Lots of Mirror Universe Action in the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 11 Preview

Attached to the end of every episode of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access is a short promo for the next episode. The promo for Episode 11 “The Wolf Inside” (debuting Sunday January 14) had some rather exciting hints of what’s to come.

It should go without saying, but, click away now if you want to stay totally free of possible spoilers.

There appear to be two main scenes shown. Burnham with the rebels, and Stamets back on the Discovery.

Burnham and the rebels

On a planet with Burnham and Tyler, we get two milestones for Discovery. We finally see an Andorian! and of course a Vulcan sporting a goatee. Also quite important, we can see Tyler fight what appears to be the mirror universe version of the Klingon Voq.

Burnham and Tyler are bombed

Burnham escorted by rebel soldiers. NOTE: The Andorian at the lead

Goatees are a Vulcan thing in the Mirror Universe, logically

Mirror Sarek probes Michael Prime. NOTE: The pale Klingon at the table.

Tyler fights (himself?) Mirror Voq

Stamets comes to life

Back on the USS Discovery we can see Stamets seems to have been allowed to leave (or maybe he used his new powers to leave?) sickbay and interface with the spore network.

Stamets finds his partner’s body on the floor of sickbay

White-eyed Stamets with neural monitors in the reaction chamber

Tilly and Saru look into the reaction chamber worriedly

Tilly is overwhelmed

Other moments

The lovers canoodle (what happens in the Mirror Universe, stays in the Mirror Universe?)

A planet is bombarded from orbit. Likely the same planet Burnham and the rebels are on.

Lorca released from an Agony Booth looking like a broken man

A mysterious figure in the corridors. NOTE: what may be a headdress, could this be the Empress come to visit Burnham?

Burnham seemingly channeling her inner Mirror-self


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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Bring on the next episode!

I am anxious to see how much they have reimagined the Andorians. I liked the look from Enterprise.

At least from behind it looks like they didn’t go the DISCO-Klingon route and put six antennae on their heads or something…


But they pee icicles now.

Have we ever seen them NOT do that before?

Actually, have we ever seen a couple of guys in Star Trek taking a pee in a urinal and having a conversation? Have we actually seen inside a crew public toilet before? Do they have three seashells on the wall?

Not yet, but probably in the next movie by Quentin Tarantino!

I think by then, toilets/lavatories will be much more logical and unisex; i.e., no urinals except behind closed doors. Yeesh.

I just figured poo was beamed directly to the food replactors…..

What are those damn sea shells for

He doesn’t know how to use the three seashells!

It’s the far future, they will all sit.

JAGT, RE: Klingons…

Oddly enough if you do a good photoshop (or do an image search for “Discovery Klingons with Hair”), the DSC Klingons actually ARE the Klingons we’ve known since TMP! Why they decided to shave their heads, the entire race, I have no idea…

Yes, if the Klingons had hair there would be virtually no whining about them.

@Captain Danno — The Andorians from Enterprise weren’t that different from the Andorians on TOS. What set them apart was the amazing remote controlled antennae. Had they not had that technology, they would have been essentially the same. I’d welcome a more alien looking approach. In fact I’d welcome that for almost all of the alien cultures. We don’t have to adhere to 1960s budget-conscious humanoid looking appearances, nor are we limited by the TNG era similar forehead ridge solution, however more sophisticated than TOS the appliances were. The Andorians could be far more interesting looking than we’ve ever seen, just as the Klingons are. I’d say embrace the change.

I agree! When made respectfully, I see no problem with the changes DIscovery had made.

Me too. I liked that their antennae were more functional, moving a bit this way and that, and I loved Shran.

Groovy. I dig it

Wow, wow and wow!

I know i’m a 39 year old guy and when I watched the final shot of Despite Yourself it really was too much. Didn’t help i’d been recovering from 4 days of insomnia / illness but the really miserable tone of the whole episode was getting too much for me. No more Agony chambers please… I’ve been trying to put it out of my mind since. Watching Episode 11 will be…interesting… and I hope they f* off out of the Mirror Universe soon… Like Episode 11 or 12 and not 15. Also I really hope season 2 is a lot lighter overall. …sigh.

I thought it was single most horrifying scene in the history of Star Trek. It made me feel uneasy as well

I want to watch All Good Things or something fun now.

Is it really that different from what we saw before?


well said

Ceti eel ear scene is the most unsettling for me.

Ugh, JJ-Khan crushing Adm Marcus’s head then stomping Dr Marcus’s legs. UGH.

Yeah, I agree. I think it’s the sound editing that makes the new agony booth so unpleasant. It feels like plain, straight-forward horror and cannot be compared to the same stuff on previous installments.
But then, it has got a fresh spin towards it and I see why they are doing this. It also wasn’t too graphic. Compared to the stuff shown on a TV-14 show like Into the Badlands or even The Shannara Chronicles that is…

Well, it is the agony booth, not one of those hydro-massager booths you see at the county fair.

I’m curious, what does your age pertain to the rest of this message? I mean this civilly! I’m just wondering if you consider the fact that you’re 39 to have a bearing on your reaction to the episode’s tone. I consider 39 fairly young, is why I ask. (I’m 30, myself, but you’re a scant 9 years ahead of me!)

