Watch Michelle Yeoh Talk About Returning To ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ + New Hints On What’s Coming Up

Today’s Star Trek: Discovery update has a new video about the return of a familiar actor, another actor spilling some beans about the rest of the season, and a writer/producer dropping some hints about this weekend’s episode.

Cast and crew talk about “sociopath” Mirror Georgiou

Today CBS released a new video focused on the return of Michelle Yeoh. The actress along with Sonequa Martin-Green and producers Akiva Goldsman and Aaron Harberts talk about Emperor Georgiou and what it means for Michael Burnham.

Wilson Cruz on rest of Season 1 and hints at return of Culber

In an interview with Den of Geek actor Wilson Cruz (who returned in “Vaulting Ambition”) talked about what we can expect for the rest of the season:

I think that it is a satisfying end to the season and it will tie up a lot of loose ends and answer a lot of questions. We won’t leave you hanging, I believe. It really sets us up where we’re going in season two, really beautifully.

He also hinted that we haven’t seen the end of the love story between his Culber, and Lt. Stamets:

We’ll see that these two people have a real connection that goes beyond this mortal plane and even the physical plane and, could lead to a really epic love story, which is what I’m being told. I am to be preparing myself to throw myself into it, and I am.

This may not be the end for Stamets and Culber

Sullivan hints at upcoming episodes

And over on Twitter co-executive producer Ted Sullivan has dropped a couple of new behind the scenes shots with some hints about what we can expect for this weekend’s episode “What’s Past is Prologue.”  The first let’s us know we see more from the USS Discovery bridge crew, possibly including Lt. Cmdr. Airiam (Sara Mitich) and Lt. Bryce (Ronnie Rowe Jr.) 

And another tweet showed Michelle Yeoh’s Emperor Georgiou with some of Lorca’s rebellious supporters. 

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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Looking good.
Very Excited for Sunday!

Meh, I’m not terribly impressed with her. Not that Star Trek is believable lol, but she really takes me out of it when she is on screen.

The actress that plays Landry as well… she was awful in BSG. I was so happy when her character died.

Pretty sure Landry or the MU version of her is included in the next episode.

@Gary, yeah I saw that. Blehhh…

Hmmm interesting …

I’m not very terribly impressed with your comment.

I don’t really care, TUP. Weirdo.

Am I the only one who’s a bit peeved that they switched out her characters first and last names in that picture?

Evil Georgiou is everything. One of the best Star Trek baddies I think. As soon as she showed up I was like OK it’s on. She makes me uncomfortable but in the best way, much like evil Kira from DS9 but more so because Prime Georgiou gives you such classic hero captain and Emperor Georgiou is the antithesis and more.

more michelle

I thought they would bring Michelle back in the series through flashbacks or memories but this direction is hands down incredible! Love how they brought Michelle back as the Emperor; loving Disco version of the mirror universe, completely mind-blown!

ya it keeps getting better and better, how is that possible!

The writing has been very impressive. They definitely know what they are doing

We won’t leave you hanging, I believe. It really sets us up where we’re going in season two, really beautifully…..two ways you can take “where”. I believe he is hinting that they won’t end up in the PU, in their time.

It would make it make sense why we don’t hear about spore drive etc. again….
What I would like to see….. Discovery gets back to it’s own universe only to see…. the USS Titan and Captain Riker.

LOL don’t tease us like that CDReed!

I would LOVE that. But yeah I’m loving the spore drive more and more. I thought at first the idea of it was too much, especially for this era. Now I don’t care lol. They might get rid of it but I’m hoping it stays part of the show throughout its run because it can just set up so many different ideas and really do things no other ship ever could. And frankly the Discovery would feel a little ho-hum now if its just another starship that has to warp to get to its destinations (BORING!!!!!). But the idea of hopping both place and time is pretty crazy and can take your story anywhere. I’m open to a different universe entirely or a different era post Voyager. I don’t think the latter would happen but its not out of realm either now.

I have a feeling the producers really want to tap into its potential and setting up some crazy stuff come season two.

I have a feeling they are headed to the 1st day after the movie, The Undiscovered Country…peace with Klingons and the human adventures continues. We discover that Worfs parents are Michael and Tyler. Michael will be given her own command, a constitution class vessel and will look like TUC design and special effects

I love Michelle – she totally knocked it out the park as Mirror Georgiou. Hope it’s not the last we see if her

I really dig that ebony princess at the helm of the ship.