Preview: Star Trek: Discovery – The Light Of Kahless Issue #1

On Wednesday IDW releases the first issue for the first comic tie-in to Star Trek: Discovery. Co-written by veteran Trek comic writer Mike Johnson and Discovery staff writer Kirsten Beyer, the new four-issue series has a Klingon focus which is reflected in the name “The Light of Kahless.” 

Star Trek: Discovery Issue 1 preview

Star Trek: Discovery Issue #1 is due in comic ships on November 29th, with a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order it at TFAW at a discount. The trade paperback collection of all four issues of “The Light of Kahless” is due in May and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

Look for the TrekMovie review of issue #1 soon.


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Discovery, era “Klingons” wiping their “Ass” with a Starfleet uniform.
Perfect symbol for what the “Creators” of the show think of Star Trek, its legacy & fans.

@Trekboi89. They are enemies of the Federation and were quite brutal in TOS (The mind sifter in Errand of Mercy for example). Since this takes place 10 years before TOS the behavior of the Klingons is quite consistent with the timeframe and cannon.

A problem with Discovery, but it represents a broader problem in pop culture–the obsession with looking as cool and edgy as possible at all times.


Why is this in English?!

Why is this only in English?
Where is the Klingon language edition?

The linework looks great, just a real shame the colourwork is so muddy, it’s looks like a grey mess, and makes the artwork difficult to “read”.