Win a Star Trek Holiday Gift Pack from TrekMovie and ThinkGeek

Looking for the perfect gift for the Trekkie who has everything? We worked with our friends at ThinkGeek, purveyors of geeky goods throughout the cosmos, to create the perfect Star Trek holiday gift pack, with items to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Read our reviews below, and then enter for a chance to win a gift pack containing all four items. (You even get to choose the colors!)

Stay warm in style in this uber comfy TNG robe and blanket combo

The Next Generation in robes is this Next Generation robe

One thing we love giving and receiving for the holidays is all things soft, warm, and cozy. Enter these new The Next Generation robes, which come in command red, engineering gold, or science blue. At $59.99, the robes aren’t cheap, but the price is more than reasonable for the robe’s high quality.

The Next Generation robe, in science blue

Now, I’m not typically a robe-wearer, but I just couldn’t resist trying these out, in science blue. And, I have to say, I think I’ve been converted to the world of robe-wearing. Even more than the Next Generation stylings, I love that this robe is oversized, thick, and suuuuper soft on the inside. (Bonus: I like to cook and found that I could roll up the sleeves so as not to catch them on fire.) This robe quickly became my favorite item in our gift pack. I’ll be picking up a couple of these for friends and family this year.

This robe is so incredibly comfortable. The inside is even softer than the outside. This photo shows the inside of the sleeve.

The science blue version comes with three pips. Just call me Bev.

A rubber delta “comm badge” is stitched on.

Buy a TNG robe in command red, engineering gold, or science blue for $59.99 at ThinkGeek.

Stay even warmer with this TNG fleece

One comfy item wasn’t enough, so we also chose these TNG fleece blankets, which again come in the classic TNG red, gold, or blue. Originally, I thought non-robe-wearers might prefer this, but now I disagree — that robe is fantastic. The blanket is nice, too, though, and has the added bonus of adding a splash of TNG color to your home, since you can keep it out on the couch or your bed. My cat quickly claimed my Beverly-Crusher-blue fleece for herself.

Fleece blanket, in science blue, featured here on my queen sized bed.

The fleece is a bit on the small side at 60×42″ (it sounds big, but is a bit small in practice), but it’s hard to resist the $9.99 price tag!

This fleece is pretty soft and perfect for settling into the couch to watch “Star Trek IV”… again.

Grab a TNG fleece in red, gold, or blue for just $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

Share a glass of tranya in this etched Star Trek glasses and 3D glass coasters combo

NCC-1701 Glassware Set

To keep your insides warm this winter, fill up these official (and ThinkGeek exclusive) NCC-1701 drinking glasses with your beverage of choice. I choose scotch.

Break out the fancy etched glassware when there’s company aboard ship.

The glasses, which come in a set of four, are “old fashioned” style glasses (short and fat; the kind you drink scotch out of) with a pleasing design and classy, almost minimal etching of the Enterprise delta logo and the inscription, “U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.” I like that these are subtly Trek yet instantly recognizable as a reference to the show.

The glasses themselves are fine quality and about what you would expect for the $29.99 price tag. Two of my glasses came with small bubbles in the glass itself, visible near the logo, a defect that would cause any self-respecting hipster bar in San Francisco to recoil at the thought of filling these with locally sourced ultra-small batch whiskey and a perfectly spherical ice cube. But they also serve wine in mason jars, so what do they know?

I was actually in the market for a set of old fashioned glasses, and these do just the trick. I imagine myself breaking them out for when a noted captain or particularly influential admiral visits my ship, being sure to fill her with Aldebaran whiskey before we begin the negotiations for my promotion.

Buy a set of four NCC-1701 drinking glasses for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

NCC-1701 Layered Glass Coasters

If the glasses are cool, these coasters are just plain awesome. And, you’ve gotta have somewhere to set your fancy drink, right?

