Dakota Fanning’s Character Describes Her Star Trek Script In This EXCLUSIVE Clip From “Please Stand By”

The upcoming independent film Please Stand By follows Wendy (Dakota Fanning), a young autistic Star Trek fan who will do whatever it takes to submit her 427-page Star Trek script to a writing competition in Hollywood.

In this exclusive clip, Wendy meets a friendly woman on a bus to Los Angeles (Marla Gibbs) and describes her Star Trek script, in which Mr. Spock derives a mathematical equation for a sense of humor.

In Please Stand By, Wendy connects to the world by watching Star Trek and puts her passion into a script in which Mr. Spock goes to Deep Space Nine. The guiding spirit of Mr. Spock gives Wendy the courage to make a pilgrimage to Paramount Studios Los Angeles to submit her script to the pros. The film is written by Michael Golamco and is based on his one-act play.

Please Stand By will be released January 26 in theaters and on demand via Amazon Video and iTunes. For more info or to buy tickets, visit pleasestandbyfilm.com.

Watch the official trailer

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Looks good and full of heart.


God damn, I can’t wait for this movie!

i love how it is and is not a star trek movie

Lol, nice name. Got taken out by one of those two days ago.

thanks, i have been using this name for over ten years in various games. i was ecstatic when they were added into Ark.

I’m thinking I’m really going to love this!

On a different note, can somebody explain to me the politics of why this indy film is able to go public when it’s all wrapped up but “Unbelievable The Movie” (A ‘Trek spoof) can’t get their shit together?

Looks like a great story for everyone!

This is going to be so awesome. Great one act!

So I’m guessing she finds out in the third act that her script wasn’t even read for the contest because — at 427-pages long — it would obviously be rejected immediately. You can’t employ readers for your script contest and expect them to go through all those submissions with lengths that ridiculously long!

My guess is it will be like “Little Miss Sunshine” in that regard. She probably never had any serious chance at winning. It will be more about the journey and how it forces her to “grow.”

My guess was that it turns out to be a slash story, like how the dancing in “Sunshine” turned out to be a burlesque performance.

How many autistic characters were featured in Star Trek? I call Data, Bashir’s augements and the guy from Tin Man…

I didn’t know Marla Gibbs was still alive. It would be nice, if it passes muster, to see a Trek themed Indy piece get a little Golden Globe or Oscar love next year….

Many of the available reviews are pretty bad. Jordan Hoffman from the Engage podcast more or less called it unwatchably terrible. That trailer seemed pretty lame to me, like a second rate Rainman remake, minus the humor. I hope it’s great and a huge hit since it references Star Trek so much. But I predict a stink-bomb.