Episode Titles For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Chapter 2 Revealed

This morning CBS announced titles for episodes 11-15 of Star Trek: Discovery. The second chapter of first season kicks off on Sunday, January 7th with the 10th episode, previously announced to be titled “Despite Yourself.” The promo video with the titles for episodes 10-15 is below.

Chapter 2 episode titles

Here is the full list of titles for the second chapter of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season.

Episode 10:  “Despite Yourself” (January 7)

Episode 11: “The Wolf Inside” (January 14)

Episode 12:  “Vaulting Ambition” (January 21)

Episode 13: “What’s Past Is Prologue” (January 28)

Episode 14: “The War Without, The War Within” (February 4)

Episode 15: “Will You Take My Hand?” (February 11)

Chapter 2 preview

Here is the preview for episode 10 (and possibly more from the second chapter of the first season) which was released last month with the mid-season finale.


Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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That last one, is there a wedding coming?

i would say yes, staments and the DR

Tyler=Voq worse secret ever

To be fair I don’t think they wanted it to be a complete secret. If they had, they could have cast a different actor for Voq. They must have know how much the audience would scrutinize this stuff.

I suspect they wanted the fans to figure it out, they wanted geek sites speculating, social media talking about it.

Shows like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and Westworld gained a lot of attention and popularity because of fan theories and online speculation. The makers of Westworld were very open about reshooting the pilot to lay more clues.

Trying to surprise your audience is no longer the way to make fans happy. In this day and age, giving viewers stuff to talk about, fueling theories, and paying off their speculation is.


That makes no sense. They created a new Starfleet character, someone that is suffering from PTSD, and then the producers and the actor went out of their way to emphasize that the show will address the effects of PTSD on the character.

What you’re saying that they intentionally undermined all that and wanted the fans to know that Tyler is actually a Klingon even before introducing the character on the show!!

It was a sloppy planning, nothing more.

It makes perfect sense. They want fans to figure it out, they want the discussion and buzz. Look at all the articles online talking about it.

maybe it’s a bad strategy, maybe it wasn’t done well or “right” but the one thing it absolutely wasn’t is “sloppy planning.”

But pointless to try to convince you… You’ll hate everything about this show no matter how good it is.

Thankfully it’s an excellent show renewed for season two.


If the audience figure out a twist about a character before even introducing said character in a show, then that’s sloppy planning.


Game of Thrones fans say, “hold my beer”.

Ha, perfect response. :)


You’re aware that ‘Game of Thrones’ is based on a series of novels, right?

Many, not all, of the twists & revelations on the show were expected by readers of the novels. From the decapitation of Lord Stark and the massacre of the Stark family to the assassination of Joffrey Baratheon, and other shocking revelations on the show.

You’re letting your bias cloud your common sense Ahmed

It makes perfect sense. It creates a lot of buzz. It gets people talking about it. They want fan to speculate because thst means fans are talking about the show. That’s a lot of publicity for free. Like it or not… it got people talking. Including someone like you Ahmed… you played right into it.


Hmmmm….interesting, so what you are saying is that it is impossible for Klingons to suffer from PTSD?


Wouldn’t that be ascribing a human psychiatric disorder to an alien race with a different psychological development?

And Tyler is presented as a human suffering from PTSD, once they reveal that he is in fact a Klingon it will undermine that aspect of the character.


Re: ascribing a human

It may well be, but that’s what STAR TREK does “highlight some human foible, i.e. PTSD, by given it to an alien so that the writer and the audience can explore it in a new a unconventional light.”

Impossible for a Klingon Pretending to be a human to suffer from being tortured as a prisoner of war by Klingons.

Stupidity like almost every other discision on the show.

Except with STiD and the miserable re-hash of KHAANNNN!

