Reminder: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 11 “The Wolf Inside” Debuts Tonight

Star Trek: Discovery debuts its 11th episode tonight, continuing the crew’s foray into the Mirror Universe.

Preview: “The Wolf  Inside”

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1, Episode 11

The crew continues their guise, and Burnham is ordered on a merciless mission to end the resistance in hopes of returning home. Meanwhile, Tilly works on restoring Stamets’ neurofunction.

TV teases a little bit more of the plot:

A face-to-face encounter with someone from Tyler’s past will reopen old wounds he is not equipped to deal with just yet. This unexpected meeting, though important, will jeopardize not only his life and that of Burnham’s, but the Discovery’s mission as a whole.

The episode will be available in the US on CBS All Access at 8:30 pm ET (5:30 PT). In Canada it airs on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET (5:00 pm PT).  And it will be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday at 8 am BST.

CBS episode preview

Netflix episode preview (for International visitors)


Behind the scenes

Here are some tweets from Discovery crew, giving some more insights into the episode.

Followed by ‘After Trek’ episode 10

The tenth episode of the Discovery after-show After Trek streams on CBS All Access tonight at 9:30 pm ET. With Producer Ted Sullivan and Shazad Latif.

After Trek also airs on Space in Canada at midnight ET and will be available on Netflix on Monday.

What say you?

TrekMovie will be posting a full review of “The Wolf Inside” later. But you don’t have to wait to offer your views in the comments below.

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Sounds like a goodie, BRING IT ON!

If they’re having Shazad Latif on “After Trek”, I think it’s safe to say that this will be an episode that focuses on Tyler. I mean come on, the episode is titled “The Wolf Inside”!

Is it 8:30 yet?!!

“The Wolf Inside” has many meanings, though. Not just applicable to Tyler.

…aaaand sometimes a cigar is just a disguised Klingon cigar.

I think the other “wolves” in this episode are the evil side of Burnham (she’s worried she’ll become like them) and the spore-personality of Stammetts.

buckle up

But, will the buckle hold?

I have been watching it on Amazon video lately.
It went up at 5pm.

Its not up at CBSAA, yet.

my jaw dropped at the end!

holy smokes the emperor!

must say trek fans are the smart bunch

I just saw the ending of this episode.

Nothing gives me chills… except … I got chills.

I extend my congratulations to all involved.

From a lifelong fan: Thank you for making TV better than I could ever have hoped.

agreed this show is fantastic, grats to all involved 🖖👏


that ending is prolly the top 3 of all time! Emperor Gerorgiou is delicious, Michelle rocks!

A little pissed off that they cheated and call her Emperor instead of the correct Empress, though.

The call women officers “sir” and “Mr.”, I don’t see why this would be a cheat.

Ships’ officers are not the Emperor.

And your point being…?

Probably the best Trek episode ever.

Love, thy name is Trek.

TBOBW, part 1-worthy.

SO next week they’ll just say “fire” and kill the Emperor. Job done., moving on.

Shenzou against a tricked out Constitution class vessel? Fat chance at surviving that.

One hell of an episode

Fantastic episode! This show gets better with each new episode. Very well done!

Really great episode with an ending that was an actual surprise; hard to do these days.

It will be interesting to see what they do with Tyler from this point on. Not much room for redemption here. Make’s me wonder if the real Ash Tyler is out there somewhere.

might meet up with mirror ash

He’s a Terran, so most likely a total asshole.

Star Trek fans are usually one step ahead of where the showrunner’s typically think they are. The ending was less of a surprise than an expectation.

star trek always best on tv, can have these long arcs and character development

Great ep but is the Discovery following them? How are they able to transport sectors away?

@Nebula1701 — I wondered that too. And since the Discovery can’t just jump in and out at the moment, hard to co-ordinate. And what exactly have they been ordered to do during all of this?

I cheered!

Cool, you should have!
It was another GREAT episode.v

Very entertaining episode.

The Tyler/Voq conflict was well handled but I don’t think it is close to being resolved yet and I still think there is hope for redemption for Tyler (not sure about his prospects for long term survival though).

The reveal of the emperor was predictable but still well done. Given that Discovery likes to make bold and shocking moves, I would not be surprised if the Terran Empire ends up needing a new emperor soon (maybe Lorca?).

The show is really building up steam as it rushes to its conclusion; the last three episodes have been the strongest for me and I really hope they can keep it going.

Starting to wonder if Mirror Burnham is alive.
They are throwing curveballs at us all the time now.
You never know.

What would REALLY be a treat for the fans is if they had the Discovery in the Prime universe being, staffed by Killy’s mirror crew, being hunted by a Federation task force led by, you guessed it, Çhris Pike’s Enterprise.

I figured this from the beginning, that Michael would be found out because the Mirror Michael is with the Emperor.

It doesn’t appear that mirror Burnham is currently in the picture since the emperor is accusing Burnham of lying to her.
But, Mirror Burnham could still be alive, and
Waiting for her moment to strike

AFTER TREK SPOILER****** After seeing Ted Sullivan on ‘After Trek’ I can’t help but feel confident- regardless of all the naysayers- that ST Discovery is in excellent hands. His love and devotion to Star Trek is music to my Trek-lovin ears.
His inspiration to channel Gene Roddenberry, Steven Spielberg, etc, promises we will get the product we want.
Now if they could only fix the streaming problems on CBSAA…

Streaming Problem?

No streaming problems on my end.

As for Ted, well, I don’t know. We’ll see how long he actually stays with the show.

