Jonathan Frakes Contrasts Directing ‘The Orville’ And ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

This weekend Star Trek: Discovery returns with the 10th episode of the season, which happens to be directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation vet Jonathan Frakes. The former Riker actor is in the unique position as the only person to have directed episodes of both Discovery and the Trek-inspired show The Orville. In an interview with IndieWire, Frakes talked about how different the approach is for each:

“Stylistically, your responsibility as an episodic television director [is] when you do a show like ‘The Orville,’ you want that show to look like ‘Next Generation,’” he said. “And when you go to Canada to do ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ they want that show to have the feeling, and look, and vibe of the J.J. [Abrams]-era ‘Star Trek.’ Much more cinematic, a lot of crane work, and a lot of movement, a lot of dutch angles. On ‘Next Generation,’ the traditional framing, and the things we became accustomed to as fans of the show, we see in [‘The Orville’] because that’s the look.”

A shot from Star Trek: Discovery “Despite Yourself” – directed by Jonathan Frakes

Mr. Frakes also added that he felt the two shows can coexist peacefully, noting “There’s room, obviously, in the fans’ hearts for both types of ‘Star Trek.’”

A shot from The Orville “Pria” – directed by Jonathan Frakes

A little advice for Tarantino Trek

Of course Jonathan Frakes has also directed two Star Trek feature films, so he can be considered an expert on the subject.  Inverse previewed an upcoming interview with the director with a quote offering his advice for Quentin Tarantino, who has pitched a story for a possible Star Trek feature film.

“Don’t forget the heart. Before you eat it, don’t forget the heart!”

Jonathan Frakes directing Insurrection

Frakes on set of Insurrection

Episode 10 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, January 7th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, January 8th at 8 am BST.

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