‘Star Trek: Discovery’ January Return Date Has Been Set – Title And Synopsis For Ep. 10 Revealed

Following this weekend’s mid-season finale (episode 9, “Into the Forest I Go”), Star Trek: Discovery goes on hiatus. And now we know when the final six episodes will be available. CBS just announced the first season starts up again on All Access on Sunday, January 7th with episode 10, titled “Despite Yourself.”

Here is the official synopsis for episode 10:

While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

The remaining five episodes will run through the following five Sundays with no breaks, not even for the Grammys. This means the first season of Star Trek:Discovery will wrap up on February 11th, 2018 with episode 15. CBS has not yet announced episode titles for the final five episodes.

A second season for the series was recently announced, but there is no indication yet on when that will debut. Work on developing the second season is set to start soon.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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Sounds like a Mirror episode!

Mirror Universe indeed! I bet Sunday’s episode ends on a cliffhanger with the crew realizing that they aren’t in the interstellar version of Kansas anymore!

That would be a great cliffhanger!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the final 6 episode take place entirely in the mirror universe.

That’s a great theory and I hope you are correct. The way I read it made me feel like this would be similar to the time Voyager was taken by the Kazon or when DS9 was overrun by the Dominion/Cardassians. Not that those were bad shows but I’m hoping this goes in a different direction for Discovery.


Yes, I’m thinking a voyager thing myself through a shroom created wormhole or just a navigation screw up

“Despite Yourself” (as well as the Frakes connection) definitely suggests Mirror.

Speaking of which, I posted some comments yesterday on a different page that never appeared. Alternate universe maybe?

Mirror Universe most certainly. Hope they hit a home run for the mid-season break.

And five weeks in a row come January – So $20 more to CBSAA, then cancel again until whenever Season 2 is. Sounds like a plan.

I figure if I join a week late, I can get all 5 episodes for the price if 1 month.

You know, naHQun, I figured that out about a minute after I posted the above, but was a bit ashamed to admit I suck at math that bad. $10 it is, all the better…

I don’t n get the whole leave CBSAA in between Discovery.
As long as Discovery is part of CBSAA , I am THERE!

For the same reason I only pay for HBO when Game of Thrones is active.
I watch the new episodes, and then I leave.

I see no reason to pay for CBSAA or HBO after the season is over.

Now, at some point in the future, I may feel the need to rewatch an episode (or the whole season), and at that point I may renew for a month, but I have no intention to pay every month for a service that I probably won’t touch.

I have no problem paying for All Access. I’m paying the full commercial-free price, but I’m only going to pay while there is content I want to watch.

I continue to pay for HBO NOW all year, because HBO has both original content, movies and documentaries which have me tuning in every week (at $15/month). Not so with CBSAA (at $10/month). Depending on how long it takes them to come out with DISC season 2, I *might* renew for a month next year and binge the first season, but that’s a question for later.

@Dan – I seem to recall paying for HBO for The Sopranos and cancelling way back in the day. But I have had it continuously for years now. My cable bill is very high but I can afford it and feel there is value. Same thing with Netflix which I recently upgraded when I bought a 4K TV (and Netflix just raised prices but still worth it for me.

But I dont think anyone has to keep All Access if they dont want to use it. CBS’ goal is to have enough content to cut churn but those churn numbers will tell them which shows are driving subs. So by all means, if people only have it for Discovery, they should cancel when its over.

@Nah – and you should only pay for content you want. That tells CBS what content to invest in. If subs all jump off after Discovery, they know how valuable it is. If people sub for The Good Fight, then they know valuable that it.

Some people are cheap. a few cents per episode is TOO MUCH. But they will exercise the right that comes with paying those few cents to whine about the show when 98% of the complaining is about things that just went over their heads.

Drives me crazy how cheap these people are. They will just take the money and buy a cup of coffee…


Fine. If it costs so little then you would have no problem paying for us to keep CBSAA going for two months. Give me your email and I’ll let you know where to send the check. ;)

@Kirok – if you can’t afford it, thats fine. No one is insulting you because you cant afford it. YOU’RE the one who keeps going on and on about it and you never say you cant afford it, you say you dont want to pay. So why should someone pay for you? Grow up.

Agreed, TUP. Listen, I’ve been pretty clear I’m no fan of the CBSAA business model. But at this rate, each episode of season one will have cost me about $1.87. Is that worth it? Absolutely. No doubt about it. The show is enjoyable. Does it mean I’m going to keep paying for it when the season ends and the service has nothing else I’m interested in? No way. That’s just common sense.

