The Starfleet Academy Experience Arrives At Liberty Science Center

The Starfleet Academy Experience is an immersive traveling exhibit that has just beamed in to Jersey City, NJ. The exhibit will be available to Trekkies through May 28, 2018 at the Liberty Science Center (LSC). TrekMovie was at the opening event in Jersey City, along with Trekkies of all ages. Watch our video below for a look at the exhibit and reactions from fans.

Jersey City is the latest stop on the Starfleet Academy Experience’s multi-nation tour. Read our reviews of the inaugural event held in Ottowa, Canada and it’s first US stop in New York.

Enlist in Starfleet Academy

The Experience gives you the chance to “enter” Starfleet Academy as a “Cadet” to test your skills through several interactive games and quizzes to determine your best potential career field in Starfleet. You can try your hand at scanning an injured Klingon where you’ll use a biobed and tricorder in an attempt to diagnose the injury. As you scan the Klingon you’re presented with a description of symptoms on the biobed screen to help you make an assessment.

Test your aptitude for Starfleet medical by scanning this injured Klingon (Photo courtesy CBS)

Another interactive game tests your ability to safely plot a course to a star base on a touch screen while avoiding dangerous spacial anomalies, asteroid belts, and patrolling birds of prey. Other activities include identifying a safe planet for an Away Team, testing your phaser skills in an interactive video game, and practicing your Klingon language skills.

Feel more comfortable at tactical? Take a spin on a simulator (photo courtesy CBS)

The final test is none than the Kobayashi Maru which you get to take “on the bridge” of the Enterprise-D at one of several computer terminals. Cadets have to decide to evade or attack Klingons while transporting Kobayashi Maru crew members to safety. At the end of the exhibit you can see a summary of your activities on a terminal, revealing your potential future career in Starfleet. Results and your certificate can be emailed to you.

Experience-goers see if they have what it takes to command the bridge of the Enterprise-D

Take a walk through Star Trek history

You also get a to see a variety of Trek props on display including phasers, medical props, and PADDs. You can also see several full costumes on display ranging from Starfleet uniforms to Klingon and Ferengi garb. Costumers in particular may enjoy the opportunity to see the intricate details in every garment up close.

Get up close and personal with some iconic Star Trek props and costumes (photo courtesy CBS)

Kicking it off in style: The Enterprise arrives in New Jersey

Last Friday, LSC kicked off the “arrival” of the USS Enterprise with a special fun-filled celebration. Jordan Hoffman, the host of The CBS official Trek podcast, “Engage,” hosted several of the evening events including a trivia contest and a costume contest. One of the most enjoyable events was the “Khan-test,” where fans performed their best James T. Kirk impersonation of his infamous exclamation, “Khannn!”

Fans try out their best “Khaaaaaaan!” scream

A few celebrity guests were also on-hand to help commemorate the festivities. Jill Pantozzi, pop culture journalist spoke about her experiences with Trek and science fiction. Robb Pearlman, Trek author, performed a reading of some of his work. Jill and Robb also served as judges for the costume contest.

Fans also got to enjoy Trek-themed cocktails, “phaser tag,” and alien makeovers provided by The School of Makeup Effects. Attendees could also enjoy watching a great line-up of TOS episodes in the museum’s theater.

“Engage” podcast host Jordan Hoffman hosts guests on stage

Visit the Experience

A Star Trek Combination Pass gets you into the Science Center and includes admission to the Starfleet Academy Experience. It will run you $32.75 for an adult or $27.75 for a child age 2-12. Get more information about tickets and visiting the Science Center at their website.

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I was lucky enough to be at the opening event in Ottawa, with Shatner, de Lancie, & René Auberjonois, and went back once with my family. It looks like they’ve improved the lighting in sickbay since the exhibit was here.
It’s a fun few hours, but it wasn’t as polished as the similar ‘Star Wars Identities’. But it was thrilling to sit in the Captain’s chair on the Enterprise-D bridge. I hope the folks in New Jersey enjoy it!

Thanks for the video! Nicely done. Looks like a lot of fun. I may need to, um, Trek down to New Jersey to see the exhibit.

Ill be in NJ next week… Thats Convenient!

I’m in New York again just after New Years,and even though I’m just a casual Trekker and not a Trekkie,lol,I might check this out. Sounds like fun!!

I was very disappointed by this when it was at the USS Intrepid last year. Half the things were broken or malfunctioning both times I went (about a month apart). I hope this one fares better than that outing.