Watch Lorca Pump Up His Crew Of Warriors In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season Finale Clip

Tonight is the mid-season finale for Star Trek: Discovery (titled “Into the Forest I Go”) and to get you ready CBS has released a new clip to IndieWire featuring a scene in engineering with Dr. Culber showing concern for Lt. Stamets as he gets back into the reaction chamber, along with Capt. Lorca letting his crew know they are ready for combat. 

3 new images

CBS has also released three new images from “Into the Forest I Go” (in addition to the 8 released on Thursday).




Cast and writers share behind the scenes images

“Into the Forest I Go” was written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt, both of whom were on Twitter this morning sharing images from when they were on the set during filming.

And actor Ken Mitchell (Kol) shared this image crossing the franchise streams.

Co-executive producer Ted Sullivan has been evangelizing the mid-season finale, all week. Last night, it highlighted one of the lesser known members of Discovery’s bridge crew. Patrick Kwok-Choon who plays Lt. Rhys.

Speaking of Kwok-Choon, he tweeted out a great Discovery cast group selfie last week.

Interviews of the week:

Here are some more links from the week to get you all caught up on Discovery. Actress Jayne Brook talks Lorca relationship and the death of Cornwell.

CBC Radio: Discovery dialect coach Rea Nolan talks about training Klingons and giving Lorca his southern twang.

E Online: Old friends Mary Wiseman and Mary Chieffo on going from Julliard together to Star Trek together.

Metro Weekly: Wilson Cruz talks Stamets/Culber relationship and Anthony Rapp.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star TrekDiscovery news at TrekMovie.

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whoooo RAAAAAaaa

So, WHO wrote tonight’s episode? Those tweets are confusing…

Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt

“Capacity 2000%”?!? Woooah! Looks like it’s gonna be a very long jump.
And Stamets expression in his face is like he’s gonna be executed!

im guessing the old jump and dump torpedoes routine over and over until boom

Say what you will about Russo’s theme, but just looking at this clip it works so incredibly well as part of the score! No other ST tv Theme had been able to blend as well, because they’re all majestic and in a major key; Russo’s theme is more subtle and in minor -perhaps too subtle for the credits, but to hear it popping up in almost every episode so far, I think it works like magic!

@Roald — from a strict musical standpoint that’s just not true. And I don’t agree.

Ya’ll, what is The Walking Dead actor Lennie James (Morgan) doing in that last twitter photo?!!?? It might be a double whammy tonight! Morgan might be the next big-ticket casualty in TWD and officially debut on DSC!! Wow.

@TrekMovie Did you not see LENNIE JAMES in that photo!!??!?!?

Pahvo = Turkey

Nobody is saving Pahvo at Thanksgiving.

There’s a hint there.

would have been interesting to see the Klingons and Discovery team up to destroy the evil turkeys

the enemy of my enemy is my friend

Lennie James! Walking Dead to the Ship of the Dead!