I don’t know if people are complaining about things that are over their heads, or simply things they don’t like (perceived canon violation/continuity issues/designs/sfx, etc.)


People don’t seem to be complaining about things that are over their heads. Thus far it seems the things people have complained about have been legitimate issues for them. Including the complaints I have personally disagreed with. The over their heads thing is just something some arrogant people might use when they can’t comprehend someone having a different opinion or viewpoint. Those types feel compelled to squash differing thoughts. I think it best to just ignore such things.

Kirok – I know any problem(s) I have with the show aren’t from a lack of understanding the subject material, but yes, legit gripes about, well, everything you and I have pretty much agreed upon on past postings.

Despite the vitriolic nature of some threads here, I do look forward to visiting this site to chat and read other people’s views about Trek. Whether agreeing with each other or not, a fiercely dedicated and passionate fan base.

Trying to find a The Walking Dead site akin to this, and not having much luck.

Danpaine, I enjoy the site as well. I like the differing points of view and embrace the opinions of others. I find it fun to go back and forth with most who disagree provides we all know this is just for fun and nothing here is life shattering. We are just yapping about Star Trek here and not worth getting into any kind of pi$$ing contest with anyone. In the end, even with disagreements on Discovery or anything else we are all Trek fans.

…and it does provide a nice respite from the real-world news outside. I’d much rather banter about ship designs and favorite episodes than politics and dark current events.

@Dan – agreed. The majority of people who post here and disagree do so to engage in positive discussion. Its a very few people that spam and troll and repeat the same thing and dont get it. Someone going on and on and on about not wanting to pay isnt posting anything about the show…its just spam about how they dislike streaming (which they’ve been saying for over a year)

No, Kirok, you dont get streaming and you keep repeating your same position that you want to sub and unsub in a way to minimize paying for the show. We’ve heard you. You’re cheap. We get it. Time to move on man..

@Dan – yeah. I remember when the Sopranos were huge on HBO. Same thing. Thats why they spread out their shows while adding more content. They know what spikes subs. Same with Netflix and House of Cards, OITNB etc.

I find it hilarious when the SAME couple of people post in every thread about how they cant wait to unsubscribe, then time their re-sub so they can binge the show for the least amount of money.

Just post “Im a cheapskate”. Over and over and over and over again. One of these guys, before the season, said he had friends willing to share a subscription! hahaha split the $6 nine ways!

Like come on… entitled to his opinion. But repeating it over and over is trolling. It has nothing to do with anything. “I hate CBSAA” “I time my sub to pay the least” “I cant wait to cancel”. Okay, we’ve heard you. Enough.

And yes, in some cases, people dont understand how streaming works, dont understand premium content etc. Simply dont understand. The guy claimed for a year that streaming as a technology didnt work because HIS netflix buffered. So the rest of us that have no issues were just lying I guess. Some people hahaha

Im with you, Dan. Small price to pay. If it bothered me that much, I’d cancel the channel. Like why complain? Either watch or dont watch but no one is forcing you to watch.

I’d keep my subscription if the new session of The Good Fight comes out in time for session one final. I recently started watching that show and love it. But if not I’ll probably keep it long enough to binge watch all of STDC session one all together then shut it down until session two. I do wish there was at least as much content on All Access as HBO Now/GO but there isn’t. It’s not even close. If there was I’d keep it.

I’ll probably do a rewatch of the first 9 episodes over the next couple weeks. My month (like many) doesn’t end until about the 23rd. — then cancel, and then pick up again probably the 4th week of January for 1 more month until 2019.

So the Discovery gets stranded… but where? Across space? In time? In another timeline? The Kelvin Universe? The Mirror Universe? Odds are probably in the Mirror Universe favor. But I hope it’s not. That universe has been played out in Trek.

“Mirror, Mirror” was great. But every story after has been just a VHS copy of that one. After awhile, the quality suffers.


They’ve already stated that there will be couple episodes set in the Mirror universe, and from the synopsis it’s almost certain that’s where they are heading.


Ugh! I heard the rumor of a mirror episode. But more than one? Really? The season is already only 15 episodes. And they can take the time away from the main story arc to do that? I’ll of course reserve judgement until I’ve actually seen what they do so I’m hoping it works out ok. But on the surface it doesn’t sound positive.

I know, there are people who like the mirror universe a lot more than me. And that’s fine too. We are here to share our opinions.

