Eaglemoss Unveils First Wave of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Ship Models

On the heels of the return of Star Trek: Discovery to CBS All Access, Eaglemoss Collections has just unveiled twelve brand new ship models, all from the new show. The new ships represent the first wave of models in the Discovery collection and are based on the original VFX models created for the show.

The first wave includes seven Federation ships, including the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227, the USS Discovery NCC-1031, a number of Starfleet vessels seen at The Battle of the Binary Stars, and five Klingon vessels. The USS Shenzhou will be the first issue, and is currently available for pre-order to subscribers to the Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection at a special rate of just $9.95. All other first wave ships, including the Discovery, are available to subscribers for $44.95 each (20% off the standard retail price available to non-subscribers of $54.95 each).

It should be noted that the Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection is a separate subscription than the Star Trek Official Starships Collection, which is nearing 120 issues. The Eaglemoss Discovery ships will be larger in size, ranging from eight to ten inches long.

The First Wave of Star Trek: Discovery ships from Eaglemoss

Federation Ships


USS Shenzhou NCC-1227

The first ship in the Discovery Collection is the fan favorite USS Shenzhou, a Walker-class Starfleet vessel. The Shenzhou is now available for pre-order with delivery expected in about two weeks. If you’re an Eaglemoss subscriber, you can grab the Shenzhou for just $9.95. Individually, you can purchase the ship at comic shops, or the Eaglemoss website, for the regular price of $54.95.

USS Discovery NCC-1031

Crossfield Class

USS Kerala NCC-1255

Shepard Class

USS Shran NCC-1413

Magee Class

USS Yeager NCC-1437

Cardenas Class

USS Europa NCC-1648

Nimitz Class

USS Edison NCC-1683

Hoover Class

Klingon Vessels


Bird of Prey

Qugh Class Destroyer

Daspu” Class

Veqlargh Class

Batlh Class

Notably absent is the Klingon Sarcophagus ship. Eaglemoss’s Ben Robinson noted on Twitter that the Sarcophagus ship is a challenge due to how detailed it is, which may necessitate a larger model.

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I personally love the ships but as far as the “flow” in the natural order of Trek ships (all the films included), it’s easy to see John Eaves having a hand in design. The Federation ships work very well as ships that would be born out of the NX01 design and the Discovery has enough design elements that play off of the Kelvin even. I really like the Veqlargh class ship and all of the Klingon ships except for the Bird of Prey and the Daspu”. The Bird of Prey looks too Romulan in nature and the Daspu looks like a ship that was a design for a Voyager episode.

First? In before negative Dana shows up.

They look even worse than they do onscreen. Not having my money. Sorry.

If they can finally make the window indents align with the paint THEN, they’ve got my money!

Love the Federation ships to bits, especially the Shran and the Edison.

Yeah, that Batlh Class ship… haha, paging Dr. Freud…

The Klingon Tickler….probably going where no man should go.



Nice models. Would still want to see one personally before buying one, though.

Let me start by saying that I love the show, will continue to watch all the way to the end, and moved past the new look of the Klingons a long time ago.

But man, those Klingon ships are fugly. I don’t speak Klingon, but I bet Daspu” and Batlh mean toilet brush and dildo…

DaSpu’ = “boot spike”
(They misspelled it in some PR material, but I believe they’ve fixed it now.)

batlh = honor

Mostly agree about the designs, though. I think the batlh looks good, and the veqlargh looks fairly decent, but apart from that, they just don’t feel like Klingon designs at all.
… and while I’m all for diverse designs, this seems more like a search+replace, and not for the better.

“But man, those Klingon ships are fugly. I don’t speak Klingon, but I bet Daspu” and Batlh mean toilet brush and dildo…”

True, and hilarious.

Agreed that they’re overdesigned, although I’m glad that we finally have some well-lit models to see precisely how. In the show, all the space scenes are dim, so it’s “gee, that’s not the traditional long-necked bird shape depicted in TOS, TNG, DS9 and ENT, through the D-7, K’tinga, B’rel-K’vort, Vor’cha, etc.”

