Ted Sullivan Talks Mirror Universe, USS Defiant, Season 2 And More During ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Q&A

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As he has in the past, today Ted Sullivan used time waiting for a flight to do an impromptu fan Q&A on Twitter. The Star Trek: Discovery co-executive producer was on his way to New York to appear on Sunday’s After Trek.  The Q&A covered a lot of issues, including clarifying a hot topic regarding the USS Defiant in “Despite Yourself,” as well as talking about season 2. We grabbed the highlights and organized them into topics for you to find out what was said.

Explaining why USS Defiant looked different

One of the issues coming out of last week’s episode (“Despite Yourself”) is why the USS Defiant wireframe image appeared different than the known design of the TOS Constitution Class ship.

Constitution Class USS Defiant as seen in “Despite Yourself” has some differences

Ted confirmed that while it has been in the Mirror Universe (after it was brought over in the 22nd century in Enterprise’s “In a Mirror, Darkly”), the ship has had some work done. 

Defending the new look of Discovery

As a couple of fans in the Twitter thread debated how Discovery has introduced new looks, Ted jumped in again on the conversation noting that it is expected for a modern show to make changes vs the original series from 50 years ago.

Finding a “unique” (and less sexual) approach to Mirror Universe

Some of the questions covered how Discovery team wanted to do a “unique” take on the Mirror Universe, which was introduced in last weekend’s episode “Despite Yourself.”

More familiar faces coming to Discovery…Shran and Q?

Ted also fielded some questions about additional characters from Trek canon like Sarek and Harry Mudd being used in the future.

What about the lesser known bridge crew?

Ted also confirmed that we will learn more about some of the lesser known characters from the USS Discovery bridge crew.

Work progressing on Season 2 … with some new writers

We still don’t know when the second season of Discovery will debut, but work on it has been ongoing for a while already, including some new writers.

Behind the scenes with writers, cast and crew

Ted also fielded a number of questions about life as a writer on Star Trek: Discovery.

More from Ted Sunday night on After Trek

You can hear more from Ted tomorrow night as he is one of the guests on the official Discovery after show, along with Shazad Latif (Lt. Tyler). You can submit questions via Twitter to @startrekcbs using the hashtag #AfterTrek.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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