You wont reserve judgement. You already just complained about it. lol

More than likely it will be a two-parter. If so I think thats fine. I love the MU but I don’t need an entire season of it. 1 episode a season like how DS9 did it was enough. IIRC I think Enterprise was going to go back to the MU if they got another season as well.

I actually liked the Enterprise Mirror universe episode.

By golly I don’t get why people hold TOS episodes up as if they’re masterpieces. They’re nice, fun shows. There’s some good writing here and there. It’s without a doubt a ground breaking show.

But its quality has long been surpassed, even within its own franchise.

I sort of miss the old days when a season lasted right through until about May..

Shows like this are too expensive to make to last more than 12 or so episodes

Is it really too expensive? How do they pay for the show? Commercials tied to each episode, right? How does cutting the amount of episodes really make more money?

@Jeff – ummmm, its on a Streaming Service with limited commercials.

Well this one is a unicorn, so to speak. That doesn’t explain the dozens of other shows doing the same thing.

@Jeff – Im not sure your point. The return they get from commercials would be rather low since its limited. As a streaming service their main source of return is subscriber fees. In the case of Discovery, they get a sigificant amount of money from Netflix and Bell as well.

The OP used 12 episodes which is odd because Discovery is 15 episodes and was increased after production began. Its a very expensive show and would be cost prohibitive to go 20+.

Im curious about the order for Season 2. Will it remain 15 or shrink a bit.

Jeff: What are some of the “dozens” of streaming shows have more episodes than DSC?

Pretty much all the shows on TNT, Syfy, AMC, USA are 10-13 episode seasons now days (16 ep. if you are lucky).

DataMat said he missed the days when seasons lasted longer. Discovery isn’t leading that trend and neither is Netflix or Hulu. It started happening in quantity before those guys joined the club.

So I am grouping ST:DIS into the club with all the others that are mostly add supported yet still doing 13 episode seasons. One would think in those cases that making more episodes would bring in more money.

The reasons for shorter seasons now is for increased quality over quantity.

You can attract bigger name actors who would otherwise be reluctant to be contracted for a “traditional” TV season.

Its easier to tell a more focused and dramatic story. People have debated here that in the days of 25+ episodes, if you removed the “filler”, you’re left with 15-ish really good episodes.

And in the old days, 100 episodes was sort of the magic number to sell a series to syndication with there being examples of series that might otherwise be cancelled, being renewed to get close to that magic number because the production company could make money on the syndication package.

That changed where a lot of providers dont care. Quality means more now. I remember the Sopranos making news for a huge syndication package with A&E ($200 million) and only 86 episodes

Me too. But we can either have:

-A 26 episode season with 10 really great episodes, 5 good episodes, and ten others ranging from “meh” to terrible, with good to middling production values
-15 episodes that are all good to great, with top notch cast, state of the art FX and cinematic production values.

After 50 years of the former, I’m happy to try out the latter. I’ll reassess which I’d rather have when the season ends. I’ll admit there’s a part of me that might sacrifice some quality for a few more average episodes.


Except so far we have had 8 “meh” episodes with high production values and one superior one with high production values.

Knowing that my vote is for a 22 episode season with 15 good to really good episodes. Even if the production values are a little less. A great special effect is less great if the rest of the episode is mediocre.

Except so far we have 8 fantastic episodes, so everything after your initial statement is void. Clearly we’re on opposite sides of this issue.

@Burnham – I agree. its one thing if someone had legitimate points to make. But “streaming sucks, how dare they” and “I wont even watch” and “Fine, Ill watch but I wont like it” and “I dont like it” and “I hate they make me pay for it”…like come on, just dont watch it then! lol

The people with reasonable criticisms, post all day please. I love discussions. But the entrenched people who were never going to like it? thats the “meh”

OK Burnham. You think the show is way better than I do. That’s fair. I wouldn’t say we are on opposite sides. There are many here who really don’t like the show. I’m in the middle. I think it has potential but so far has not fulfilled it. I don’t think it unfair to expect a little more from a limited series that is the only thing worth looking at on it’s pay extra for platform than a full 22 episode season on a more traditional delivery format. I love my trek but I gotta be honest. There are a number of better shows on cable. Again, don’t mistake that for thinking the show is bad. It’s not. But it’s not great either. Every time I tune in I do so hoping to see improvement. I really want it to be better than “meh”. I’m hoping this mid season finale hits it out of the park. I really do.

@Kirok – why would you want 22 episodes if you think half the 15 episode season is “meh”? Do you think adding 7 episodes somehow increases the quality over-all? Doesnt make sense.

