Win a Star Trek Holiday Gift Pack from TrekMovie and ThinkGeek

Looking for the perfect gift for the Trekkie who has everything? We worked with our friends at ThinkGeek, purveyors of geeky goods throughout the cosmos, to create the perfect Star Trek holiday gift pack, with items to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Read our reviews below, and then enter for a chance to win a gift pack containing all four items. (You even get to choose the colors!)

Stay warm in style in this uber comfy TNG robe and blanket combo

The Next Generation in robes is this Next Generation robe

One thing we love giving and receiving for the holidays is all things soft, warm, and cozy. Enter these new The Next Generation robes, which come in command red, engineering gold, or science blue. At $59.99, the robes aren’t cheap, but the price is more than reasonable for the robe’s high quality.

The Next Generation robe, in science blue

Now, I’m not typically a robe-wearer, but I just couldn’t resist trying these out, in science blue. And, I have to say, I think I’ve been converted to the world of robe-wearing. Even more than the Next Generation stylings, I love that this robe is oversized, thick, and suuuuper soft on the inside. (Bonus: I like to cook and found that I could roll up the sleeves so as not to catch them on fire.) This robe quickly became my favorite item in our gift pack. I’ll be picking up a couple of these for friends and family this year.

This robe is so incredibly comfortable. The inside is even softer than the outside. This photo shows the inside of the sleeve.

The science blue version comes with three pips. Just call me Bev.

A rubber delta “comm badge” is stitched on.

Buy a TNG robe in command red, engineering gold, or science blue for $59.99 at ThinkGeek.

Stay even warmer with this TNG fleece

One comfy item wasn’t enough, so we also chose these TNG fleece blankets, which again come in the classic TNG red, gold, or blue. Originally, I thought non-robe-wearers might prefer this, but now I disagree — that robe is fantastic. The blanket is nice, too, though, and has the added bonus of adding a splash of TNG color to your home, since you can keep it out on the couch or your bed. My cat quickly claimed my Beverly-Crusher-blue fleece for herself.

Fleece blanket, in science blue, featured here on my queen sized bed.

The fleece is a bit on the small side at 60×42″ (it sounds big, but is a bit small in practice), but it’s hard to resist the $9.99 price tag!

This fleece is pretty soft and perfect for settling into the couch to watch “Star Trek IV”… again.

Grab a TNG fleece in red, gold, or blue for just $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

Share a glass of tranya in this etched Star Trek glasses and 3D glass coasters combo

NCC-1701 Glassware Set

To keep your insides warm this winter, fill up these official (and ThinkGeek exclusive) NCC-1701 drinking glasses with your beverage of choice. I choose scotch.

Break out the fancy etched glassware when there’s company aboard ship.

The glasses, which come in a set of four, are “old fashioned” style glasses (short and fat; the kind you drink scotch out of) with a pleasing design and classy, almost minimal etching of the Enterprise delta logo and the inscription, “U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.” I like that these are subtly Trek yet instantly recognizable as a reference to the show.

The glasses themselves are fine quality and about what you would expect for the $29.99 price tag. Two of my glasses came with small bubbles in the glass itself, visible near the logo, a defect that would cause any self-respecting hipster bar in San Francisco to recoil at the thought of filling these with locally sourced ultra-small batch whiskey and a perfectly spherical ice cube. But they also serve wine in mason jars, so what do they know?

I was actually in the market for a set of old fashioned glasses, and these do just the trick. I imagine myself breaking them out for when a noted captain or particularly influential admiral visits my ship, being sure to fill her with Aldebaran whiskey before we begin the negotiations for my promotion.

Buy a set of four NCC-1701 drinking glasses for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

NCC-1701 Layered Glass Coasters

If the glasses are cool, these coasters are just plain awesome. And, you’ve gotta have somewhere to set your fancy drink, right?

These layered coasters reveal a new portion of the Enterprise for each one you remove from the stack

These layered coasters sell for $15.99; a super reasonable price for such a unique product. When not in use, most people store their coasters in a stack on the coffee table. Well, now that stack creates a unique image — a 3D “cross section” of the Enterprise NCC-1701. Each coaster is clear glass with an image of a layer of the Enterprise. As you remove coasters to hand them out to guests, you see deeper and deeper into the guts of the ship. A pretty neat way to interact with something as mundane as a coaster set.

Buy a set of NCC-1701 layered glass coasters for $15.99 from ThinkGeek.

How to win your own gift pack

We’re giving away an entire gift pack full of one of each of these items: the robe, the fleece blanket, the glassware set, and the coasters. The winner even gets to choose the colors of the robe and fleece! To win, comment on this post telling us your favorite thing about any or all of these products, what you’d fill your Enterprise glasses with, or how you’d lounge in the lap of luxury in your oh-so-comfy TNG robe. TrekMovie staff will pick our favorite entry by Monday, December 4th (so you should have your gift pack in time to give it away for the holidays!). Must have a mailing address in the US or Canada to win.

UPDATE: Contest now closed. We’re in the process of choosing our winner. Thanks to all who commented!

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