Given the show’s emphasis on the 24 Great Houses being separate (not that we’ve met them beyond the distinct costumes worn by reps), and statements in the “Klingon Bird-of-Prey Haynes Manual” (2012) about each House operating its own shipyards, it kinda makes sense that they’re visually distinct. But we can’t tell where any of the conventional systems are located (warp nacelles, deflector, weapons emplacements) — that’s disappointing.

I suspect something like this happened in the DSC production office: “We’ll make the Discovery look like a Vulcan IDIC. Oops, now it looks like a classic Klingon D-7. Let’s give each of the adversaries a very different silhouette.”

The Shepard and Cardenas class starships look AMAZING!!!

Is it just me, or are all the Federation vessels basically named after Earth historical names? Mostly. Unless all the ships are designed on Earth, by humans, solely using Earth’s resources, why would they all be so Earth-centric in nomenclature?

The Shran is named for an Andorian.

I thought they were specifically Starfleet ships, i.e. Earth vessels? Starfleet is an Earth-based organization and most ships are constructed there or around Mars

We don’t know about “most.” The only Starfleet shipyards that have ever been named onscreen have been in Sol System (San Francisco, Iowa in ST09, Utopia Planitia above Mars, Jupiter Base in ENT). It’s possible that the *parts* of Starfleet we see are Sol-centric, and there are other fleets (or planetary militias) designed and crewed by other UFP members — but that’s speculation based on fragmentary and ambiguous evidence.

I really kinda hate the BOP this go around, not very canonical at all and pretty ugly. I don’t see a lot of continuity between the Starfleet vessels, although I can at least appreciate that they’re trying out some different designs from the standard saucer-secondary-nacelle layout. And I still think Disco is pretty unattractive from most angles. But I will still inevitably geek out over these ships and really hope to see Defiant.

This BOP looks more Stargate than Star Trek.

so true!! Very Egyptian in design

Looks like the Yaeger was mis-classified. It’s actually an X-wing class.

I really like the look of these, especially the Nimitz Class for the Federation and the Veqlargh Class for the Klingon vessels. After looking at these and the quick glimpse we were giving in STD E-10, consider me officially hyped for what the Constitution is going to look like. Something tells me though, that this “Connie” is going to be closer in scale to the Kelvin Timeline Starships. Either way, I think I am sold.

Well I must say, love them or hate them, with the space-effect shots being so sketchy on this show (imo), at least we’re finally getting a decent look at what these ships look like.

The biggest reason why I won’t buy any of these is the need for a SEPERATE subscription from the main star trek subscription. it’s basically a money grab. And so I cancelled my main star trek sub because of that exactly. Now if I see a ship I want, I’ll get it, but I’ll never subscribe again until they roll the discovery ships into the main star trek subscription offering instead of keeping it separate.

Does anyone know if this is the order of release? The website still only shows the first two.

On a Magee Class ship, must suck to have quarters in the port or starboard sections of the saucer. You’d have to walk through the warp nacelles. Not a good idea.

If that’s where they are located!

Give me a Constellation, Miranda, Nebula, Excelsior, Oberth class ship ANY day over those generic Eaves designs.

The designs strike me as Eaves trying to be different just because he can.
If the current writers’ plans are to still depict how we’ll eventually end up with the history and designs depicted in TOS onward, then they have a tall order to fulfill. The Klingon ships all look to me like they belong in a completely different franchise altogether…

I have cancelled my subscription. They look terrible. They are not worth the money.

What about the USS Enterprise it just previewed on the last episode

Rather see the Star Trek Technical Manual starships by Franz Joseph published in the 1970’s and other TOS trek constitution class that appeared in the series, vanguard station. That tripe on Discovery you can keep. Don’t like the series or Abrams, both it and the new star wars are dead to me.