Watch The Fake Trailer For Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek + More Great Links

Time to catch up on all the Star Trek in the zeitgeist with the latest Great Links from across the interwebs. We start with something fun from the fine folks at Nerdist who have jumped on the news that Quentin Tarantino is developing a new Star Trek movie. They imagined what it might look like by creating their own trailer and it has picked up over 100k views in just a day. Check it out.

Great Links of the week: DS9@25 and more

Here are some more bits from across the Internet that have caught our eye in the last week, starting off with some looking back at Star Trek: Deep Space in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Syfy: Deep Space Nine 25 Years later: An Oral History On The Show That Changed Star Trek.

Syfy: Firsts: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Cast Looks Back At Its Very First Episode.

Vulture: Deep Space Nine’s Revolutionary Depiction Of Black Fatherhood.

Wall Street Journal: Star Trek Lives Longs And Prospers In Popular Culture.

The Verge: These 3 shows are reinventing the legacy of Star Trek.

Ars Technica: The Usenet Deep Space Nine Recapper Who Helped Inspire Modern TV Criticism.

Washington Post: Why Star Trek Was So Important To Martin Luther King Jr.

Studio 360 Podcast: How The Original Star Trek Transformed Us And Subsequent Series Evolved.

What Culture: 8 Ways Star Trek Just Isn’t Star Trek Anymore.

Den of Geek: Why the Star Trek: Voyager Premiere Is Worth A Rewatch.

Mary Sue: Why Star Trek: Discovery is the Perfect Star Trek for the #MeToo / #TimesUp Era.

Bonus Video: Every Star Trek Credit Sequence

The guys and JunkBall Media have put together a fun video that runs all six of the Star Trek title sequences together, simultaneously. 

That’s it for this week’s update. Keep up with all the fun Star Trek from around the web in our Great Links category.

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Haha that trailer is pretty good. Probably needs some more blood though…

That’s a @#$can funny trailer!

TOS just looks like something from a QT film..

If you cut TOS like that, it actually fits with QT a lot, minus the graphic gore that’s gonna be part of the actual QT movie.

Let’s just hope there’s a Paramount around to make this movie by the time QT has finished his real 9th movie.
It doesn’t look too good. The studio has already had some rough years, falling behind Lionsgate on an annual basis. But 2018 looks especially grim. There are two potential blockbusters:
Bumblebee, competing against flocks of Christmas releases and only getting one week of release within 2018.
MI6, which is far from being a guaranteed success, was certainly costlier than expected due to the long pause caused by Tom Cruise’s injuries.
And the rest of Paramount’s release schedule… my gosh… Annihilation has already been sold off to Netflix internationally.
Cloverfield 3 aka The God Particle is a reshoot mess that cut half of its original premise to shoehorn it into the Cloverfieldverse and might not get a cinematic release at all according to recent rumors.
Overlord… okay, Nazi zombies on D-Day, it doesn’t get any campier than this, does it?
Well, Action Point, a COMEDY based on a REAL-LIFE theme park that had ACTUAL people killed in horrid accidents doesn’t sound like a good idea either.
That leaves us with lame-looking run-of-the-mill CGI comedy Sherlock Gnomes and a no-name horror movie called A Quiet Place.
If MI6 bombs, Paramount might fall behind Focus Features this year, ending up in 8th spot.

I hope they have a plan how to survive 2018. If not… Star Trek needs to be sold to a studio that can handle it, with or without QT at the helm.

Star Trek should be sold to Disney. I jest not. They treat all their properties with respect.

@Dr Beckett — Disney is a sausage maker. They may make mostly fine sausage, but it’s still a tripe casing filled with stuff you’d never eat if separated into its individual parts. “Respect” is not the word I’d use.

@Curious Cadet – You raise a good point. On the other hand, Paramount’s “Star Trek Factory” of the 1990s was a sausage factory of its own. “Voyager” was pure product.

Brilliant! These guys know their Tarantino and Trek – spot on!

That trailer put a smile on my face, I needed that laugh today.

“The captain’s log isn’t the only wood he’s packing…” Hysterical.

I love how they bleep “Vul”-can, to suggest a “colorful metaphor”, and it works so naturally. I now have new respect for the TOS writers … I only just now “see what they did there”.

The simultaneous credits thing is funny. DS9’s theme stands out, as it always has to me [the improved version after S4].

“Tarantino’s Trek” had me screaming with laughter. What a great send-up of TOS. And Tarantino. Though I must point out, not enough blood!

This is absolutely amazing! Love the beeps! :D

Reminds me of Danger 5. Kept on expecting a birdman to walk in and remind the team to kill Hitler!! ;)

Dude….why use such a sorry ass copy?

Other sources available are infinitely superior…

But….it was funny. Good editing- etc.

Ha! I like it.