First Look At February 2018 Star Trek Comics From IDW

IDW has just released their February 2018 solicitations with synopses and covers for all their titles. There will be two new Trek titles for the month. This includes the 17th entry in the ongoing Kelvin-universe series Star Trek: Boldly Go, bringing the fifth issue in the “I.D.I.C.” mini-series exploring the multiverse. Also due in February is another one of John Byrne’s New Visions TOS photo manipulation comics.

New Star Trek Comics For February

Star Trek: Boldly Go #17  (32 pages • $3.99)
written by Mike Johnson with art by Marcus To

“I.D.I.C.”Part 5 of 6!It’s the penultimate chapter of “I.D.I.C.,” the blockbuster Star Trek comics event! Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations has introduced us to myriad versions of the beloved Enterprise crew… but the villain behind it all now threatens to wipe out all realities!

Cover A: Marcus To

Retail Incentive Cover by Yoshi Yoshitani

Photo Cover

NOTE: There will also be a B by Fico Ossio.

Star Trek: New Visions: Isolation (48 pages • $7.99)
written with photo manipulation by John Byrne

Captain Kirk has found himself all alone on the Enterprise before—but what happens when each individual member of the crew finds themselves in a similar state? And who is behind this… isolation?

Cover by John Byrne

Previews of other upcoming titles:

November Star Trek Comics

December Star Trek Comics

January Star Trek Comics

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What,no STD comic? Isn’t it a four issue mini-series? Or maybe it wasn’t a monthly thing. Guess I missed the memo on that one,lol! Hope they do a STD ongoing comic though.

When I was in senior high we were all given comics on STD. Terrifying stuff.

LOL! That funny. But I really do hope IDW will do an ongoing comic from the new series. It’s called a lot of things for short,I just stuck with STD,lol!

You need to come to DISCO, dude ;^)
[And bring protection because you don’t want any STDs]

But I LOVE STD!!!! ROFL!!!! Never thought I’d say this,but…..I actually miss the show right now.

Same here, I re-watched all the episodes this week and it definitely leaves one craving for more. Can’t wait for Jan!

Huhg? DSC’s comics are coming out. 1st issue in November 29th, 2 more in December, and 1 more in January. Covers for issue 2 and 4 have not been revealed yet. An alternate cover for issue 1, and the cover for issue 3 were revealed about 2 weeks ago.

https://www.idwpublishing. com/product-category/star-trek/star-trek-discovery/

That cover for issue 3 is insane!

JJ-verse Uhura is holding a TOS phaser! DISASTER!

That could be Yeoman Zahra from TOS ;D

Who the heck is Zahra, anyway? I see a lot of her in the KT ST comics. And she seems to change her appearance off and on.

Yeoman Zahra appeared in “Operation Annihilate!”. If you google pics of her, you’ll see she a closer basis for Zoe Saldana’s Uhura than the Nichelle Nichols depiction of Uhura.

IKR? First thing I noticed

Remember though,that the story is about different timelines or something,so it could actually be correct.

I like the concept of the top cover, but did the center Sulu get shot with a tribble gun?

That skirt on Uhura is a bit short; any shorter and you would be able to see her panty knickers…

yeah good point no disco comics
any update on that trek movie , please

No movie planned, or in development. Check back in 2020.

Last I heard it’s being released in 2019,maybe check back before 2020? lol! I read it this past week,just can’t remember where,but I’ll look into it. Especially since I also heard Paramount have no Trek on their schedule before 2020.

Well all you heard was just more rumors or speculation because there has been no official news anywhere another film is happening and Karl Urban said so as much as a month ago.

Believe me, if there was official word anywhere, it would’ve been big headlines here and every sci fi related site around.

Well I’ll still try and find where I read it a few days ago,just to see what it said. I heard months ago too that they didn’t have anything Trek in 2019,like I mentioned in my post,that’s why I was kinda curious about what I read.

Pavel Chekov should appear in Star Trek 14 in 2019.