STID was one of the worst suprising reveals ever. It had no impact on casual moviegoers whatsoever, and everyone who knew who Khan is was just left confused because Cumberkhan didn’t look or act one tiny little bit like Montalkhan. Also, it leaked long before opening day. I was hoping they’d go for a twist within a twist and leak the Khan info intentionally only to reveal in the movie that he’s not really Khan but one of his henchmen. Cumberbatch does have quite a resemblance to Joaquim. I wonder if that was the original plan and Abrams scrapped it?

I think any way you look at it, putting Khan, especially “UK Khan” in STID was a horrible idea. Lazy, abysmal writing and storyline. I find that movie unwatchable now, and I’ve tried…

Everytime I watch STID, by the time they pick up Khan I tend to speed through to the Vengence battle, then speed through again to the end. The first half of the film had promise and then it just turns into a big mess.

I’ve been saying that from the beginning. It’s a secret the fans were meant to find out about.

People want to Be completely surprised but it rarely works because it means crafting a story that doesn’t organically lead to the surprise.

Luke’s father revelation in Empire might be the best example of it working. But only because they did things that made it seem impossible, like Leia kissing Luke and Ben saying his father was dead. But those things worked in the story.

When a reveal happens it has to work.

Please don’t compare brain dead Star Wars fans to those of Star Trek.

seriously? Are you 5?


Stuff it, I’ve been a fan of both Trek and Wars for 40 years, and I have never yet met a fan of either that wasn’t a fan of both.

They do tease it a bit ON the show, in some scenes. And it was while they were filming, before anyone ‘noticed’. So yeah, this feels calculated. There may yet be a twist beyond just his identity.

Voq was kind of an outcast anyway. I suspect he will ask to stay a member of the crew on Disco


People start noticing it from the lack of media appearances by the actor playing Voq and absence of any real world evidence of his existence. By the end of episode four & the scene about giving up on everything, that’s when the theory gained traction.

They planted the seed from EP 4 but people already noticed before that episode because of the above mentioned lack of access to the actor presumably playing Voq.

two possible for that last ep come to mind: one is seeing a vision of her dead 1st captain beckoning her as the lead expires, or her joining a mirror universe of that captain in doing something on the other side, ne’er to return. That would be a voyage of discovery, right?

Or something entirely different!

“episode” to difficult to type out?

“episode” to difficult to type out?
“Episode” too difficult to type out?

However Burnham is the main character & the show has been renewed for season 2 so I very much doubt that Burnham is going to vanish into the Mirror Universe. I do rather suspect they are in the Mirror U right now and I believe Lorca knows it and is from there.

Random Theory time! the title of the last ep relates to the space suits in the opening credits!

“episode” to difficult to type out?

Starting sentences with the word “is” too difficult to type out?

““episode” to difficult to type out?”

Shift key too hard to press? “Too” word to difficult to type out? And so on.

DS9’s Past Prologue had to do with someone asking for asylum. So this DSC episode with a similar name makes me wonder if one (or more — ahem) of the Klingon guests will be doing the same in this episode.

The wolf inside is Voq right?

That’s certainly what I thought when I saw it.

Discovery might be a 3 or 4 season show. I wonder will we see the Orions in this show

Another region blocked video :(

‘“What’s Past Is Prologue”’
very fontana/coon.

Given up on finding the international videos trekmovie?

+1, I’m in Canada and can’t watch either of the videos posted in this article. :(

Unless it’s reposted by Netflix (outside North America) or Space in Canada it is probably an illegal copy. Trekmovie has never linked to these.

At this point, I’m convinced Nick Meyers only writing contributions to this show has been dialogue from Alice In Wonderland.

How sad for you to be so utterly utterly wrong.

No one’s talking about where the hell they are. I’d love to find out they warped to another galaxy. I don’t buy that it’s an alternate universe, or the sensors would have given them a location. Stars and planets don’t change.

I just want Discovery to end so they can move on & make an actual Star Trek series.

I find the Orville a much more enjoyable show to watch……..wierd eh…