Plus, if you’re going to keep complaining about paying for All Access, how does adding nearly two more months of service raise the value? You’d still be paying for it. I mean, MOST people would still be paying for it.

If you dont see the value in paying for it now, why would making you pay for two more months suddenly make it better value? You’ve routinely said you want to time your subbing and unsubbing to binge and only pay the least amount you can. Your point makes no sense.

And, 20+ episode seasons is becoming rarer now especially for shows considered premium content.

…your definition of ‘fantastic” and mine are clearly from different dictionaries. Unless, of course, you’re meaning it is based on fantasy and isn’t real. However, if you’re meaning to imply that Discovery is excellent,or superlative, we’ll have to agree to disagree as I find it derivative, and mediocre at best. At it’s worst, downright boring. Trek has been and can be many things…adventurous, campy, funny, sexy, imaginative…just to think of a few…but it should never be dull. Discovery can and has managed, on occasion to be quite un-engaging. It is no longer must-see TV on Sunday night…with me and many of my Trekkie and non-trekkie casual sci-fi friends. It’s become a, “I’ll catch it next week sometime..” And that can be the beginning of this series’ threads slowly unraveling. Not good.

@Kirok Your opinion doesnt count for much. Stop pretending its a fact. Its not. The bulk of the episodes have been far better than “meh”.

People can call these episodes “meh” all they want, that’s fine. What’s beyond doubt is that the first season of DSC and it’s “meh” episodes up to now has been far superior to any first season from TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, in terms of writing and acting. That is the only valid comparison. It’s unfair to judge a show by comparing it to the entire run of another series. Even then only DS9 and TNG have genuine quality

Why do you assume that your opinion “counts” any more than his does? You are making a rude and false presumption, TUP.

@Just – not really. I never said my opinion counts more or less. The fact my opinion is always far more informed does raise the level. But someone suggesting the episodes are “meh” is just factually incorrect.

You can really separate the people here who have relevant criticisms from the one that never liked it, never were going to like it and have become a self fulfilling prophecy. Because they never have anything to say but cheap criticisms.

@Just Another Salt Vampire

Not sure how long you’ve been around here but that is exactly what TUP does. Be rude and make false presumptions. Others, including myself, have attempted to converse reasonably but get brutally rejected. He exhibits troll like behavior and I am no longer feeding. Comments by TUP are completely ignored. His arrogant and baiting posts are not worth the time. The site is much more interesting and enjoyable without that sort of thing.

…not really. At least not from where I sit. I want to like the show, but fact is, it just isn’t that good. And by all rights, it should be…but it’s not. I can easily understand why Nick Meyer appeared to be put out for being shown the writer’s door and labeled “consultant”. Methinks the muddled vision of the much troubled writer’s tank caused Meyer to speak out, and it probably wasn’t glowing approval. We’ll see what the writers leave us hanging with in a couple of days and see if the hype-machine was right this week.


I agree that by all rights the show ought to be better than it is. Especially considering all the circumstances surrounding it. I guess it’s possible I was expecting too much but I wasn’t expecting GoT here. There are other short season series’ out there on cable and on streaming that generate a lot more buzz than this one does.

Me, I prefer shorter seasons. There tends to be a lot of filler/stretching, otherwise. 13 episodes or less is pretty great for this fella.

Look at Stranger Things, a diff kind of show, sure – but the first season was eight episodes, some longer than others. A lot of ground was covered. I think it could even have been cut down by an episode and still have been as good.

After eight episodes of Discovery, not that much has actually happened — we still, arguably, barely know these characters. I feel like I know the Orville crew better at this point.

And even the Klingon backstory and the current war seems barely sketched out, despite a fair bit of airtime. The idea of a fractured empire of different houses is potentially pretty interesting, but it’s been given pretty short shrift (despite long speeches).

It’s not the same kind of closed-arc storytelling as Stranger Things, sure — since Discovery does have room, they can stretch —but it just all feels sort of insubstantial, so far. And not in a “there’s far more underneath” way.

I could very well be proven completely wrong, here.

Its usually tough to tell an hour-long, stand alone story well…especially these days when they have about 40 minutes…but these writers had a long LONG time to craft an intricate tale over 15 episodes. We’re halfway through and we don’t have just a whole lot, do we? Very disappointed.

And 40 minutes is for traditional commercial filled tv. Streaming isn’t supposed to limited in that way. Yet the episodes are mostly 47-8 minutes. They did have a very long time to craft the chapters and create the feeling that the next episode must be seen ASAP. Like other shows have done. Yet STD seems to continually come up short in that department. Again, I’m not saying the show is bad. Just that I feel it ought to have been better.

