season finale, and the show has already been renewed for season 2, knpck it off.

He was making a joke. Relax precious.

Someone in a red shirt!

The shuttle pilot convention didn’t end well…

@LOFC_Ed — you mean a copper shirt!

Im surevthan can incorporate a red shirt in there somewhere!

By the look of it, I’d say Stamets. The scene with Dr. Culver looks like a goodbye, much like Spock going into the dilithium chamber in TWOK.

Or a “I’ll be fine doing one more jump”

If you jump I jump

Just like that?

@ziplock — interesting. Due to the genetic manipulation of Stamets, Lorca must not have told Starfleet. So who knows what he’s telling them in his reports about how the Jump drive works — which would be surprising considering its perfected, and Starfleet would want all the data on what makes it work. However, Stamets death would have to be explained, so more lies, or the true nature of the jump drive becomes known and changes everything for DISC.

Admiral Cornwall?

@Gary — Lorca has to go at some point. The Admiral isn’t the only one who must be questioning Lorca. Though who would take over? Saru? Certainly Burnam doesn’t have a shot anymore, unless she literally saves the Galaxy, as Starfleet seems to have a soft spot for such people …

Seems too soon for Lorca, but still he can’t really survive into the next season after the war is over. We know too much about why he’s not a good Starfleet captain for that to continue, and so does Starfleet apparently.

Tilly looks better each episode

I’m hoping there’ll be a scene where she is shown wearing her panty knickers

I think in new year

I like the new phaser has the look of the classic phaser and the one from the Cage, still having a hard time getting use to the bald look of the Klingons, the long hair use to be their trademark.

I like the look of the phaser, has a classic and and from the cage.

I see the JJ-Prise sent them a keg of Bud.

Looking forward to it. It seems that Lorca might be pushing Discovery’s DASH drive to its limits (and, by extension, pushing Stamets to his limits as well). How many times in quick succession can the Discovery spore jump? Should be fun.

I had this weird dream last night that I was watching Sunday’s episode and things were getting heavy and just at the last minute Pike’s Enterprise warped in for the save. The crew were in awe and a Jeffrey Hunter-looking actor, had a brief communication with Discovery.

Sure, it may not happen in the midseason finale but for those who keep saying “I just pretend this isn’t Trek, but some generic sci-fi show, I have to ask – what happens when a scene like that takes place or when the crew gets the upgraded uniforms? Will it still not be Trek? Anyway, looking forward to Sunday night’s show!

I suspect that the appearance of the Enterprise would set out the childish minority of fans who have to find something to dislike about the show.

Lifelong TOS fan here. I’d love to see the Enterprise or even another Constitution class ship.

How they can have a Klingon War and not give us a Constitution vs a D-7 battlecruiser is beyond me (and I am a Discovery fan).

It really looks like the Klingon make-up/fx have evolved a bit since the pilot episodes. KOL is looking so bad @ss. Sorry, Tkuvma :/

“End the war once and for all”? The war with the Klingons z”comes to a head”? Really? WE’ve barely seen any of this alleged war; it’s nearly all happened off-screen and it for the most part has had little to no impact on the main characters. Like I’ve mentioned in my upcoming half-season review and every time I post here, the creative decision making on this show is mind-boggling in its amateurish. I mean, we’re talking about a serialized television series, not exactly “rocket science” as it were, as every series I’ve seriously enjoyed over the last decade or so have not only been serialized and have effectively realized long form story-telling but each also pressed the envelope with the concept of serialization (I’m thinking, LOST, The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men as the qualitatively best; but also going back to the best early -late 1990s shows Homicide: Life on the Streets, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer that veered from literal to metaphoric serialization). Perhaps the most direct comparison is this so-called “Klingon war” (which doesn’t actually end of course), is the Federation’s wartime scenario with The Dominion on DS9 in which show runner Ira Steven Behr and his writers, producers pushed for an ongoing, continuous narrative and had to chance to really go to town (and did, most grippingly); they even took the time a longer season gave them to explore the war, its consequences, its unexpected thrills, and its place in “Feferation history”; with only ten episodes the DISCOVERY war couldn’t be as deep or as exploratory but instead, should have moved basically like the Abrams’ films – – like character-driven roller coasters. In instead its jumped around trying to find itself and time after time coming up promising but always lapsing short.

And they’re Klingons, again, an interesting idea badly laid out and produced.

Sorry for the typos and grammar in the above post; too little time, too much to rant.

I think the producers have approached the Federation Klignon War through showing the “human” or “Klignon” sides of the conflict rather than battle scenes. Unfortunately for them though lengthy Klignon scenes tend to be polarizing as far as viewer enjoyment is concerned. I for one don’t like most of them and as a result the war tends to come off more one-sided. Which is unfortunate as the premise sounded interesting. Unfortunately the execution has been lacking for me. Although I will say in the producers’ defense the season isn’t over yet. So they still have the time to wrap all of it up in an interesting and meaningful way. Which for me may redeem all of the stuff I had to slog through to get to the end.

I also don’t like their habit of talking about how Discovery has turned the tide of the war without being able to actually see it. Sometimes it’s better to show people the fighting rather than throwing out these one-line updates. I did like in the most recent episode the fight they had with the Klignons as they tried to come rescue the Gagarin. It helps add some depth to the conflict itself. It also helps expand the in-show universe by giving us a peek into what other ships are doing that’s not named Discovery.