Review: QMx’s 1:6 Star Trek: TOS Khan Is The Superior Figure

QMx’s line of 1:6 Star Trek figures is expanding with Khan from the classic TOS episode “Space Seed.” TrekMovie got an early look just in time for today’s release.

QMx is a company known for its fine artisanship, especially when it came to their mouth-watering (and wallet-busting) artisan replica models of the U.S.S. Enterprise and other ships. But even for fans with more modest means may already have one of QMx wide selection of badges, art prints, jewelry, or perhaps a tribble.

As for 1:6 figure line, Khan Noonien Singh joins TOS versions of Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. Leonard McCoy, as well as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in their 1:6 line.

Khan’s Sculpt Just As Superior As His Intellect

Unlike other figures, such as the Select Series from Diamond Select Toys, the 1:6th Khan only comes with one head, but one is enough. This hand-painted image of Ricardo Montalban captures exactly how he looked during “Space Seed.” The figure’s face and neck have been carved to match every line and detail in Montalban’s face. His hair is perfect, pulled back as tightly as it was in the episode.

Khan stands at 12 inches tall, and the figure has over 30 points of articulation. Also included are three sets of hands, allowing Khan’s hands to match a number of different poses.

Khan’s 20th Century Clothing

While Khan wore three different costumes during “Space Seed,” this version wears the 20th-century military jumpsuit that he and his followers donned in the final act of the episode as they were taking over the Enterprise. QMx researched and matched the figure’s clothing so that they perfectly match the costume Montalban wore in the episode.

Crushing Phasers: Khan’s Accessories

One of the most enjoyable moments of “Space Seed” was when Kirk attacked Khan during their climactic battle in engineering and, upon losing his phaser, Khan crushed it in his hands in a display of his genetically-modified strength. The QMx figure comes with exactly that: a crushed phaser. The phaser has a removable handle so that you can display it in various stages of destruction.

Additionally, Khan comes with the engineering rod that Kirk pulled from a console with which he used to best him. This accessory makes the 1:6th Kirk figure necessary to recreate the legendary fight scene in engineering, as it is Kirk who wields it.

The figure comes with a round stand with a gold delta shield, just like the other TOS figures in the line. Instead of attaching a peg through a plastic boot like smaller figures do, the stand holds the figure upright with two black braces positioned at the figure’s crotch. The pair of braces also move independently of one another, allowing collectors to position Khan securely in more extreme poses.

In Summary

Overall, this figure is worth every penny. The size, level of detail, number of accessories, and articulation remind you of one of the most memorable TOS episodes at every glance. The QMx 1:6 Khan figure retails for $149.95 and was made available for purchase just today. You can pick on up on the QMx site.

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Thanks for a great review!

Is that Bill Maher?

Looks like George Hamilton or Dick Gautier (and 10 points to anybody who gets that last reference)

I got it! Loved him as Hymie.

Well, this is definitely NOT a Thing that was Rotten! (and 5 bonus points to whoever gets that reference – without resorting to IMDB [grin])

Great figure but I always cringe when I see them on those crotch grabbing stands. :)

I don’t know if it’s the angles, the lighting or what but it just doesn’t look like pictures of the prototype Khan that I’ve seen by just doing a google search on “QMX Khan”.