A Star Trek Fan Takes Her Own Personal Voyage In “Please Stand By”

Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, an autistic woman who leaves the group home she lives in and travels to Los Angeles, hoping to submit her Star Trek script – a story about Spock going to Deep Space Nine – to a screenwriting competition. 

Wendy (Dakota Fanning) finds comfort in watching Star Trek. She feels a connection to Spock, who is pulled in different directions by his human half and his logical Vulcan half, and has trouble reconciling the emotions from his human half.

Toni Collette, Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness), and Patton Oswalt also star. The film is written by Michael Golamco and is based on his one-act play.

Please Stand By will be released January 26, 2018 theatrically, on demand, and on the Amazon Video and iTunes platforms.

Keep a sharp eye at the beginning of the trailer. The space suits will look familiar. ;-)

For those interested, here is a recent review of Please Stand By


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The trailer looks really good! A must see for every Trek fan!

And for every autist… well, guess that’s the same anyway.

Why did they show the entire movie in the trailer.

No doubt. The movie looks good but a long trailer is always a red flag.

I bet Alice Eve doesn’t have a gratuitous scene in her underwear in this film ;-)

What about Chris Pine’s gratuitous scene in his underwear?

Didn’t even know this film existed. Thanks for sharing. Looks great, very good cast; will definitely watch, some good vibes in winter are always welcome. :)

Finally, the sequel to I AM SAM!

Seriously though, look forward to watching.

How about that, a human drama. Might be worth a look.

This looks awesome

I will be checking this out, looks like a nice drama –

Dakota Fanning? – Count me in! A fine young actress who has kept a criminally low profile in the last few years (sorta outshined by her own sister – an extraordinarily talented actress in her own right!)
The trailer definitely looks great.

PS: Hey look, it’s the arcade clerk from Stranger Things at 2:21!

I’ve seen him in a nerd role in a commercial too.

Typecast as a nerd! Ohno!

But hey … he’s a working actor :^)

I get it – you have to be weird / mentally challenged to be a fan of Star Trek. Right?

really that’s what you think this is about? Issues?

Wow have to see this.

Looks GREAT! I hope it comes to my town.

Oooh! And it’s going to be on Amazon :^)

Love it when “Star Trek” zings with the ‘national zeitgeist!’

The spacesuits are from YOS ‘The Naked Time’
Defintely cheeck this out on Prime when it hits

What a great movie! Dakota Fanning delivers a Oscar worthy performance. Can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it. Brilliant!!!!