Wil Wheaton Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform To ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Opening Night

Today is the official opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with early screenings starting last night. And attending one of those screenings was Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton, who decided to bring a little bit of the final frontier to a galaxy far far away. The Wesely Crusher actor sent out a tweet last night after seeing the film noting that he loved it, but he also included a selfie showing how he wore a Star Trek tunic to the Star Wars opening.

Wheaton saw the film at the famed Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, where fans camped out for days to see the film. A local news crew covered the event, including a brief interview with Wheaton (below).

Wearing the Star Trek shirt to a Star Wars movie may have been Wheaton’s homage to himself from a scene from a 2015 episode of The Big Bang Theory where he (playing a version of himself) did exactly that and delivered a memorable line (watch that below)

Wheaton pens Star Wars short story

This tweet isn’t Wheaton’s only recent connection to that other franchise. He wrote one of the short stories in the recent anthology book From a Certain Point of View, which retells the story of the original Star Wars film from the perspective of various minor characters. Wheaton’s story “Laina” was from the perspective of Alliance officer Ryland.

Wil Wheaton wrote Star Wars short story for new anthology


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Nicely done Wil!

Desperate for attention.

Well, why does anyone post anything on Twitter, or on any social media platform? And this is not being desperate for attention – he posts stuff to people who follow him and are interested in him.

Your comment, and mine, are just as “desperate for attention” since we’re posting it for people to see and react to.

Your comment makes no sense. I don’t use twitter cause that is like shouting to the world. I am just responding to an article and the comment section here is just for opinions.

I don’t see the difference between posting on one website or another – it’s all for feedback. If we didn’t care what strangers think, why not just talk to ourselves in the mirror, parakeet style..?

G66 – The trouble is, you are not the only one entitled to an opinion. And, in our opinion, you are a little bit of a hypocrite.

Kind of like you, g66.


I’m a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan (Trek is the first love, no competition there), but after seeing The Last Jedi….it was very Meh for me. It’s not a bad movie so don’t believe the anger you might see online but I just didn’t think it was a great film. If this film is any indication of what’s coming, I think Star Wars fans are about to go through what some old-school Trek fans have been going through since 2009. Actually makes me more nervous for JJ returning for Episode 9.

You should believe the anger you might see online. SW VIII is the worst SW movie ever.

I was always nervous about JJ returning after the overwhelming meh of TFA. But I thought TLJ was a triumph and had an excellent theme that goes to the heart of fandom: sometimes you gotta let old ideas go. I’m not sure I understand where all the criticism is coming from.

Sometimes you gotta let old ideas go. What’s next for Star Wars? A prequel about Han Solo! Hmm…


LOL no one ever said Disney would take its own advice. Nostalgia is just too profitable!


I agree. TLJ was great. I laughed. I cheered.

Well done Will, well played! My wife and I will be going on a Disney cruise that is listed as Star Wars Day at Sea and I will be wearing my DS9 utility jumpsuit.

Wear this or go home.

comment image

Best comment.

Horrendous costume they made him wear during the early seasons. Wonder who decided to incorporate some of the gay pride colors into his uniform.

Alec, It was actually the department colors, gold, red, and blue.

It was meant to be amalgamation of command red, ops gold, sciences blue.

I enjoyed the movie but I don’t think it hit me the same as The Force Awakens did…but Carrie Fisher was and Mark Hamill were fantastic as usual…I loved it.

Yeah, a few critics seemed pleased it didn’t suck. Will probably see Coco or Three Billboards first, though.

I highly recommend 3 Billboards and if you have the grandkids, Coco was great too.

Personally I thought much of it was wayyy better than TFA.

And an extra added bonus. NO DEATH STAR!

Eh…so what?

LOL That’s awesome.

LOL that was cool. I actually tried to get tickets at the Chinese theater and time that Whedon saw it (also where I seen nearly all the TNG films at and Beyond) but it was already sold out so we saw it at Arc light instead down the street. Yeah it sucks I missed Whedon. That would’ve been a great geek moment to see a long time Trek actor at a Star Wars movie. Oh well.

I liked TLJ but yes understand why it is so divisive.

What? Whedon was there too?! Hope Whedon and Wheaton got together afterwards to pick the movie apart. LOL!


Hmmm…I wonder if STAR WARS fans would even recognize line members attired as browncoats as something out of place?

LOL! Probably not,lol! They fit right into the SW universe.


I saw The Last Jedi last night.

Screenwriting standards have gotten abysmally low since Abrams was put in charge of the Star Wars franchise. The dialogue in this movie is laughable. Literally. I laughed out loud during one or two of the most dramatic scenes. Seriously. But, it’s “Star Wars.” And nothing else really matters. It’s got all of your favorite characters in it for another go. Except Han, because they killed him off in the last one.

It was laughable because it was intended to be funny and irreverent. It was clear that the movie was subverting Star Wars tropes and trying to make the audience feel off balance – and it was masterfully done. The way Luke responds when he takes his lightsaber from Rey at the beginning pf the movie is great – it was funny and it also immediately signals that the movie would not be like other Star Wars movies and would go against expectations. That is what film is supposed to do so that we are intrigued and surprised. The movie was intentionally irreverent and played with expectations.