These layered coasters reveal a new portion of the Enterprise for each one you remove from the stack

These layered coasters sell for $15.99; a super reasonable price for such a unique product. When not in use, most people store their coasters in a stack on the coffee table. Well, now that stack creates a unique image — a 3D “cross section” of the Enterprise NCC-1701. Each coaster is clear glass with an image of a layer of the Enterprise. As you remove coasters to hand them out to guests, you see deeper and deeper into the guts of the ship. A pretty neat way to interact with something as mundane as a coaster set.

Buy a set of NCC-1701 layered glass coasters for $15.99 from ThinkGeek.

How to win your own gift pack

We’re giving away an entire gift pack full of one of each of these items: the robe, the fleece blanket, the glassware set, and the coasters. The winner even gets to choose the colors of the robe and fleece! To win, comment on this post telling us your favorite thing about any or all of these products, what you’d fill your Enterprise glasses with, or how you’d lounge in the lap of luxury in your oh-so-comfy TNG robe. TrekMovie staff will pick our favorite entry by Monday, December 4th (so you should have your gift pack in time to give it away for the holidays!). Must have a mailing address in the US or Canada to win.

UPDATE: Contest now closed. We’re in the process of choosing our winner. Thanks to all who commented!

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If you want a Turkey for Christmas, you can always relieve Dec ’94 and re-watch Generations.

I’ve always been tempted to get that robe! I’d enjoy lounging about on my deck with my morning coffee with a bit of Trek appeal.

BTW, while you correctly identify the robe as being TNG themed, you categorized the colors according to TOS uniforms (command gold, engineering red).

Kayla Iacovino,

I can’t stand the suspense. What was the drink so that we all may share in this matriculation?

I’d lounge in the yummy comfy robe with the fleece over my lap and under my dog and fill my glass with something only slightly girly, a rum and coke or bourbon and diet Pepsi.

the glasses would be perfect to enjoy some Romulan Ale! then wrap yourself in the robe and fleece, placing your glass on a coaster and enjoy a good book on a Padd.

I can see myself wrapped in that luxurious robe, warmed by that beautiful fleece, drinking three-fingers of Glenfiddich from those manly glasses, all the while protecting the delicate electronics of my command console with those fabulous coasters.

Looks like a great prize package. Would love to cozy up in that robe! :)

This gift set contains all the items necessary to seduce that visiting dignitary from Elas. Answer the door in that soft robe, pour a drink in them fancy glasses, take a seat on that comfy fleece, and, I mean, use a coaster. Because no one wants rings on their ready room table.

Please award me with one of these sets.

Need the glasses and cool coasters to go with my Saurian brandy bottle. Yeah, the coasters’ design is great.

I’d have a nice cocktail in the glasses and set them on the coasters! Whilst lounging in the robe, of course!

I’d fill those drinking glasses with something… green.

OK…I’ve just found my next Halloween costume! I usually dress up each year as Jean-Luc Picard in full Starfleet TNG uniform, but next year I’ll wear this robe (in red, of course) with black pajamas underneath (Hugh Hefner style). Now if I can only find a pair of TRIBBLE SLIPPERS to complete the look!!!

The fleece blanket would look great on my couch as a way to stay warm when I’m not wearing my robe and sipping Jack and Coke out of my glass sitting on a coaster.

I once interred a Trek Movie contest for tickets to the fan experience at Paramount Studios when the new movie came out. I actually won but had to turn down the gift because I could not afford the cost to get to California from Georgia. On social security you see! If I win this I won’t have to go to California.

It could have been even worse. Paramount overbooked and a line of ticketholders, even those from out of state, got turned away! They still got tickets to the movie premiere, though, but that was in California, too.

I would wrap myself up in my commander medical robe, and lay by the fire, snuggled under my beautiful matching medical throw blanket, and listen to Christmas music, while drinking a vodka spiked eggnog from my priceless etched Enterprise glass, and watch the snow fall, and watching marathons of STAR TREK the next generation on blue ray….

I love these items. ThinkGeek is great. Recently, from them, I got an enterprise schematic led set and a trek ship design duvet cover. lol

1) The robe… I would love this… I recently went to a thanksgiving screening here in LA of star trek 4 the voyage home… 31 years after I saw it the first time on thanksgiving when it opened… this time around I wore Spock ears (that i got from the Star Trek Beyond premiere in san diego) and a white headband (like in the movie). I contemplated wearing this white terrycloth robe I have but I would have looked even crazier than my intention (I’m a little silly) but this would be great for the next trek screening… plus the theater gets a little chilly. Tarantino owns and programs the place (they play all old movies) and he’s a big trek fan.

