Orville Update: Season 2 To Feature More Sci-Fi, To Be At Least 14 Episodes



This week has some news for TrekMovie’s adopted Star Trek-inspired show, The Orville. Speaking at a Fox Family Guy panel at the Winter TCA, creator/executive producer Seth MacFarlane discussed some of the plans for the second season. Talking about the length of the season, MacFarlane told the critics (via TV Guide):

“I think it’s going to be at least 14 [episodes]. I’d rather do fewer episodes and have them be better content-wise than do 22 and have them be filler.” 

Based on a tweet from actor Scott Grimes the show will be back in production next month, however we may have to wait a bit to see the second season. When asked at the TCA if the show will be back in the Fall, MacFarlane indicated it wouldn’t be, due to the lead to to make each episode, saying “No, there’s too much to do.”

Seth MacFarlane speaking at 2018 Fox Winter TCA Family Guy panel

More sci-fi for season two and maybe Family Guy crossover and puppets too

When talking about lessons learned from the first season that can apply to the second, MacFarlaned talked about the tone and balance with comedy, indicating the second season will have more sci-fi, saying (via Slashfilm):

“The show was experimental in a lot of ways. Tone was the biggest experimental part of it. What we found was that we can lean a little more heavier into the science fiction and not have to worry so much about knocking out a joke every page. The show is an hour and really can and wants to service its storytelling in a way that makes it a priority. The jokes come as they come, the comedy comes as it comes.”

It was also revealed during the TCA Family Guy panel that there may be a crossover with The Orville. Perhaps the crew of the USS Orville will appear in a Family Guy cutaway gag? Executive Producer (of Family Guy) Rich Appel said:

“I sent the script on a slow boat [to approve]. But we end up live on the bridge of the Orville. We’ll see.”

There is one more surprising possibility for season 2 coming from the twitter account of a professional puppet design firm that indicates they are making puppets for The Orville:

MacFarlane on how ‘The Orville’ is “really not a comedy” and how it scared him

In an extensive interview with Build to promote his album In Full Swing, Seth MacFarlane also talked about The Orville and how he was pleased to see fans embrace the show, and especially one that isn’t like his usual work in half-hour comedies. He noted that he was “terrified” at first as he was working on the show.

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