I mean it shouldn’t bother me but I guess I was ill and tired and it just got to me. ..

I’m 49 and I can’t believe these guys crying like this. Wow! Weird. The agony booth is rough, but only because poor Lorca is in there, I care for him.

@KKK — so you’re not a fan of “Mirror, Mirror”, or “In A Mirror Darkly”? The agony booth featured prominently in those episodes. Also, it may have been in episode of DS9 in the Mirror Universe (I’m not as familiar with that series — it was too dark for me LOL).

I can understand where you are coming from but television has changed. I am 31 so I am not too far off from you. I like that they have given DISCO more depth than the happy go lucky magic school bus in space. After all, these characters are closer to our time period and so I feel its great to see their journey and go from broken, lost, dark individuals to better human beings.
We were used to seeing all this in one episode or a two parter but the method has changed. Have faith… this is a journey.

nice perspective

Aries, I feel its great to see their journey and go from broken, lost, dark individuals to better human beings.

Well said, zir. Maybe we could repeat this phrase to everyone who says DISCO is too dark” … but those are individuals with individual opinions. I feel just as you do.

A good series is one where characters make a journey, like Peggy or Don or Joan on “Mad Men”.

Excellent Mad Men examples, Marja. What an excellent show. I still miss it.

I’m 43 and I loved it! I was about 31 or 32 when I started posting here. Blimey!!

You’ll be okay. It’s a story. Just get your rest drink lots of fluids and get your blanket out like I do and watch Star Trek. Maybe the Orville is more your speed. LLaP.

I kind of hope the MU goes three eps or fewer. But it may [as said above] explore a lot of Lorca’s character!

Maybe you shouldn’t be watching anything over PG13, if not G rated. This is coming from a 41 year old. Those agony booth scenes are supposed to be somewhat disturbing, but traumatizing? I’m not trying to minimize your sensitivities, but if you are that easily traumatized maybe you should avoid these types of shows. Either that or buck up. ;)

Its a TV show, not the nightly news.

Looks a bit like Ben Cross as Sarek. I know it isn’t but still….

Hee! I thought of Todd Haberkorn in the “ST Continues” Mirror episode

Loving what I am seeing in this show

Very cool!
Now, where’s my Disco pod cast?

It almost makes sense for Burnham and company to be meeting with Rebels, not going to see the Empress.

Klingons, Vulcans, Andorians. All likely rebels. The planet being bombed. Etc.

The figure entering is likely the Rebel leader. Maybe THAT is Phillipa…? Be so great if it was T’Pol!

Wasn’t T’Pol about to get executed by orders of Archer? I mean maybe she somehow made it out alive, but Sato wasn’t best friends with her either, so I doubt it.

If her death was never seen, thats the perfect set up for her to have escaped and help lead the rebels. Im sure we would have heard if she filmed a cameo though, but this would have been a good time.

At the outset I will state that I have not watched Discovery, mostly because I’m not paying CBS an additional fee to watch one show. So, my question here has nothing to do with my trying to analyze this show, criticize it, or complain about it in any “in-depth” way. In other words, since I haven’t seen it I have no right to comment on it. However, I do have a question as to why, if Discovery takes place prior to TOS and they are having some sort of adventure in the Mirror Universe, wouldn’t Kirk – in the TOS Mirror episode – have known exactly what was happening to them, since it had already happened to someone else (Discovery)? I would think if Discovery entered the Mirror Universe they would have kept some kind of record of their “trip.” The same thing bugged me about ENT having a Mirror Universe experience. These things happened prior to TOS, so now we watch TOS and say, “C’mon, Kirk! You never read the reports of Archer or Burnham? You should know where you are!” I don’t recall Kirk ever saying anyone from the past ever entered the Mirror Universe. Does this make any sense or am I just missing something? I mean just because people dug the Mirror Universe, that means it can just appear in any Trek series or episode? If TOS is canon then ENT and DISC are revisionist history, right?

@P Technobabble. There is a lot about Discovery that appears to be unknown in the future TOS era. Their visit to the Mirror Universe is one, but another is the Spore Drive that enables them to fly pretty much anywhere instantly. Since the season’s story arc isn’t yet complete, it’s hard to say if these will be addressed by the writers. The show runners have asked for fans to be patient and let the story play out. Maybe it will turn out they are in a separate universe after all. Or, maybe it will all be classified.

Regarding the Mirror Universe episodes on Enterprise: Maybe I remember it incorrectly, but I believe those were completely stand alone episodes. Prime Archer and his crew never visited the Mirror Universe. The only prime universe connection was the Defiant.

I’m going with classified. Almost every time they have been in action there has been no other federation entity. The only one I can think of is the planet they scooped in and defended.

I have the same thought.

I’ll add fuel to the fire and say I think DISCO has, from very near the beginning, been in an alternate universe. Not the MU, just a different one from the “real” one.

