Four New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Character Posters Released

Star Trek: Discovery returns in January on CBS All Access and to start building some buzz CBS has released four character posters for the show. Originally posted at IGN, the four new posters feature Michael Burnham, Captain Lorca, Saru and Voq, and all use the same tagline “Discover the unknown.”

Michael Burnham

Captain Lorca



The return of Voq?

Giving the character Voq one of only four posters promoting the second chapter of Discovery’s first season indicates he will be returning. The Klingon “Torchbearer” and heir to T’Kuvma has not been seen since episode 4, so if he returns that should finally settle the popular fan theory about his character.

The second chapter of first season of Star Trek: Discovery kicks off on Sunday, January 7th with the 10th episode, titled “Despite Yourself.” 

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Ah, the ever popular “check out my ass” poses. :thumbsup:

Ha! Was about to say the same thing. Ass shots for everyone.

The one of Stamets is with his leather trousers with cut out patches around his bottom region… wait… oh, we are not in the stone age anymore?

dont forget exploring the unknown with a phaser in hand, would have been better with a tricorder


Agreed. And Lorca’s packing big-time.

Brunham has a pistol and Lorca has a rifle yes but Saru is empty handed,as is Voq (interesting). I think Lorca is Mirror U myself so the rifle fits, Burnham is showing her striving for balance between Lorca’s agression & Saru’s peacefulness. Voq being unarmed may be showing us the Torchbearer finding the path to end the war by him “Discovering” how to understand humanity & the Federation through his time as Tyler.

Voq.:“Does this spiky outfit make my ass look big”

Let the Voq speculations begin anew…

The poster is nothing but an attempt at misdirection.

V == AT

Is there really any speculation left? If there’s an epic misdirection here still at work, I tip my cap to the writers. Otherwise, I think they did their job keeping Trek fans . . . um, engaged.

So, who plays Voq, again?

I do.

I played him in the Burnham fight scene.

Looks like we may have a few episodes of Lost in Space here. Anyone up to try and spot the Jupiter II in the background?

Um…what are you talking about? There is no Jupiter II in the background of these images, no connection to Lost in Space.

In the actual shows….


Star Trek: Discovery, putting the “ass” in “astronauts”…

What is there to settle? EVERYONE knows he’s Voq. It’s not like there’s any debate on this subject. It’s common knowledge and no fans are refuting it.

Would be funny to hear: They did re-shots during the winter break o_O

So Voq didn’t simply fall off the edge of the galaxy after all…

I have always believed Tyler is Tyler and it is a story about PTSD. Voq is back. The intentional media misdirection and storytelling clues created deep thought about our prejudices for those who appear to be the enemy but are not. Another words it is intended to say something about current policies against folks from certain countries.

I am going to go ahead and say that was the most well thought out post on the board tonight and I believe that you are correct, and if this does turn out to be true then kudos to the writers for the life lesson

Some people have said before that maybe it’s misdirection and I have to say that would be a really cool subversion of modern tv trends of making plot twists incredibly obvious…. (Glen’s “death”, John Snows resurrection, the man in black, etc).

That makes no sense. It’s the same actor.

Correct, same actor playing two different characters. That is all. You have to create a conspiracy in your mind or perhaps the producers did so on purpose but in the end an actor can play two different characters….thinking Coming to
America and Eddie Murphy.

Jeffrey Combs has played numerous characters on TREK. Sometimes he would play several characters in the same episode.

I do believe he did play Weyoun & Brunt in the same episode. Man knows how to spend some time in the makeup chair.

Voq doesn’t have his head turned to the side like the others, a metaphor `cause he left his old face somewhere back in ep 4.

OK, *whoa*. I loves myself a good conspiracy theory, but you’re stretching credibility more than Mr. Fantastic.


Paul’s the one with the white carnation in his lapel. Therefore, Paul Is Dead.

I just purchased just in case CBS wants the url.

Well, THAT was stupid. Try again.

These posters give a whole new meaning to the term “backstories”.

I just want Discovery to end so they can move on to producing an actual Star Trek show

Maybe if you keep bombarding enough message boards with declarations of “it’s not really Star Trek!” they’ll rename the show, realize it truly isn’t part of the franchise, and admit how wrong they were.

Maybe if you complain loud enough they’ll cancel the second season before it starts shooting and replace it with something more to your liking.

Maybe by crying and whining every day for another year the studio will see the error of their ways and give you a binky.

‘Cause ending Discovery will open the floodgates for other Trek shows? (and who is *they* in your world?)

In other words, Trekboi isn’t a Star Trek fan. I have yet to see him ever say ANYTHING positive. He’s a socially inept troll, nothing more.

It seems that “Star Trek fan” and “socially inept troll” go together quite nicely.