Star Trek Online Celebrating 8th Anniversary With New Episode And Giveaways + Introduces ‘Discovery’ Lock Box

The massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online will be celebrating its eighth anniversary in February. In honor of the date, Perfect World and Cryptic have announced  a new episode as well as giveaways and more. They have also unveiled the Discovery Lock Box featuring ships and assets from Star Trek: Discovery.

New episode featuring LeVar Burton

Beginning January 23, PC captains face their final battle in the war against the genocidal Tzenkethi. In the new featured episode “Scylla & Charibdis,” players must find a way to stop a new escalation by the Tzenkethi fleet that puts the entire quadrant in immediate danger. While warping from system to system in pursuit of the enemy, captains receive communication from Captain Geordi La Forge (voiced by LeVar Burton) that an unexpected ally has offered to help finally put an end to these deadly attacks.

The update will also include a number of new features:

• Re-Engineering – This new feature allows players to change the mods on their existing items, including weapons.

• Omega Molecule Stabilization – Back by popular demand, players can join this event to collect Omega particles that Q has hidden across space. Stabilizing these molecules will yield prize vouchers, which can be redeemed for this year’s anniversary ship, the T6 Denorios-class Bajoran Interceptor.

• 8th Anniversary Party Poppers – Captains can meet up with Q to score a special event party popper, which allows them to generate exciting new effects!

8th anniversary giveaways

Captains who visit the in-game C-store from now through January 23 can participate in server-wide giveaways, which allow them to collect a new reward each day, including uniforms, starships and other items. Giveaway items will be revealed on Star Trek Online’s blog.

Star Trek Online is also teaming up with Loot Crate to give away free subscriptions for the Star Trek Mission Crate to kick off the game’s anniversary. Players can follow Star Trek Online on Facebook and Twitter to find out how they can enter to win a one-year subscription to the Star Trek Mission Crate from Loot Crate, which offers exclusive Star Trek apparel and collectibles every two months. Starting at the end of this month, each crate will also include codes to unlock in-game items for Star Trek Online, including starships, Bridge Officers, gear and exclusive emotes.

Developers talk 8th anniversary

Watch the developers at Cryptic Studios share their favorite Star Trek Online moments:

Discovery Lock Box

In addition to the anniversary activity, the game is also introducing a new Star Trek: Discovery-inspired “Discovery Lock Box” full of goodies from Discovery. These include the Klingon Sarcophagus Dreadnought, the Federation Crossfield Class Science Vanguard, and the Walker Class Light Cruiser.

This video from shows off some of the ship from the Lock Box in action.

Also being introduced are some outfits and weapons from Discovery and even a new pet offering (Mudd’s bug pet Stuart). The Discovery Lock Box, and the new offerings appearing on the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available beginning on January 23rd, 2018.


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Yay a hero ship is now a lock box prize where you can spend tens of dollars and still not get it. Lock boxes should be banned.

Salty much? The game is 100% free, you do not need real money for a single thing in the game.

Defensive much? You do realise I said lock boxes not c-store items. I remember when they started selling lock boxes, they said they wouldn’t do this with hero ships but hey whatever makes a quick buck. Also in the interest of clarity, you do need real world money to buy ship interiors.

You can exchange delithium for Zen, which still makes it free to play though.

So how should they pay for the game servers and continued development and implementation of new content when they dont charge you to have and play the full featured game? You do not need to spend a cent to access everything if you want Zen for free you just need to invest a significant amount of time and effort to make multiple characters, earn and refine the dilithium from 5 characters a day and you will have all the zen you will ever need or you can spend money instead of putting in effort and you will then be funding the game or you can play the exchange plan ahead and make profits on there and buy keys with EC etc. So rather than complain that you dont just get what you want from a lockbox key which even if you buy it is only like a dollar actually think about if you want to have a game to play period since without a source of funding there would be no game.