You’re asking a question about Trek continuity, and the short answer is Trek continuity is just a mess. My particular irritant is Generations Nexus. This ‘mysterious’ energy ribbon that everyone and their uncle seems to know is a flying time portal in space…that’s apparently completely unguarded. Each Trek show, mostly, seems to exist in a vacuum, unaware of events that have transpired in other shows that you’d think would have wide ranging consequences. To your point, if TNG is canon, then TOS is revisionist history as well.

It could be assumed that records from before the Romulan war were lost, damaged, scattered…, and then when the Federation was chartered records may never have been transferred… It’s plausible anyways. As for Discovery? I suspect it’s mission logs will be classified at the highest levels. Either that, or she will be lost in another galaxy/universe/dimension, where her mission will continue but her logs won’t arrive in our galaxy for another hundred years. It’s got to be something like that.
I respect your decision to not pay for Star Trek on CBS: All Access. That being said, I find it a unique experience to pay for a good Star Trek show, but that’s just it. If it wasn’t any good i wouldn’t pay to watch it. My $5.99 a month helps ensure that the producers are giving me a quality product. If they promised to air a second ST series I’d pay double. I think it’s a novel idea, and if I get bored I can watch other things on the platform …as soon as they have a better selection.

Personally I hope to subscribe for a month or two and re-watch all the eps I saw first-run with friends.

Also, spore drive and universe hoppin’ are a pretty boss way to change things up periodically :^D

IF the year successfully use the Defiant (from in a Mirror Darkly) in any way to help them get back, even in a tangential way (which technically they already have, as the discovery of the Defiant was the impetus for their mission) then they really CANT tell starfleet about it.

If they do, they risk events unfolding in a different way, thereby creating a temporal paradox. They need the Defiant to end up in the Mirror universe or they won’t be able to get home.

Freakin’ temporal paradoxes!

… well they never bothered Kirk

I’m willing to bet $$ that at the end of this Series Discovery is lost with all hands and the due to the black ops stuff they’re doing the logs and records of their adventures are classified. That’s why 10 years later Kirk never benefits from knowledge of what Discovery encountered.

Michelle Yeoh is empress

That’s my bet too. Other potential options are Harry Mudd or Admiral Cornwell

On the caption titled “Stamets finds his partner’s body on the floor of sickbay” the set background looks to be the same airlock set where Tilly and Burnham release the tardigrade back into space. I wonder if they are going on a trip?

This is the first time since ‘All Our Yesterdays’ that I’ve that I’ve regularly looked forward to a weekly episode of Star Trek. The good thing is that Discovery doesn’t wimp out on cliffhangers. I’ll never forget the disappointment that was The Best of Both Worlds II. When Discovery gets nasty it rolls with it!

“All Our Yesterdays”? That week TOS season 3 episode? Or are you talking about “All Good Things”???

No, All Our Yesterdays. Seasons 1-6 of TNG often went out on UK Sky One daily. I didn’t enjoy much of what was shown of TNG weekly on BBC prior to that. Season 7 of TNG was weak. Never bothered much with DS9 or the other two.

LOL the last time you looked forward to an episode was over 50 years ago? Wow. Well hopefully you will like this one.

No, early-mid-1980s when I was a child. I wasn’t born when the show was first on UK TV. ;)

Lol ok so it’s been 30 years. Still a long time but I know Trek fans can be fickle.

Can’t agree more on all points.

I WANT TO SEE THAT ANDORIAN FROM THE FRONT!!! (Next on my wishlist: Some Tellarites!)

Also: Tyler fighting Voq – it’s probably Mirror Voq, but I guess it also works as an allegory of Tyler’s inner turmoil. (Sort like that bit in the”Lord of the Rings” movie, where Gollum’s/Smeagol’s personalities are arguing with each other).

If it is Voq, he must be standing in a ditch

Those aren’t Klingons. #ridiculousshow

Is #notmyklingons still a thing?


Those ARE Klingons. And it is a long story.


Well said and so true!

If you don’t like it, why have you expenses time commenting on it?

Philippa Georgiou is the Empress.

I don’t think that is Voq. He’s too short to be Voq. Voq’s height had to be reduced to human stature when he had all the surgeries, poor guy.

I did NOT want this.

But as Steve Jobs famously said, and I’m paraphrasing (probably)…

“People don’t know they want something until you get it to them.”

“Despite Yourself” was AWESOME!!! Can’t wait until Monday, 4pm Japan Standard Time! Bring it, Netflix!!

Pleasantly surprised. Not as much yelling about a similar looking Constitution class as I thought there would be.

Might have been said already… but anyone else think Phillips Gergiou is going to be the Empress

Anyone else think Phillipa Gergiou is going to be the Empress? Apologies if his has already been said

is that how they find out that Tyler is a Klingon? Burnham is gonna pop out a little baby with forehead ridges?

I have just read a great article all about how Lorca is Terran Lorca and how he has brought back Discovery and Burnham to overthrow the Emperor and stop her tyranny http://www.gamesradar.com/star-trek-discovery-lorca-terran-theory/

Everytime I see a planet getting destroyed in Trek, or SciFi in general, it turns my stomach. Even if it’s not real, obviously. Imagine a future when it’s that easy to vaporize an entire civilization, an entire unique ecosystem. You would live in constant fear.