Best…episode…ever! Full stop.

Not just DSC, but all of Star Trek! A highly emotional, moody ride of epic proportion… I’ve been close to tears throughout the entire episode. So many incredible twists in both directions…shocking moments, wonderful moments… I have seen most of it coming, but the way it was presented was superb.

Tense ep! Burnham got an emotional triple gut punch this time… Wonder if she’ll be able to cope with all of this.

indeed, discovering her bf was a planted spy and her former captain and mother figure is alive as the emperor from the mu is def mind blowing, whats next lorca is from mu also? lol

Is it just me that really doesn’t enjoy :
” Now THIS is happening – see you in a week ! ”

Every 7 days ? It does nothing to change my mind that 1 story episodes are much more satisfying.

They’re gonna be in the MU for the rest of the season aren’t they ?

*massive sigh*.

Yes you are.

Long form stories may be more frustrating stories the first time through but they are usually better stories– because they give audiences more time to explore the nuances of the characters and narrative.

Also, studios have finally realized that thanks to streaming and home video, more audiences over time will watch these episodes in binges than they will once a week, and they can write and produce these stories so they’re best enjoyed in 4 or 5 episode chunks.

Think about it: when was the last time you even watched a Trek two parter in two separate sittings, a week apart?

Over the coming years audiences will rewatch Discover or even watch it for the first time far more than the number who are watching it right now. and that’s not a knock on the audience size now: I’ll bet millions of people have discovered DS9 and Enterprise through Netflix and Amazon, and binged it in chunks, over the past 5 years. That’s in addition to the millions who rewatch it as existing fans of those shows.

@SanFranDisco — yup. And go beyond those Trek two-partners (some of which made you wait months between seasons) into ENT’s multi-episode arcs in the 4th season. Just doing that made them so much more interesting, but still easily digestible chunks. This will play well on Netflix. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a two-parter in syndication, getting into it, and having to wait until he next night for the conclusion.

As to your point of millions discovering these shows on Netflix, I’m curious to see when or if FOX releases ORVILLE on Netflix, to start building an audience for its second season.

So your complaint is they build up so much anticipation in wanting to see what happenes next that you’re upset you have to wait a week and would prefer they not build up that anticipation?

That’s a new complaint. “This show is SO good I dont know what to do with myself. PLEASE make it less good so I dont care!”

I’m enjoying Discovery but I do have my doubts about how it will hold up long term. Historically, long form shows with ongoing arcs have had a hard time maintaining interest after their initial run. Shows like The Sopranos and Lost had a lot of buzz during their runs but interest quickly waned after their final episode and are pretty much dead and forgotten now. The long form story arc lets you do some interesting stuff and really delve into characters, but there is also something to be said for the accessibility of standalone episodes.

It’s a bit of a catch 22. Multi-ep story arcs play well in a shows initial run but if the show isn’t a breakout hit it will simply continue to play to the same core audience and is then unable to pull in ‘casual’ viewers who may stumble across such a show. There’s a reason why sitcoms endure for years but shows like “Lost” don’t play as well in syndication and other platforms.

Maybe a top 5 Star Trek episode of all time and you’re complaining. Lol unbelievable!!

It wasn’t completely self contained but Burnham did complete her mission regarding the Defiant Data.

This part of Discovery S01 is a heckuva lot of fun. Hoping to get some ‘clarity’ on Lorca’s loyalties before they leave the Mirror Universe!

Yup, sure looked like a smirk when the emperor appeared

Really paying off all the sets up from earlier in the season. Tremendous two episodes to start the back half of the season.

Loved Lorca’s subdued smirk when the Emperor appeared…

An absolutely amazing episode. The writing on this show is superb. And the acting of Sonequa and Shazad was amazing in this episode. One of the best Star Trek episodes of all time.

STUNNING episode! The writing, acting, directing, everything was spot on and I was on the edge of my seat throughout (with a hand over my mouth during some of it). When it became clear the Tyler/Voq story was about to explode, I could barely breathe. Martin and Latif were incredible. Beautiful work.

Yes, I think I fell in love with this crew and show faster than I did with TNG which is what made me love Star Trek

This episode was just outstanding. Whomever came up with the idea to put them in the Mirror Universe for a multi-episode arc is brilliant. The way things played out with Tyler/Voq has been pretty satisfying too.

Only complaint is why in the hell didn’t mirror Sarek mindmeld with Tyler/Voq when he went bonkers against Burnham’s orders?

Anyways, super excited for next week and to see how this plays out.

Yes, I wondered that too…

I think the mind meld is very taxing and exhausting. From my memory of spock performing them he was always exhausted and overwhelmed after performing the mind meld.

I remember that too, but TOS rules don’t always apply to the other shows. I think it would have been better if they had put a quick “Why can’t you with him?” “Can’t, totes tired yo” snippet in there to prevent confusion, or some other reason that would make some level of sense.

As it is, my girlfriend and I were like “Mind meld with him damn it! He’s right there!”

Of course, the real reason is it would have prevented the scene where Voq takes over with Burnham on the ship later on.

Burnham asking Saru’s name was pretty stupid on her part. How did she know the real Mirror Burnham didn’t already know his name? Mirror Saru could’ve exposed the whole deception. He’s been tending to her every need, she should’ve assumed they knew each other. Don’t make the characters do stupid things…the “payoff” …where she gives the slave a name, wasn’t worth lowering her intelligence a notch. And please…no more Vulcan goatees.