What do a we miss with shorter seasons? Let me count the ways: no wacky Ferengi episodes. No Lwaxana Troi. No Q-as-depicted-in-Voyager. No mirror universe-as-depicted-in DS9. No kid-centric episodes. Need I go on?

But isn’t Discovery getting Mirror Universe episodes? And I think thats kind of presumptuous to assume just because there are less episodes mean it will be less filler. And some of those episodes were probably made because people thought they were good stories to tell, not just ‘filler’.

I guess because Enterprise already had an ISS, they can’t be in the mirror universe already now, but it would be super crazy if they ended up in a “purer” prime universe and just… couldn’t leave…

And… what if Michael faces an evil Spock?! Fandom will $%^ the bed! :)

And Frakes directed this one.

This means I resubscribe January 12.

And based on the synopsis it sounds like the spore drive takes them somewhere besides where they need to be.


Kirok I wish you’d borrow the spore drive :-)

If you want to continue to see top-notch, big budget Star Trek productions then supporting CBS: All Access is the key. If we cancel in the off-season we risk hurting the future of the show. That being said, if you think the show isn’t worth your support then- by all means cancel your subscription.
This is the first time I get the chance to have input on whether the show survives, and my $9.99/5.99 is my input. If they want my loot they need to produce a top-notch product. So far, it’s been worth every penny.

Eh. If CBS sees a correlation between lapsed subscribers re-subscribing and Star Trek returning from hiatus, that’s a pretty powerful signal that Star Trek is a valuable property.

Love Discovery even after all the delays and negative publicity. It is a pain that you have to subscribe to CBS All Access to see it but there is a lot more on the service to watch as well. With the 9 first half season shows and as indicated here 6 more to finish out the season we as the public seem to get short changed on season episodes anymore. Comparing discovery with other Star Trek series they had 20-26 episodes per season. This was true of Star Trek Enterprise which ended in 2005. Not only Star Trek but any of the current series of shows seem to be short changing the viewing public cutting back on the number of episodes in a season and ridiculously long delays sometimes between mid season and continuation and sometime very long delays between seasons as well.

Thats because Star Trek is on a streaming site now. Only networks (and American networks) have that kind of episode count because they just made a lot more money off of both advertising and syndication deals. But now both of those are changing and you see a lot of shows on network TV making less and less full season (22+) episodes a season. It still happens but its not as was since so many shows today are doing more 10-15 shows like cable and now, ironically, making money selling seasons to streaming sites.

TNG was originally only done with 26 episodes a year because thats how many they needed to make it profitable in a shorter amount of time. Things have changed a lot. ut

If Discovery was on a more traditional network you may see more episodes and chances are we may get a few more next year if CBS is telling the truth of how much of a ‘hit’ Discovery really is. It will be the episode count that will tell us. If its the same or more then it probably was. If its less than maybe not so much.

Just sucking up our money with CBS All Access, but I love the show!

I bet Stamets brings them in to the mirror universe as he can’t distingush the two after a jump, and this time it will be several consequent jump’s, and i bet he will concentrate on the wrong one as destination.

As others have said the problem traditionally with the mirror universe is that each episode has been nearly like a carbon copy of the previous. Hopefully Discovery has a reason necessary to the story for including it.

On the other hand, it got me thinking. If Discovery sticks around for 3-4 seasons it would be super cool if they could visit the Kelvin universe properly with the full cast of characters from those movies. No telling what it would cost, but it would be fairly fun to see.

I think I watched one DS9 mirror episode (the one where Kira and Ezri made out). Apart from it being a chance for the actors to have some fun, I just didn’t get the appeal. I thought the Enterprise one, retro stuff aside, was silly. Most of the characters, except maybe Spock, are so cartoonishly evil that it doesn’t add much to the nature vs. nurture discussion.

Oh no…. the route that Trekyards has said seems like it’s coming true…. I hoped it didn’t go this route… kind of cheap I think. I hope it’s done well but this isn’t the direction I was hoping they would go… We had a full 7 years of Voyager’s mission to “get home.” I’m not up for another one, and I hope this story only lasts an episode or two…. and not the premise of the rest of the season/series.

I seriously doubt this is going to turn into Voyager. It will probably last the rest of the season though but unless the Klingon war arc is done by next episode (highly doubtful) then they will need to get back to complete that.