Watch: Adam Savage Explores The ‘Star Trek’ And ‘Into Darkness’ Props And Costumes Auction

As we reported last month, on December 2nd over 400 lots from the 2009 Star Trek movie and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness are being sold at a live auction by PropStore. Paramount is auctioning off props and costumes that have been in storage since Into Darkness and weren’t used for 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

To get a closer look at what’s going on the block Adam Savage of Mythbuster’s fame dropped by the PropStore warehouse to check it out.

PropStore has also released this promo video about the auction.

Catalog available now

PropStore has made the full 248-page catalog available to download as a PDF from their site. You can also order a printed catalog  for $25.

Registration Contest

PropStore is also running a registration contest. Registered bidders have a chance to win a cadet uniform. See the official site for details.


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Can we assume that since Paramount is selling off all these items, that they won’t be needed for subsequent movies? Can we assume that this means the end of the Kelvin Universe?

No, because the first two movies have different uniforms from the third.

What about the props and Klingon uniforms? Wouldn’t they want to hang on to those in case they needed them for future movies?

It’s stanard practice to sell off props as they make a lot of money. When James Marsters moved to Angel from Buffy, they had to make him a new Spike coat as the old one had already been sold.

Yeah, that’s a safe bet. The Kelvin universe is done.


From PropStore itself:

“That being said, we [the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS production] did use all of the props from 2009 in the big crowd scenes to keep costs down.” — Andy Siegel Prop Master for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

I’d say that’s a big affirmative.

A rather lackluster selection- you can tell Paramount kept all the extra pretty fancy stuff….
ALso why are all the uniforms mostly missing badges?! Easy it keeps the value of the badges High- no way those pieces of plastic should sell for $1k each- but by only selling a dozen by themselves and removing from most wardrobe they control the supply and demand

The cadet uniforms appear to retain their badges.

At least some of the ones on the site, not the ones above.

very few. 400 lots mainly wardrobe, and most of them striped of their badges. meh….


re: striped [sic] of their badges

I doubt that it’s entirely accurate to intimate that they ever had them at all to be stripped. They were on the morning news/talk shows in SoCal saying 100s of them were churned out for 2009 but were never used, but they were deployed for use in crowd scenes in the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS that followed.

wow- surprised there isnt more set dressing items, and pieces of set- lcar panels etc. — no sticker labels and other econo pieces…

Very Cool Stuff.

I think “Prop Store” is completely misjudging Star Trek fans appetite for Kelvin Universe merchandise. I’m skeptical these uniforms will go for $1K – $5K. Original series movies uniforms for $5K, absolutely.

The costumes for the Kelvin Universe looked great and all but going forward can we all agree that short skirts on female starfleet officers is dumb. I mean really, space is cold as shit. Everytime I see female officer running around with thighs and butt cheeks out I roll my eyes.

Well, short skirts on TOS actresses was really dumb, too. Silly girls, captain’s chairs are for boys.

That was probably joke I hope because the captain’s chair is for whoever qualifies through merritt, clearly. And I’m sure the “boys” are the reason for the dumb short skirts anyway.

I think Phil was being sarcastic. I found it funny how in the first season of TNG they tried to normalize the mini skirts by having men wear them also. Definitely would have been better to just skip them all together!

Lol… I thought I imagined that about the first session of Next Gen! But yes, skip them.

Yes, I was being sarcastic. That does not change the fact that TOS was very sexist.

“If only she could have accepted her limitations as a woman.”
—Captain James Tiberius Kirk

As written by the Great Bird Himself!

Merchant of Vulcan

Re: As written by the Great Bird Himself!

Are you sure? It seems absent here:

it is possible Roddenberry rewrote him but, Arthur H. Singer got the writing credit

Just stiffened my resolve with a scotch and did a rewatch tonight. Sure enough that line is not used. I therefore stand corrected. (Sorry Phil).

…no, TOS was sexy! I love the world where a woman can be an accomplished professional and sexy, all at the same time.

It was never part of the original concept. Even in the original publicity photos Whitney was wearing the original uniform as conceived. The short skirts were introduced later.

Does anyone think there will be another Kelvin timeline Movie.

It’s possible, but I doubt it will happen any time soon. Paramount and Abrams have been silent on that topic for awhile.


Hope so! There’s much to explore there. Looks like they kept the props and uniforms from Beyond, so fingers are crossed.