I was referring to parts that were not intended to be funny and irreverent. Like the climax of the movie, when Leia and the other good guys are all spouting every possible cliche for being on the losing side of a conflict. That was certainly NOT intended to be funny, but it was funny because it was as though the dialogue was written by a complete amateur with no prior experience even watching movies or reading fiction, much less writing it. As for the intentionally irreverent parts, I chuckled at some of them, too, but they took me out of the movie. They totally clashed with the mood of the scenes, reducing what should have been the most dramatic and awesome elements of the story into cheap gags. Those scenes play like scenes from a Star Wars parody——like Spaceballs. They reduced the mysterious and awesome “force” concept into a throw-away plot device. TLJ handled the force much worse even than the prequels with their midichlorians.

Bad dialogue is as much a part of Star Wars as lightsabers. As Harrison Ford once said to George Lucas “George, you can type this shit, but you can’t say it!”


There’s no comparison between the dialogue in the original trilogy and the dialogue in TLJ.

I think you’re right. JJ has a way of bringing terrible dialogue into franchise properties. I definitely laughed at a lot of things in this movie, and not in a good way, but I also found TLJ to be thoroughly enjoyable and much more competent than TFA.

You go Will!

I’ve been to more crazy messed-up premiers than I’d care to have experienced in my life, but this:


is the first I’ve heard of one that went so bad that at this Burbank AMC that they had to call the police.

And I can’t help but notice that I personally have experienced more technical difficulties at my local AMC screenings than any other theater that I frequented in my long life.

A highly underrated actor with a great sense of humor. But seriously, I wish he’d drop the Taliban-like beard. It’s not flattering and makes him look chunky.

Yay! Glad to see him showing the flag, as it were. :-)

Nice move Wil. Gotta say I loved TLJ and the trailer for Ready Player One also looked intriguing. It’d be great if Wil had a cameo or something.

So much divided opinion with Last Jedi. Guess I will have to just watch for myself and work it out my own way!

I Wonder if George Lucas likes the film?

I don’t think GL will like it lol but I mean idk I took the movie’s message to heart and as such found it fantastic despite flaws

He didn’t really like TFA. Apparently he did like Rogue One though.

George Luca has four billion to calm his rage.

He actually gave all of that away to charity. But I’m sure he had an extra billion or two sitting in his closet somewhere.

He did not need that 4 billion, on a personal level.

Phil, LOL

That makes me proud to be a TrekWoid. A fan of both “Star Trek” AND “Star Wars,” that is. I did wear my “Millenium Falcon” T-shirt last Friday when I did see “The Last Jedi.”

Wheaton wants his cake and to eat it too. He hated being in Star Trek TNG but he’s deliberately made a career out of being the guy from Star Trek TNG.

Also he said Star Trek into Darkness was the best Trek movie ever ( in his review ) and that Beyond was

Plus he’s appeared in both Big Bang Theory and Sharknado 2. two things which should be ultra embarrassing.
He’s desperate to be seen as the nerdiest nerd that ever nerded.

Don’t pick on Will Wheaton.

He never said he hated being in TNG. You’re dumbing down his comments and his experience.

Hey, he’s working, in the public eye, and getting paid. To bad Dirty Jobs isn’t on air any more…

The Rotten Tomatoes scores for The Last Jedi are very surprising:

93% of all critics recommend it, 96% of top critics recommend it, but only 55% of the audience liked it.

What does that tell you? I’ve got my own suspicions, but I’m curious to know how other people interpret the scores.

First off, I haven’t seen The Last Jedi, yet. So the following isn’t actually based on my own opinion of the movie. I have only read the short summaries of the critics’ reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes, not the full reviews. What’s clear from those short snippets is that reviews can be quite critical and still give an overall positive grade. There’s even one with an original score of 2 out of 5 that’s listed as fresh. For the audience score the 55% refers to people who rated the movie 3.5 stars or higher. So some of the critics’ reviews listed as positive might not make the audience score. Apart from these differences in interpretation I can imagine that professional critics may also be more likely to give a more nuanced review than “normal” people. If you’re talking about (hardcore) fans there’s often an element of missed or fulfilled hopes/expectations which can lead to extreme reactions. You can see this with Trek fans, too. Some people will react very harshly if a show or movie doesn’t give them exactly what they wanted/had hoped for. Also, I don’t know how the audience scores are collected but I can imagine that people who feel very strongly about a movie (be it positive or negative) are more likely to vote than people with a more mixed reaction.


Well, having seen the movie, I can tell you that the audience score isn’t attributable merely to unfulfilled hopes and expectations. Unless by that you mean the hope and expectation of a movie that’s not a ridiculous parody of itself. But, I wouldn’t even delve into the technicalities that you’re getting into. If you simply compare TLJ to other tentpole movies, it’s obviously lopsided in terms of audience/critic reviews. If we assume that RT’s methodology is fairly consistent across all tentpole movies, then there’s clearly something atypical going on with TLJ.

Also – this isn’t a foolproof rule but – critics I expect tend to rate films on their own merits. SW fans probably all went in knowing exactly what they wanted and if they didn’t get it – then ” it f—ing blows “.


Yeah, like I said, it’s not just that. Check out the Half in the Bag review. They make some great points that go way beyond fan bias and peevishness.