2) The glasses… I host movie nights for my buddies and these and 3) the coasters would be awesome. It’s a horror group so I would use them for trek horror connected movies like the brilliant Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with Nimoy and Visiting Hours with Shatner… this is a totally fun little horror thriller from 1982.

4) The fleece would look great on the couch… or maybe use for the beach? Can you use a fleece on the sand?

Tea. Earl Grey. Iced.

Well, I’d certainly have to enjoy something green in those glasses. Perhaps Midori melon ball shots…? Hm, now that I think of it, Midori sounds too much like midichlorians. Wrong franchise. Ha ha! Well, I’ll find a recipe for something else that’s green to drink. “Computer? Computer…?” Damn, I need to upgrade this Macintosh.

I Imagine floating through space, on the expedition of a lifetime, and while I do have work to do, I can always go back to my quarters, slip on a comfy robe, relax with a glass full of chateau Picard (wrong glass, mind you, because I drank one too many and shattered my wine glass), resting on a coaster, so guests don’t think I’m like a Tellarite.
And as the wine lulls me to sleep, I curl up under my fluffy blanket and dream of My next trip to Risa.

I would wear the heck out of that robe. Drink some Romulan ale from the glass. Light up. Feet up. Put on the best trek movie ever TWOK

I would be making like Cornwell and Lorca (and you!) and filling my glasses with scotch. Thanks for the contest!

Been tempted to get most of this. Actually have the blanket spread out on my bed in science blue. Those cups would fit in well with the rest of my ‘geek’ glasses.

I would binge watch Discovery Season 1 while lounging in my Starfleet robe!

I’d sure like that TNG fleece in red and get all snuggled on the couch while watching…. Matlock… lol :-)

WOW, just a great set altogether. First, those coasters are super cool. the way you can “deconstruct” the enterprise is the best part. The glasses are really classy. Add them all together with that robe and fleece and you can have a fancy soire’ and be the best dressed person in the room. If I were to win this set, not only would I take the robe with me to Hawaii when I go there in August, but take pics of myself on the beach… maybe Ill be lucky to find some romulan ale somewhere. Shoot, maybe I could semi recreate that scene of Picard on Risa. Oh the many thoughts are coming to me.

I’d probably wear the robe while making breakfast for myself and my little sister on the weekends!

After 7 of 9, Deana, and Janice arrive for our Pajama party I would don my Trek robe while the 4 of us drink something green from our etched glassware in front of the fire.

I’d cozy up in the robe and toss the fleece over my cuddle pup to keep her warm too!

I received one of the TNG robes from their first release (cotton, instead of fleece) as a gift. As a non-robe wearer, I’m intrigued by the new one!

I’ve always been fascinated by the 3D coaster set as I’ve always loved starships. I think I would have fun just stacking and unstacking the coasters. I can also see myself sporting that robe around the house and my wife laughing at me!

I need a robe like that help cover up any potential warp core breaches that may occur during the holidays! My cat Spot will enjoy the blanket while i drink something green out of the glasses that i will proudly sit atop those beautiful Enterprise (no bloody, A,B,C or D) coasters!

I’d have to get that robe in red so I could run across the backyard and my friends would be instructed to ‘redshirt’ me with water balloons. After a few rounds of “I hope you relish it as much as I” from those fine tumblers, of course. My wife would claim the fleece immediately, and likely invite one of her cats under there with her, looking out the window wondering when her husband is going to grow up. The coasters would be transported over to my office, to be proudly displayed with my other Trek-ness. I have very tolerant neighbors and co-workers.

I believe the robe and fleece will come in handy for my recovery after drinking a faithfully reproduced Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster from the glass. Or maybe I’ll just drink something green.

