Kirk Gets in the Weeds in Star Trek Boldly Go #15 – Review & Preview

Review: Star Trek Boldly Go #15

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Tana Ford with colors by Mark Roberts

We’re halfway through the epic 6-part I.D.I.C. series finale, with more universes that you can shake a stick (pun intended) at. With a Klingon-speaking Kirk, gender-swapped characters, a race of androids and an emo Vulcan already introduced, where can writer Mike Johnson go from here? Simple. How about an Enterprise crew from a universe of plant-based life forms straight out of Swamp Thing? Check. Not only do they have their own version of Starfleet, but to say their ship is “green”-efficient is an understatement. Speaking of their ship, I personally would’ve called it the “Botany Bay,” but that’s why I don’t get paid to write comic books.

Hey, Kirk. Why don’t you make like a tree and leave?

Let’s see if we can keep track of where things are at the moment: Swamp Thing Kirk, male Uhuro, female Captain Spock, and gas-based Scotty (yes, I said gas-based), have all been transported to Risa. Kelvin Kirk, Commander Grayson, female Chekov and Sulu-1701 are being held captive on an Earth, where Augments won the Eugenics Wars and are ruled by a female Khan. On a Vulcan where Starfleet Command was relocated after Earth was destroyed, Jane Kirk, Kelvin McCoy, Uhura-1701, alt-Uhura, and alt-Spock are under attack by the return of a certain Romulan. My brain hurts.

There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times

As random as these pairings appear to be, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s a hint of a higher power at play which may be causing these infinite realities to collide for a reason and it’s directed at only the Kirks.

Do plants have ears? What about vocal chords?

At least two of the groups are in imminent danger. On Augment-Earth, Khan pits Kirk and Grayson against each other Amok Time-style. Much like Khan in TWOK, Grayson blames Kirk for the death of his wife. Except Kelvin Kirk didn’t kill Grayson’s wife – that was the “Orphan” (Klingon Kirk). Got it?

Emo Spock’s got issues

Meanwhile, on Starfleet-based Vulcan, alt-Uhura and alt-Spock are happy to see Kelvin-Bones alive and well. Their Bones and Kirk were killed by Nero at the battle of Andoria after he destroyed Earth. Back on pleasure planet Risa, Gas-Scotty ditches the group to go find a “lovely and lonely gas-form to console.” Because when you’re in a multidimensional crisis due to a temporal-spatial anomaly, the first order of business when you’re a Starfleet officer is sow your royal oats.  

I’m a doctor, not an android

The challenge with this issue is that it leaves more questions than provides answers. On the bright side, we’re still only halfway through the story. That said, I do hope Mike Johnson is done adding characters and will continue to focus on the strong ones he already created. I’m fascinated with Simon Grayson and hope we get to explore more of his story in the coming issues. Heck, even gas-Scotty deserves his own series on Risa. Maybe that’s why Boldly Go is ending its run?

Gas-Scotty just seems to be full of hot air

Let’s face it, plant and gas-based Starfleet officers are preposterous. Why does a gas-based being speak perfect English and look like Simon Pegg? Well, in the spirit of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, I can’t really have a problem with them. In the multiverse, anything that can happen, will happen in this story (and it has). Speaking of diversity, kudos to IDW for bringing Marvel’s Silk artist Tana Ford on board – her art is lively, raw, and emotional – a welcomed addition. Not to mention she’s a real fan. Her last Kickstarter listed a 45-minute Skype session as a pledge reward – one of the topics of conversation? Star Trek.

5-Page Preview: Star Trek Boldly Go #15

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Star Trek Boldly Go #15 was released Wednesday, December 27th. It retails for $3.99. You can order it at TFAW with a discount

And if you want to catch up, the trade paperback collection of Star Trek: Boldly Go (volume 1, collection of issues #1-#6) is available now. It retails for $19.99. You can order from Amazon for 32% off. The second collection (issues 7-12) is due January 9th, and can be pre-ordered  at Amazon.

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Boldly grow?

So, did the gas-based crew arise from a humanity that evolved on Jupiter?

Nope, evolved on Planet B(urrito).

please stop with this lol just focus on 1 universe and make it good

That was a nonsensical comment. Try again.

no it was my opinion, try again lol if you cant take critique maybe dont even bother reading posts

Chlorophyll Kirk, beware the Klingon’s Ultimate Weapon: Ronco’s Veg-o-matic!!! To which, Chlorophyll Kirk responds to the Klingson with his usual, savage battle cry, “Your ass is grass!”
(Background music for this universe Kirk’s favorite oldie is not Beastie Boys, but Robert Plant).