Eaglemoss Unveils First Wave of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Ship Models

On the heels of the return of Star Trek: Discovery to CBS All Access, Eaglemoss Collections has just unveiled twelve brand new ship models, all from the new show. The new ships represent the first wave of models in the Discovery collection and are based on the original VFX models created for the show.

The first wave includes seven Federation ships, including the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227, the USS Discovery NCC-1031, a number of Starfleet vessels seen at The Battle of the Binary Stars, and five Klingon vessels. The USS Shenzhou will be the first issue, and is currently available for pre-order to subscribers to the Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection at a special rate of just $9.95. All other first wave ships, including the Discovery, are available to subscribers for $44.95 each (20% off the standard retail price available to non-subscribers of $54.95 each).

It should be noted that the Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection is a separate subscription than the Star Trek Official Starships Collection, which is nearing 120 issues. The Eaglemoss Discovery ships will be larger in size, ranging from eight to ten inches long.

The First Wave of Star Trek: Discovery ships from Eaglemoss

Federation Ships


USS Shenzhou NCC-1227

The first ship in the Discovery Collection is the fan favorite USS Shenzhou, a Walker-class Starfleet vessel. The Shenzhou is now available for pre-order with delivery expected in about two weeks. If you’re an Eaglemoss subscriber, you can grab the Shenzhou for just $9.95. Individually, you can purchase the ship at comic shops, or the Eaglemoss website, for the regular price of $54.95.

USS Discovery NCC-1031

Crossfield Class

USS Kerala NCC-1255

Shepard Class

USS Shran NCC-1413

Magee Class

USS Yeager NCC-1437

Cardenas Class

USS Europa NCC-1648

Nimitz Class

USS Edison NCC-1683

Hoover Class

Klingon Vessels


Bird of Prey

Qugh Class Destroyer

Daspu” Class

Veqlargh Class

Batlh Class

Notably absent is the Klingon Sarcophagus ship. Eaglemoss’s Ben Robinson noted on Twitter that the Sarcophagus ship is a challenge due to how detailed it is, which may necessitate a larger model.

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