A dram of Benromach scotch that a friend brought back would go nicely in the glassware, resting upon the awesome coasters. The robe and fleece would be nice for those lazy, yet cold winter days when I want to relax with some of my favorite Trek, or explore the galaxy in Star Trek Online.

I love the fact that 1 they are all star trek items,2 I could so see myself curled up in that robe sitting here on my com playing sto 24-7 like I always do,The glass I could so use for my night time caps,and the coaster would go great with my furniture!

Watching TNG in my new robe and my blanket covering my feet and sipping a glass of vintage Picard wine.

I love the robe and I know my cat Spot will love it too! The glasses would be filled with Romulan Ale!

Owning the Next Generation robe would make it so, so warm and cozy while my wife and I would engage in a conversation about our new tea cups. I prefer Earl Grey ,hot if you please, she likes………im running out of them, just gimmme the toys…..please.

I would definitely use those drinking glasses for the vibrant green Lime Rickey vodka beverage I enjoy from time to time. It’s the perfect stand-in for Aldebaran Whiskey, famous for Scotty’s “It’s green” gag in TOS’s “By Any Other Name”, and the callback in TNG’s “Relics” with Data trying to find Scotty a drink.

Scotty: What is it?
Data: It is…
[looks and sniffs at it]
Data: It is…
[he looks at it again, obviously not any wiser]
Data: It is green.

I love the coasters. First of all, Matt Jefferies design of the U.S.S. Enterprise is just perfect (though, I won’t lie when I say the Refit version really is the best Sci-Fi vessel out there). Now, these coasters give you the ability to slice through the ship studying layer after layer. Genius.

The drinking glasses themselves, however, show us that beautiful Starfleet Delta and use the font that was used on the original U.S.S. Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D (or E or NX or JJ or…)). If that doesn’t cause the warm fuzzy memories of the Original Star Trek to arise in you, then I don’t know what will.

And, as a Physicist, yeah, I have to go for the blue anything. I have the blue TOS polo. I’d have to have the blue TNG robe and blanket. Science is the only way to fly!

I’ll wear my robe while punching a Gorn with one hand, and drinking Crown Royal (from the Enterprise glass) with the other. Afterwards I’ll relax on the fleece blanket with my harem of Orion females.

I would curl up to watch a marathon of my favorite episodes in my Riker-Red fleece, eating a chocolate Sunday out of my glass. (Obviously I would have to try Deanna’s diligent steps for the perfect bite). And I would set my glass down on one of the gorgeous coasters to snuggle down and enjoy the beauty of Riker’s beard from a warm blanket.

Cuddled up on my fluffy couch in my Star Trek rove of blue, watching the snow falling gently from the sky, I sip my scotch out of the etched glass…all the while Star Trek: INSURRECTION is playing on the the television. I suddenly realize my feet are a bit chilly so I grab my warm fleece blanket and cover myself.

I always eat my pizza with a glass of Romulan Ale and, oh, how wonderful to drink from Starfleet-issue glassware while wrapped in Starfleet fleese.

I would fill the tumbler with Aldebren Whiskey, setting it on the top level coaster between sips while slipping into my red command robe and curling up with the blanket to enjoy the whiskey next to the holographic fire as I stare out the bay window towards the Gamma Quadrant and wonder how many more species and cultures await discovery. May you all live long and prosper!

Those glasses are so gorgeous and tactile that I can almost taste a GnT using Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin, some good tonic, and a slice of lemon!

What I’d like the most are those rocks glasses. I’m actually in the middle of building up a Star Trek liquor collection; making my own Romulan Ale and Saurian brandy bottles. So those would go great!

Enterprise glasses. All of the bourbon. That is all.

I would definetly feel like living on a starship or a star base in that robe!
Hopefully, we’ll still have winter temperture inside a building in the future~~

Working all day long , all I want to do it put up my feet get a glass of Dr Pepper and relax. Robe so I can be naked but still clothes, blanket to cover my legs . Just watch Star Trek an rewind from hell.,, I mean Work I love the blanket, I even have it on my wish list!

I think the super comfy robe would be perfect attire for my next away mission to Walmart :D !