Star Wars/Star Trek Great Links: Colbert Gives Skywalker A Vulcan Hello, Trailer Mashup & More

It’s time again to collect the Star Trek in the zeitgeist from around the web, with an emphasis this week on some cross-franchise moments, just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which opens next weekend and has some Star Trek crew behind the camera, including executive producer J.J. Abrams and costume designer Michael Kaplan. Simon Pegg is also reportedly returning as Unkar Plutt. The last week or so has seen some interesting moments of the Trek and Wars franchises crossing the streams and we have highlights below.

Viral video has Star Trek and Star Wars join forces.

A video made by fan CaptainJZH on YouTube has got a lot of attention over the last week. Usually Star Trek/Star Wars video mashups pit the two franchises against each other, but this trailer one has the Federation and the Rebel Alliance teaming up.

Star Wars star’s dad still prefers Star Trek

Even though Daisy Ridley plays Rey in the new Star Wars trilogy, her father is not one with the force; in fact, he prefers to live long and prosper. In a recent video interview with Elle UK, the actress revealed that even after she became the new lead in Star Wars, her dad still preferred Star Trek. The actress even said in a recent interview with Good Morning America that when her father visited the set for The Last Jedi and was introduced to Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker), he embarrassed her by asking “who do you play?”

Daisy Ridley with her Trekkie father

Colbert gives Luke Skywalker a Vulcan hello

Speaking of Mark Hamill, the actor was a guest last night on Late Night with Stephen Colbert and during a “lost cantina scene” skit, Stephen Colbert flashed Hamill (playing Luke Skywalker) a Vulcan salute.

Star Trek v Star Wars: The Concert

The Florida Orchestra in St.Petersburg, FL, has announced a series of “Star Trek v.s Star Wars” concerts coming in February 2018. Here is their description:

An intergalactic battle pits Trekkies against The Force for one stellar concert. Who will live long and prosper? When the orchestra performs music from the Star Trek TV show and movies, along with Star Wars classics by John Williams, everybody wins.

More Star Trek/Star Wars

Here are some other recent incursions between the two big Star franchises.

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And re-listen to our podcast from two years ago about the enduring Star Trek Wars (or is it the Star Wars Trek?)!

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Cool. Makes me proud to be a Trek Woid. That is, fan of both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.”

star wars as is as much a western as harry potter

It’s funny how many people clam Trekker-Creds and then blow it by doing the Vulcan Salute wrong.


Although I think you may be right that Colbert, at other times, may have claimed Trek-Cred, I saw this as it aired and he clearly wasn’t that night. I’m not entirely certain that he was not purposely doing it wrong for the joke. The nanoo nanoo certainly would seem to indicate doing it wrong purposely for the laugh.

The Colbert kit was really funny. The Trek Mash-up, meh.

I MASSIVELY love both, but Trek is my first love so my preference if I could say it that way, is with that franchise.