Lots of Mirror Universe Action in the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 11 Preview

Attached to the end of every episode of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access is a short promo for the next episode. The promo for Episode 11 “The Wolf Inside” (debuting Sunday January 14) had some rather exciting hints of what’s to come.

It should go without saying, but, click away now if you want to stay totally free of possible spoilers.

There appear to be two main scenes shown. Burnham with the rebels, and Stamets back on the Discovery.

Burnham and the rebels

On a planet with Burnham and Tyler, we get two milestones for Discovery. We finally see an Andorian! and of course a Vulcan sporting a goatee. Also quite important, we can see Tyler fight what appears to be the mirror universe version of the Klingon Voq.

Burnham and Tyler are bombed

Burnham escorted by rebel soldiers. NOTE: The Andorian at the lead

Goatees are a Vulcan thing in the Mirror Universe, logically

Mirror Sarek probes Michael Prime. NOTE: The pale Klingon at the table.

Tyler fights (himself?) Mirror Voq

Stamets comes to life

Back on the USS Discovery we can see Stamets seems to have been allowed to leave (or maybe he used his new powers to leave?) sickbay and interface with the spore network.

Stamets finds his partner’s body on the floor of sickbay

White-eyed Stamets with neural monitors in the reaction chamber

Tilly and Saru look into the reaction chamber worriedly

Tilly is overwhelmed

Other moments

The lovers canoodle (what happens in the Mirror Universe, stays in the Mirror Universe?)

A planet is bombarded from orbit. Likely the same planet Burnham and the rebels are on.

Lorca released from an Agony Booth looking like a broken man

A mysterious figure in the corridors. NOTE: what may be a headdress, could this be the Empress come to visit Burnham?

Burnham seemingly channeling her inner Mirror-self


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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